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  1. badweatherbiker

    XR200R street legal modification

    Would love to just plate it but i am in florida so its pretty much impossible here i tried with a KLX400 years ago. Would the 83- 84 XL 200 be a direct swap?
  2. badweatherbiker

    XR200R street legal modification

    So i still have this 1991 XR200R with brand new progressive suspension set up for my 230 lb middle aged body. I have owned this bike since 1995 and I would love to find a street titled frame that I can swap everything into and use it as a dual sport. Before I get flogged because of the low power on the street yadda yadda yadda i know, i plan to throw it on a hitch rack on the back of my YJ or trailer it to the forest which isnt far and blast down the trails so I dont need anything that will run 70mph. Its was sold with the better or longer travel suspension of the series and right after the suspension was completley redone it was wrecked and the frame is tweaked so if im replacing the frame i want to use it as much as possible. My daughter wants to ride some as well and there are times i would rather take it somewhere than the heavy arsed Vstrom i have. My question is what year and size XL frame would be a swap candidate for it?
  3. badweatherbiker

    Keihin c2110

    I am looking for a fuel tank for one right now!
  4. badweatherbiker

    XR200R frame needed

    went down a few years ago on the 1st ride after a complete suspension overhaul, new chain sprockets and tires and bent the subframe. I am finally getting around to working on it and I want to replace the frame. I have a 1991 XR200R and I am looking for one that will work with it. Will an XL250 frame be compatable so I can get it street legal? Regardless I want it going by this summer, thanks!
  5. badweatherbiker

    DRZ400S carb and stock pipe on a KLX400R?

    I know it's choking it down but there has to be someone out there that would want it, it's a good runner...
  6. badweatherbiker

    DRZ400S carb and stock pipe on a KLX400R?

    Well there is no purchaser yet, I was about to put it up for sale and a buddy of mine wanted the FMF pipe and carb off the KLX and I said sure, as long as he pays for the swap to be done. He is also going to give me an XR350 so why not? I'm still going to sell the KLX.
  7. Gonna sell my KLX400 and my buddy wanted the carb and pipe for his DRZ400S, will both bikes run right with the different carbs and pipes? I have an FMF with 162 on my KLX, his is bone stock. Thanks!
  8. badweatherbiker

    XL600R, anyone need parts? :(

    Tim, What about the chain guides? I never heard back from you from July 1st.... "You can have the top chain slider for $8, let me know if you need it and the frame one. Signals have all been sold and sorry I don't have a rack. Thanks Tim" All I needed was an addy to send a check.
  9. badweatherbiker

    XL600R, anyone need parts? :(

    What all do you have left for the XL600? I have an 83 and I may need a few things. Ken badweatherbiker@gmail.com
  10. badweatherbiker

    opinions on 1993 DR 650

    Hello all! I might be trading my bike for a 93 DR 650 and was wondering what the opinion of it was from those of you that have one or has ridden one. This one has 17000 miles and overall appears to be in pretty good shape. What do I need to look out for? I'll be using it to commute and I am 5'11" 220lbs. It is white and black with a blue frame. Ken