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  1. Hi! Does Anyone know the length of the decompression cable? Thanks
  2. Where can I buy(online),OEM clutch friction plates or Clutch kit,for Xr400r(1999)? Anybady have some links or tips? Thanks... Ivan
  3. Ivan X

    XT 600 vs XL600 vs XL 350

    Hi Tom... For easier D.S. riding,Xt600 is a good choice. Durable,reliable,easy/low-cost maintenance bike. Cheers
  4. I would gladly test this tyres: http://www.motoz.co.za/tractionatorenduro.htm But,no one sale them,over here. I`m gonna try to find them in Germany,Hungary or France... Is there anybady on TT,from this countries? Some contact or site of shop,that sales them? How much this tyres,may cost? Thanks...
  5. sdjclevland,I agree with you. I really like 756/mx51 tyres,but I don`t have enough money for changing,after 3-4 rides... Expensive!
  6. Ivan X

    xr400 sprockets

    I didn't touch a thing,except sprockets. Bike was arrived with Mikuni carburetor,Supertrapp Spark Arrestor exhaust system,intake opened,changed main jet. This mods are done by previous owner.
  7. Ivan X

    xr400 vs klx450?

    I was in the same situation,recently... I decided to keep Xr4... Xr is off road capable,durable,reliable,easy/low-cost maintenance bike... KLX450r is a race bike(more power,updated suspension),with questionable durability,reliability and expensive maintenance... So... It depends... Which features are more important to you? What you think about 300 2T? Ivan
  8. Ivan X

    xr400 sprockets

  9. Ivan X

    Attention all NON-USA (foreign) XR owners!

    I don`t like 2-stroke power delivery. I would buy,some 200/250/300 smoker,otherwise. Smooth,tractable power delivery is what I like. Xr4 with 14/50 gearing is perfect. At least for me.
  10. Ivan X

    Attention all NON-USA (foreign) XR owners!

    That`s abut all we can do-fantasize! I prefer kick start and light weight over e.start... Just for the record.
  11. Ivan X

    Attention all NON-USA (foreign) XR owners!

    Hi sbabs... "250X chassis (weight and feel) with XR4 torque and power delivery." + Xr: -durability; -reliability; That would be nice. But,like you write: "I think the only reason that we don't see XRs here, which has been stated many times, so I am not the creator of this idea, but just an adopter and believer of it, but the reason is simply that if Honda produced new XRs here, they would cost less, require less dealer maintenance and replacement parts, and in the end, cost Honda money while saving the consumers money." I agree with you...