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    Crankcase Pumping

    Hey, been doing a bit of thinking (DANGEROUS). SInce this (WR400) is a single, doesn't the engine have a lot of crankcase pumping, as evidenced by the breather going crazy with the oil leaking out? I have done some reading about putting a purge valve in line with the breather on other bikes, which increases power, by reducing the pumping effect via drawing a vacuum. Any ideas?
  2. ButtonFly

    Grey wire?

    Yes. That is the correct wire. Consider pulling the wire out of the connector rather than cutting it. It is replaceable like that. It is a little harder, but you can change in back.
  3. ButtonFly

    400cc oil blower

    I went for a two hour ride today, riding harder than usual, to practice for a race coming up. Rode hard, and nonstop, and when I got back to the truck I noticed oil all over the left side. It appeared that there was oil blowing out the breather, splashing on the chain, and spraying all over. I would estimate that there was about 3 tablespoons of oil left in the skidpan. I checked the oil level, and it was right at the full mark, at the very end of the hash markings on the dipstick. Any ideas? Did I just overfill it and blow the excess out? Or is something bigger going on? I have blown some oil before, but not nearly this much. It is a 99 400, with about 1300 miles. Thanks.
  4. ButtonFly

    Converting overflow tank to spare fuel cell

    FOr those of you willing to spend the green, baja designs has a side panel tank available. Might call up and ask some questions, just to find out how it is done... They also offer a front aux fuel tank in the form of a number plate... http://www.bajadesigns.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=Baja-D-2000&Product_Code=260015&Category_Code=Yamaha1 http://www.bajadesigns.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=Baja-D-2000&Product_Code=179&Category_Code=14
  5. ButtonFly

    Grey wire?

    THere is a gray wire leading into a wiring harness under the gas that goes to the ignition module on US models. This wire somehow controls the midrange to make the bike quieter, so it can pass sound tests, at the expense of midrange power. By pulling the gray wire out of the connector, it is possible to gain a midrange boost, which is quite noticable. Do search on it, and I'll bet you could learn more, and even how to do it.
  6. ButtonFly

    Has anyone put a 90watt bulb in their light??

    How does the voltage regulator operate? Is it a current and voltage limiter? I don't think so, but not sure. By pulling more current from the stator (by reducing the impedance of the headlight by running them in parallel) at the same voltage, the internal resistance of the stator causes it to heat up more. This heat negatively affects the stator windings by breaking down the insulation, which might lead to an internal short, or an open if the wire itself smokes. I would imagine the regulator is a voltage controller, not a current based controller. What is the rated output for the 2000? I guess I was thinking about the 99 that I have. What the hell do I know anyway. Good luck.
  7. ButtonFly

    Has anyone put a 90watt bulb in their light??

    The stock headlight on my 99 uses the high beam. As for the high output beam, it might work for a while, but will probably shorten the life of the stator. Change it back when you are done, or just run it till it burns and put in the high output.
  8. ButtonFly


    I have not personally used them, but everyone I have talked to that has had great things to say about them. It certainly doesn't eliminate maintainance, but makes it easier to stomach sand and mud riding. Just make sure they are put on with the correct tension. The only negatives have heard is from when they are put on too tight, and cause added stiction...
  9. ButtonFly

    WR Exhaust Inserts

    I have the fineline Vortip as well. I can notice a difference, and my bike runs a bit better without the insert in. Not sure how much of that is jetting... The Top is a little flatter, and the bottom doesn't have the snap that it does unplugged. For the money it is an excellent investment, and well worth it in promoting quiet bikes. I still pull mine out when riding way out in the dunes though. Riding in the forest, the vortip is ALWAYS in...
  10. Ourry makes oversize grips. www.mxsouth.com has them I believe. I have a pair that are soooooooft on my WR. Works great. I bought the ATV grips since I run a thumb throttle instead of twist grip.
  11. ButtonFly

    Right Arm Is Dead From Stock Handlebar

    Ourry makes some WONDERFULL oversize grips. Having big hands it was hard to hold onto regular size grips. The Ourrys are bigger around, and SOOOOOOFT. Good stuff.
  12. ButtonFly

    Tire disposal

    Head down to your neighborhood Les Schwab (or tire changing store) and toss them in their disposal bins... (I would NEEEEEVVVVERRR suggest tossing them in after hours) I take tires from the bins (for my track, to put around sprinklers) so tossing a few in wouldn't bother me. Good luck.
  13. ButtonFly

    engine noise after timing change

    I have noticed that my WR/YZ makes weird noise too. It seems to make a barely noticable "ting" that gets worse when it is hot. It runs fine, but I run a Vortip, and I can hear a lot more than if I ran a straight pipe, so I wonder... I have always run pump 92... I did manage to get a load of oxygenated gas a while back, and spent some time in CA, and bought pump premium... could I be pinging from bad gas? Any other ideas? I have about 150 miles on the conversion, and other than that it runs great.
  14. ButtonFly

    Anyone going to desert 100?

    Could be there... not sure about it. More info as it gets a bit closer?
  15. ButtonFly

    more info on helmet cams please!

    BTW, how much are helmetcams going for? What sort of resolution can you get? Has anybody tried to wire up one using a PC Camera? There are some cheap cams available (like <40$) and it can't be that hard to set one up for use as a helmet cam. Anybody know what signals one of these cams would send a USB? A composite (RCA style) signal maybe? If so the conversion would be EEEEEEEASY.