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  1. HuskyRips

    Husqvarna No0b in the house!

    Nice find.
  2. HuskyRips

    Husqvarna frame paint?

    "Appliance White" spray epoxy... available at most any hardware store. Electrolux Appliance use to own Husqvarna Motorcycles and that's where the color "Appliance White" came from. Just a funny fact about Husqvarna.
  3. HuskyRips

    Mystery huskys?

    Single shock is an 1986 (Water cooled) cross country frame with what looks to be an 1983 (AIR COOLED 500) stuffed into it. Lots of good info on these area bikes on Husqvarna face book pages.
  4. HuskyRips

    Inaugural Husky World Championships

    Pretty cool
  5. HuskyRips

    Husqvarna 401

    Motor and chassis is the same as KTM.... but with frame and engine tweaks to make them feel and behave differently. Same approach as with their endure and MX bikes.
  6. HuskyRips

    Husqvarna TE85

    Interesting thought.
  7. HuskyRips

    2017 Husqvarna FX350 or FE350

    Doesn't the FE come with a larger semi transparent fuel tank?
  8. HuskyRips

    2004 te450

    Haven't had much of a problem ordering stuff from Central Jersey Cycles for my 2007 TE450, but then again nothing much breaks on that bike.
  9. HuskyRips

    2004 te450

    And the new KTM//Husqvarna has also been sourcing and ordering old Cagiva/Husqvarna parts. Actually it's easier now getting many of the high wear older parts than when Cagiva and BMW owned them. Just saying
  10. HuskyRips

    2004 te450

    Good long time Husqvarna dealers are still stocking parts and believe it or not KTM/Husqvarna is still sourcing high wear parts for older Cagiva made Husqvarnas. Need to find a dealer who's been selling Husqvarnas for a long time.
  11. Don't have a problem with traction control... it's got to add a competitive edge in a slick muddy offload event. I'm fine with it if it's going to help me from getting tired early.