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  1. flmx4

    CRF450R Oil Moving Over to Cluch Side

    Split the cases and change the reed that is in the bottom of the cases. Find it on the microfiche.
  2. flmx4

    New Can-am street bike

    Too bad it steers just like a utility quad ! It's got plenty of power but when you turn it it feels exactly like a gigantic utility quad. It will turn sharply and it does not lean. It feels like an aggressive hulled jet ski when you try to turn quick under 30 mph, if your not ready for the turn I think you would just fly off of it like a jet ski. For 16,000 I think they've got alot more work to do.
  3. flmx4

    07 ported head

    Yeh , he runs a different needle and that's why such a huge main. With the stock motor the jet kit is spot on all the way through. I was just looking for theory of the ported motor. Thanks,Z
  4. flmx4

    07 ported head

    Sorry about that, can't believe I forgot to tell you that. It's an 07 CRF450. The jetting is : MJ 190, PJ 42, red needle from kit. Just wondering what effect the ported head will have. I'm guessing the idea is more flow/pull through the motor creating a richer circuit.
  5. Just switched to a ported head ( by BPM) ,stock cams, rocket pipe, your jet kit. I live in south florida. Humidity has not been that bad yet but the 95 degree 100 % humidity is coming. just wondering what you would recommend after switching to the ported head. It seems to have become a little richer all the way through in comparison to your kit with the stock head. Thanks, Zach
  6. flmx4

    07 yz450 locked up

    I have to take it to the dealer so they can take a look at it and then I have to get a hold of the people at the factory again to see if they will waranty it.
  7. flmx4

    07 yz450 locked up

    I wouldn't recommend that smart ace ! I'm just trying to tell people what I found and if anyone else has seen this. These posts are a great informational tool until morons just start chimming in with there 2 cents for no reason .
  8. flmx4

    07 yz450 locked up

    i'll post pics if someone tells me how to do it .
  9. flmx4

    07 yz450 locked up

    The bolt that holds the top bearing keeper on the left side of the case, snapped the head off and the keeper wedged itself between the crank and the case. The head on the bottom keeper was 2/3 of the way off and ready to let go. The cases maybe salvageable, but any crank that stops abruptly is bad if you ask me. It really looks like it was a faulty bolt, but I'm not a metalurgist. Going to get ahold of somebody at Yamaha tomorrow. I hope it's not a bad batch of bolts.
  10. flmx4

    07 yz450 locked up

    You people crack me up ! I ride CRF 's so I'm just starting crap ! I only had time to tear it part of the way down the other night, and then I thought I would start a post to see if anyone else had ever encountered this yet. I'm going out to the garage right now to tear the bottom end apart. I will then reply to this again barring I don't need some kind of security clearance to let people know what I found. I work on every type of bike and could care less what anybody else rides.
  11. I've seen 2 2007 yz 450' s lock up in the last week. Both started to make a clicking noise and by the time they were shut off they both locked up. Just tore one apart to find valves, head , cylinder, clutch, stator,cam chain, flywheel , all perfect. Rod moves on the crank but the crank is stuck like chuck. Any body else see this yet.
  12. flmx4

    I need 2005 crf450r complete engine

    I've got a 2005 that I just completely rebuilt. It did not blow up ever. I took it down to the crank because it was starting to false neutral. Ended up putting in 4 gears , mainshaft, shift fork, crank bearings and seals. The cylinder and top end are brand new , never been run. I put a big bore kit in this bike the day I took it out of the crate. I parted out the rest of the bike in the last month and the motor is all I have left. If you just want the motor and no carb or ignition it's 1600.00. If you want the carb and ignition it's 2000.00. The motor also has a stage I cam and new intake valves. THis motor was not someones race motor, just my ride it every sunday bike.Thanks,Zach
  13. flmx4


    The sport of motocross is growing by leaps and bounds and if the industry is going to not only put up with , but promote some little jackass like this kid it is going to paint an ugly picture for the kids that are trying to make it in this sport. I just heard another whole list of just total assanine things this kid pulled off at mini-o's. Included that he got his ass beat a little bit. If this industry is going to keep looking the other way with piece of shit then it just tells other kids that the way to get noticed is to be a total jackass. First it was the Alessi gang and now J-Lo. This kid needs to get his shit together and grow up. He can ride , but at some point he's going to get what's coming to him and comes around goes around is a real bitch. I never write in these sites but this is sending a terrible message to world of motocross.
  14. flmx4

    Yet Another Jetting question

    same but different, just longer. unscrew just like the other one and replace.
  15. flmx4

    Oil Migration

    there is a "reed valve" type passage that allows pressure passage between the two motor halves that can go bad. The bad news is you have to split the cases to relpace it. Keep an eye on the levels if you don't replace it as the oil can quickly migrate from one side to the other.