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  1. I have a 98 300exc. I had to jet down from 172 all the way to 160-162 to get it to pull clean. Cut 90% of the spooge to. I was running a ddk needle & went to a necj Suzuki needle. Honestly couldn't tell much difference but they both seem to work well.
  2. It was $70 with shipping. So not bad at all. I have always had trouble jetting this bike but they say this makes it easier to jet. Hopefully I can get it dialed in really well. I have a necj needle, might go back & play with the ddk too.
  3. Rode the bike around the neighborhood today & it definitely has more snap. It also definitely sounds like it has more authority. It feels the same with the yellow spring now as it did before with the red. I know the head isn't supposed to affect jetting but it feels a little lean on top now, could just be it's a good bit cooler than it was a few weeks ago. Hoping to go riding this weekend so I'll be able see real world difference.
  4. Got it back this afternoon. Honestly it doesn't really look any different at all. He could have just cleaned it up & sent it back lol. I should have measured it before but I just assumed it'd be obvious. I installed it but it's raining so I didn't take it out. I think it sounds a little different but could be all in my head. Hopefully it'll be nicer tomorrow so I can test it out.
  5. That's what I'm hoping for.
  6. Got a shipping notification from slavens today. Should have it back in a few days. I hate waiting.
  7. Cleaned her up & took the head off this morning. It's on its way to Colorado. Little bit of carbon built up on the piston which I fully expected. Other than that everything looked good.
  8. Mine has a pro circuit pipe/silencer. I added some boyesen pro reeds which said they might require leaner jetting. I think it was at 170,48 when I got it & after about half throttle it just blubbered & wouldn't get on the pipe. I swapped needles, cleaned the carb about a dozen times, changed jet block orings, reset floats, just had to go leaner leaner. Runs well now & 0 spooge.
  9. It wasn't listed on his website but I emailed him & he said send it on. I felt like I was the only one riding an antique. To me a 2006 feels brand new lol. I had an 03 that was set up pretty well & the only thing that I miss is the rekluse. What jetting are you running in yours? I'm running a 162, 42, & necj needle. Seemed much leaner than everything I could find but any fatter & it won't rev out.
  10. Sending my head to slavens in the morning. Bike is an old 98 300. Almost got rid of but decided I'd have to a add a good bit more money with what I could sell it for to get a better bike. Bike runs well & I like the extreme 50 forks. Read the head mod makes a big difference on the 300's so figured I'd get it done. Lookingforward to seeing what difference it makes.
  11. If you can find a nice kdx I think you'd be happy. A little lower seat height & are quite capable with a few mods.
  12. Emailed RB & the man himself said the head alone on the 200 won't do much. He suggested the carb mod. In the meantime he picked up a del needle & a 152 main. It's running 155/42 stock needle 2nd clip & is still a little rich on the top end. We'll try to jet it a little cleaner & then he can decide if he wants to spend the money. I have to swap bikes with him sometime to blow it out for him. I don't mind.
  13. Like the first guy said. Get you hands on a set of wp extreme 50's & you have something. I had a 03 that had been sprung & valved & the stock ones on the 98 are much better.
  14. Yes I know he was. The cylinder is perfect & has a new weisco so there won't be any boring right now. I was talking about the $50 head mod for a 200. Seems that & carb are very popular for the 220 but not a ton of info on the 200. Having the 35mm carb I don't see having it done. Just trying to boost the low end a little.
  15. It's freshly rebuilt. Only 28 hours on it. I'll tell him to just man up & rev it.
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