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  1. Jeff-inSD


    Where at?
  2. Jeff-inSD

    i just bought it, what is it??

    No front fender brace or rear mud guard= SX in my book.
  3. I keep bending the the stock peddle. Does anyone make a replacement lever yet?
  4. Jeff-inSD

    Value of used bike?

    Mojo's, SC's, Turner's, Intense etc.... No junk bikes. I'd really like to fina a Carbon Mojo.
  5. Jeff-inSD

    Value of used bike?

    Isn't that weird. I noticed the same thing. It just bottoms out there right around 2k
  6. Jeff-inSD

    Value of used bike?

    I'm not looking at a dealer trade in. I've had the bike for sale at $3200 for a few months and it just won't sell. $3k is my bottom. What I am looking at doing is a trade for a high end mountain bike. I have a Trek EX8 and a Ibex Atlas Expert and wanted to get into a top of the line used bike from a guy I met. I have found that KBB just plain suxs on used bike values. You can never get anything close to that on the bike and dealers chuckle at "wholesale" price and offer 20% less than that. So that's why I was talking about a trade. Kinda like a high end swap meet deal. But I just can't let myself "sell" it for anything less than $3k. I'd just as well keep it at that point. Makes a great back up bike for buddies or visiting friends.
  7. Jeff-inSD

    Value of used bike?

    What's my 05 TC450 in clean stock condition worth? Just looking for a guage in a trade deal I am working. Thanks
  8. What is a clean bike worth in SoCal? No real extras on it per the seller. Pretty much stock bike. I paid $1900 for my 06 150 last June, but that's all I have to go on. Thanks, Jeff
  9. Jeff-inSD

    Best Prices On Plastic For TE250 ?????

    Same here..... It's Cemoto plastics. Good dealer.
  10. Jeff-inSD

    Lots of useful links ::

    Bump for good info.....
  11. Jeff-inSD

    2006 150 power up mod question

    "Power up" is nothing more than jetting. If you want to get some ponies, check out http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=566176 and start shopping.
  12. Jeff-inSD

    Lots of useful links ::

    Is that because TT want's a piece of the pie? All these guys are selling parts that TT doesn't carry. They are niche parts not supplied by TR or Parts.
  13. Jeff-inSD

    Lots of useful links ::

    Does that place do anything CRF150F specific though? Looks to me like just another internet retailer.
  14. Jeff-inSD

    Coeshow said No-go....06 150 BBK.

    She's not fast by any means, but she does get aggressive on the trails. Sometimes she runs out of chuggin power and dumps the bike. She'll BE WFO up a hill or in the sand and it runs out on her. Maybe I'll do the kit and carb for starts and see where it takes her.
  15. Jeff-inSD

    Broken BBR pipe

    Did you ask BBR if they would repair the pipe or just if they will fix it for free? That would blow me away if they refused to work on their own pipe. When I worked next door to DMC, they would always take in a busted pipe and fix it. They have the jigs and would make it good as new.