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  1. snake212

    Trip to Unadilla pro mx

    Indiana would be fun to check out too! Unadilla is about 2.5 from me, perfect to go out, have a good time and still make it home for my toasted cheese dinner!
  2. snake212

    Trip to Unadilla pro mx

    haha, come on out man, you can still make the trip!
  3. snake212

    Trip to Unadilla pro mx

    we stayed at the Windam down the road a few years back, very nice and pretty cheap! This year we are just driving down saturday morning for the race! Have fun, its a great place! I'll be the bald guy with a poorly grown beard if you wanna meet up for a brew :-)
  4. snake212

    2014 MX TV Schedule

    hahaha buuuush. ahh I miss being a teenager!
  5. snake212

    2014 MX TV Schedule

    whats a "cable"? Ahhh the 80s! time of the KDXs and the ITs, chicks wore giant leg warmers so it didnt hurt as bad when they kicked you, flourecent wrist / head bands, if it was raining you could count on an eye full of hairspray...
  6. Doritos is just the Mexican word for love.

  7. snake212

    Who is in for Vegas? Tyler Bowers, JS7, is RV?

    Igets way hot! I was there 2 years ago and found myself ducking in the shade up in the stands! Then come around 8:30 and you will be freazing! lol Have fun!
  8. snake212

    Who is in for Vegas? Tyler Bowers, JS7, is RV?

    I dont know bro. I think I would place the city that hands out actual coupons for their prostitutes at number 1.
  9. snake212

    Unadilla National...

    Agree with everyone that said Syracuse is best bet. I love it there but not sure if I can give a fair answer on if it is a good spot or not as I have ONLY been to Dilla. It is awesome tho! Cant wait!
  10. snake212

    All I can say is.....

    Reed is my idol if he starts this race in Dallas. If he starts and makes top ten, he deserves a statue of him on display in every shop in Florida. And he should also be named Florida's state Hero.
  11. snake212


    If Chad Reed wins the championship, will there be an asterisk next to his name because RC wasn't racing this year?
  12. snake212

    Krista Voda sucks. . .

    I think she is pretty hot, but her talking skills is that of the Waterboy.
  13. snake212


    haters. I was happy for MA getting his first heat win. He obviously appreciated it deeply. I agree that he could have tried to hold in the crying until he got to the trailor though.
  14. snake212

    Here it is again… SX Championship poll time.

  15. snake212

    SX Fantasy coming soon...