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  1. eyeofth3b3hold3r

    Which XRL Shifter to buy?

    I was looking at the MSR one on rockymtnatv and some other ones on ebay. I don't know if I want the stocker or not. Mine has some stripped splines in it(luckily not the shaft), but I don't know if I want a really strong one or what. I also saw that the stock one new cost around $60 off of service honda! haha! So I won't be buying that one. Also on a side note, I accidentally typed in my old username I had forgotten the password to and somehow got the password right! Sweet!
  2. eyeofth3b3hold3r

    Dunlop D606 rear tire

    I had one on my last XRL i think I went the biggest that would fit, can't remember if it was the 120 or 140, its been a while but I loved it. Da** I miss this forum and my a good big fat XR
  3. eyeofth3b3hold3r

    woo hoo my new xr250l

    i checked this old thread for that? lol that is a good tip though, if i still had that bike
  4. eyeofth3b3hold3r

    EXPERTRS NEEDED: martinsfan30 denn10 xr650l_dave

    dang it i'm sorry I can't spell good on here, the batteries are dying in my wireless keyboard and I typed that way too fast. and please every expert help not just the 3 I mentioned! those 3 names just popped in my head!
  5. ok so I have a 1994 honda xr650l, the speedo says 7000 miles. when I got it, it ran like crap, it still doesn't run 100% but i'm close to 80% happy with it. when I got it I didn't know where to start, so I adjusted the adjusted the valves to spec, cleaned and rejetted the carb(which had a stock pilot jet and a 158 main jet with slip on pipe and de-snorkeled intake, and uni filter mod done to it so I figured these jets had to be causing some problems so i put a 55 pilot and 158 main, also the fuel screw was not 2.5 turns out), then changed the oil, and none of this seem to really do much and I didn't have the special wrench to get the spark plug out but when I put the new spark plug in today it ran SO much better. the problem was it was skipping very bad from half throttle up to full throttle, also it smokes very bad. the smoking isn't consistant, seems to smoke worse at start up(valve seals or guides?) then tends to fade off but still a lot of smoke after it gets hot, also it lags or bogs/skips worse when its hot. now I was told if the compression was good my piston rings would probably be ok, is this true? the book called for low 90psi and i'm getting close to 85psi??? So my questions are: 1) why is it skipping or not running good? this isn't the first L i've jetted so my jetting should be in the ball park. 2) why is it smoking so bad? how do i narrow it down? if needed i'll put a start up video on here 3) are these problems (the skipping or hesitating and the smoking) related somehow? please give me some input ya'll i'm tired of looking at this bike and i'm ready to ride!!!
  6. eyeofth3b3hold3r

    Custom headlights

    I actually had to put those same lights from walmart on a xr250l I was making street legal again fro a friend, we did close to the exact thing you did, we were never able to break those lights from walmart! but they just didn't have the reflector or the candle power I guess to light it up like the stock headlight did on my 650l but its hard to beat that setup for the money! yours looks a lot cleaner finish then ours did!
  7. eyeofth3b3hold3r

    seeking help! new bike, new problems!

    ok well i had to have another bike, I missed them too much, especially during the summertime. so I found an xr650l within 100 miles from me, I drove up there and looked at it, rode it around, noticed it smoked some but I wasn't riding it very hard, it also skipped or hesitated and choked around mid throttle. The bike is a 1994 xr650l with 7000 miles on it. the title said it had 4500 on it 3 years ago. I am not sure if that is the correct mileage, nothing seems to be tampered with and its a fairly clean bike. What sold me big time was the bike ran ok, low miles on most of it, but it came with 2 back rims and an extra front rim with lots of good tires, extra full set of plastic from another year model, an extra seat, and a honda service manual. ok so when I rev it with no load, such as in neutral it seems to run ok and doesn't skip. But when it has a load on it it skips anything over half throttle then has a weak top end pull when it builds up rpms and quits hesitating or skipping. Also I did a compression check on it, i was only getting about 90lbs on the bike with multiple readings, my friends dad said it should be like maybe 150 to 180. Also the bike has be desnorkled, EAR supertrapp muffler, I assume its been jetted, it has been desmogged. Also I need help adjusting the valves, I was told to start there. Where do I put my feeler guage? I am using the Honda repair manual, does mean i'm retarded? haha but heres the picture of the spark plug and some looking down the on the valves and where it looks like its been leaking some oil but really i think its leaking out of the side of the head somewhere. I want to learn how to do this work myself and I hate paying people to work on my stuff. so please help me figure this out!!! first heres a pic of the bike put together, not a bad looking bike! I modified my tailight that the guy had on it and put in some nice bright LED trailer lights from walmart, not bad for $14 or so IMO heres the rear fender the black from the oil doesn't look too bad here, but she smokes a pretty good bit does this plug look rich? and I don't know if thats the right plug that should be in it, its a champion and takes a different size socket then the NGK plugs i'm used to buying and thanks again everybody, i haven't posted in a long time here, but I never quit reading it!
  8. eyeofth3b3hold3r

    looking at another xr650l

    Hey everyone! i found a 93 xr650l with 13000 miles seems to be in good shape, no tears, guy says he has too many bikes. plastic looks good, he says it has zero issues. he's asking $1200 for it, this is a pretty good price right? am i being foolish for buying another bike with this many miles? my first xr650l had 12,500 on it when i bought it and eventually I ran into problems that previous owners created(or so i tell myself!) THANKS!!!
  9. eyeofth3b3hold3r

    unifilter for xr250l

    hey guys i haven't been able to find a unifilter for my 92 xr250l, what year bike should i look up that will also fit my bike? i really wanna get this thing jetted right so it will start running cooler, thanks!!
  10. eyeofth3b3hold3r

    what jets to buy?!?

    awesome thanks guys! really appreciate it!
  11. eyeofth3b3hold3r

    what jets to buy?!?

    Martinfan, my favorite thumpertalk friend! the current jetting is the stock jetting of the xr250l which i believe is 38 pilot and 112 main jet, theres also some mods i'm going to do to it similiar to dave mods that i read about but it didn't really help with the jetting.
  12. eyeofth3b3hold3r

    what jets to buy?!?

    anybody? anyone ever jetted an xr250l here? guess i'm breaking new ground
  13. eyeofth3b3hold3r

    Wheel bearing change, XR650L

    theres some really good online manuals that will show exactly how they go in! also about the special wrench that is supposed to be required you odn't need one, what i did if i remember right was i used a pair of vice grips clamped onto allen wrenches that would fit down in the holes opposite of each other and just push down and twist, worked fine for me! take care of your chain, i think a lot to do with the lifespan of a chain is the terrain you ride it and the maintaince you do on it. a good place to get chains for cheap is rockymountainatv.com. hope that helps!
  14. eyeofth3b3hold3r

    what jets to buy?!?

    hey group i'm going to rejet my xr250l with a uni filter/snorkel removed and the stock pipe opened up a bit, i'm at altitude roughly around 2000 feet give or take 300, what would be good jetting to start with? thanks!
  15. eyeofth3b3hold3r

    Wiring help, xr250l--PLEASE!

    thanks for the help! i ordered my service manual, hope it helps! also I was just checking messing around, i hooked a 12v light directly wired to the battery while the engine was cranked, i couldn't get it to light up... could this be because the battery is that dead? i thought for sure IF it was trying to charge the battery it would have lit up my test fog light for sure? tomorrow i'm going to put a meter on it and also pick up a battery, any more help is greatly appreciated!