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  1. i'm lost in here

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    2. Mongo134


      Forumn = Dirt Bikes = Pro Racing.... Are you wearing your little yellow bike helmet, toting balloons and licking the windows again or what!? LOL!!!

    3. snake212


      No I have the helmet on with the rubber chin straps and trying to catch butterflies that arent really there. how can you tell if there is a thread that you've already commented on? is there instructions with this thing??

    4. Mongo134


      LOL!!!... Watch out for the talking pink ones!

      If there is a thread you already commented on, there will be a "star" to the left of the thread title.

      Yeah, there are instructions but to be honest with you I havn't really read them. Who has that kinda time? Been more trial by fire and learn as I go sorta thing for me.