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    riding dirt bikes and street bikes. flying rc planes, playing sports.
  1. nail4545

    HELP? 05 crf450r won't start when hot

    I had the same problem with my 01 yz250f, My ended up being the valves, when they heat up they are expanding. If not that then I would pull the motor apart and check everyhting thoroughly, I first had a scarred cyclinder which I replaced and made it starts sometimes when hot, but main thing was the valves and put a new timing chain on when you pull the motor apart.
  2. nail4545

    more power

    Go with a250
  3. nail4545

    kick start solid

    which= money and time. But hope all goes good and you get that thing going, we got to keep the 2 strokes alive.
  4. nail4545

    Buying a CR250R and need some help!!!

    I love my 2000 cr 250, by the way, best year for the cr 250. still has original piston and lower end in it, and runs like a monster still , starts first kick every time. $ stroke, love them but you need some money and time for them especially a honda 450, you will be a master at doing valves after having that bike for a while.
  5. nail4545

    best pipe for me

    go with the fmf gnarly, I have it on my 2000 cr 250, and love it have decent low end and great power all the way through, no huge kick when you get in the power band. If you want more low end best thing to do is get a heavier fly wheel, you will love it.
  6. nail4545

    High Compression pistons

    I believe you can, but truthfully, its not really worth it, all it will do is cause more problems, either in the lower end or even carb settings.
  7. nail4545

    brake tapping in air

    yeah i guess. I am thinking about how hard I am going to fall when I am almost looped out in the air that I forget about it.lol. Im like frozen when I go off a jump.
  8. nail4545

    brake tapping in air

    I am having trouble trying to brake tap in the air when needed. I ride a cr 250 2 stroke and it seems to be a hard bike to learn to jump on, had a 01 yz 250f and began jumping on that and felt more comfortable, but the bike was nothing but trouble motor wise. Anyways just trying to figure out where my foot should be placed going off the jump, and do I pull my leg off the peg and tap the brake along with the clutch, etc. I have only been riding a year.
  9. nail4545

    2000 cr 250 top end kits

    I am going to be doing the top end on my 200 cr 250 here before thesummer roles around. The bike has never had a top end job yet, just took the original front tire off today,lol. IT still starts first or second kick and has ton of power, but want to fresher her up for the summer. I am debating if I should get the stock piston size or go to a 265 or maybe a 300 kit. Just seeing if someone has any advice on the 300 kit or 265kits. How much faster will it be.
  10. nail4545

    250f or 450f ???

    I would suggest getting a cr250 2 stoke, best bike ever made, and a blast to ride.light, fast, and reliable.
  11. nail4545

    2009 CRF450R "Cold" starting problems???

    kick it slowly 3 times then kick it with a nice meelow kick and it will start 2nd kick everytime. IF i kick it too hard it never wants to start. its all about being easy on it for some reason.
  12. nail4545

    cr 250 big bore

    I am thinking about getting a big bore kit for my 2000 cr 250. I heard that there is a 300 kit that I would like to get. any one have any ideas about that or have it right now and how much more power difference is it. I am going to have it done by a shop an have them completely rebuild the bottom end also. also is there a bigger kit out there, I would t get it but I am going to be racing motocross and flat track with the bike.
  13. nail4545

    what shock

    or should I just save up the money and take it to the racing shop by me and have them set it up for me. its 395 plus parts, they set it all up for your weight and type of riding, my buddy got his 525 done there and that thing is like riding a cadillac
  14. nail4545

    what shock

    I weight 230lbs and I ride mostly on the track now, I have a 2000 cr 250 and was wondering what size spring should I get for my weight.
  15. nail4545

    Your first Enduro.

    what is the difference between a hare scramble and a enduro