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  1. I know this is an old thread but I am stuck on duty and I have inside information. A family member works for Kawi and he had to explain to big wigs at Kawasaki why the KLX 450R didn't take off in sales immediately (or ever). All this starts in 2005 when the CRF450X and the WR450 came out ( I may be off a year or two). Consumers were chomping at the bit for woods 450's that were loosely based on the current crop of excellent new four stroke motocrossers. The minute those two bikes came out, whether you were a brand loyalist to Green, Yellow, Red or Blue, you simply couldn't resist and either bought a WR or a CRF-X. Two years later, Kawi shows up with arguably, a better bike, (based on all the shootouts, and Dirt Riders Long Haul Testing). Only problem was, most people who would have bought the KLX already had a red or blue bike that was only a year old in the garage. They had upgraded the bars, stabilizer, footpegs etc. Most off-roaders keep their bikes for atleast three years. The motocross market is much different. Most motocrossers buy a bike each year or two years. Off-Roaders buy and keep their bikes for a long time. I still have friends that have the original 05-06 CRF-X models or WR's. Kawasaki was late to the game, and had been playing with the KLX 450 idea for years but failed to squeeze the trigger fast enough. It cost them the U.S. Market that they wanted a piece of.
  2. gbwilliams

    Which Knee Brace?

    Thanks for all the help. I am in the Marines so the navy will not cover my knee braces. My particular surgeon doesn't like the idea of braces regardless. I asked him to prescribe me a sports brace when I began running, and he stressed to me that a sports knee brace would only not allow my quad and leg to re-strengthen, and further limit myself. Anyone have experience with the Alpinestar fluid pro?
  3. gbwilliams

    Patellar Pain after ACL Reconstruction

    is there a particular tool for this? or just use my thumbs and fingers to massage it?
  4. gbwilliams

    Patellar Pain after ACL Reconstruction

    Coach Robb, just saw your post and will start massaging the area. After some testing of my quad flexibility, I found some definite differences in my two legs. I found the couch stretch really gets in there and have become much more disciplined with foam rolling my quads. This has yielded small results. I understand this will take time and consistency from me. Thanks for all the advice Dr Mark and Coach Robb.
  5. gbwilliams

    Does anyone Moto this bike?

    I'm in the Marine Corps on Kaneohe Bay. Thanks for the assistance.
  6. gbwilliams

    Does anyone Moto this bike?

    Lately I have heard the cops have been impounding bikes, so I want to avoid that if possible. I'll be on the lookout for a 19 inch wheel if its cheap enough.. Will a newer KX with the black rear wheel fit??
  7. gbwilliams

    Does anyone Moto this bike?

    Long Story short, I am in the military and on Oahu, with only a track and a small trail system. Have about two years left here. -Suspension is re-done for B Motocrosser. -Removing my plate and rear led light and replacing with a 08 KX 450 rear fender. Would a 19 inch rear be easy to switch out? What else would you recommend? What gearing?? I remember either Dirt Bike magazine or MXA did a article about converting a KLX 450 to a moto-capable bike, and they were pleased with the results because the engine was so smooth compared to the actual KX which was too powerful. I do know this bike is essentially a modified KX, built around KX ergos. Any insight or ideas would help.
  8. gbwilliams

    2015 KX Front Fender Fit?

    Thanks!!! Done and ordered.
  9. gbwilliams

    2015 KX Front Fender Fit?

    Just picked up a KLX 450. Has a ragged front fender. Anybody tried the 2013 or newer front fenders? do they match up well with the headlight?? Ive put newer front fenders on other bikes before. But I notice that this headlight meets up nicely with the front fender. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AO2OXNE/ref=ox_sc_mini_detail?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid= Also, any have a picture with the 08 KX 450 rear fender? What did you do with the wires for the led light?
  10. gbwilliams

    Patellar Pain after ACL Reconstruction

    Thanks Dr. Mark. I also notice my quad on my surgery knee is tighter when I stretch. I'll keep at it. Thanks again.
  11. I had ACL Reconstruction 1 October 2014 with a patellar tendon graft. While they were in there they did a meniscus repair. I still have a 3-6 out of 10 on the pain scale when climbing stairs, doing my first 10-15 air squats during a warmup, and every time I get up from a chair or couch. Working out is the only thing that takes the pain away. Otherwise I feel it all day as I move around. As more background, my physical therapist said I recovered faster than anybody he has ever seen. So my performance isn't the issue. Just the constant pain. The more I workout, the less pain there is. So I have almost been working out 6-7 days per week since I was cleared to begin PT. Started with road bike, then gradual squats and the PEP program. Then to running and now I run and do Crossfit 6-7 days a week, with mountain biking sprinkled in. I am also a active duty Marine and do all the physical things they entail too. My question is, generally... is the patellar pain going to stay forever?? I am sick of it. By patellar pain, I mean that the very front of my knee where the large scar is. My original surgeon gave some general advice that 18 months is the 100% recovery mark, but I just wanted some insight. I am at 14 months right now. Thanks for any advice you can give.
  12. gbwilliams

    Which Knee Brace?

    Had a recent ACL reconstruction and went for my first ride lately. Definitely got a little scared of dabbing and I feel that a knee brace (or set of them) will help. To my dismay, I started looking and saw that I can spend anywhere from 300$ for a pair (alpinestar fluid pro) to $1800 for the leatts. I definitely want to know if the juice is worth the squeeze. I haven't had the ability to try on any knee braces so I wanted some opinions first. 1. Anyone have good experience with Alpinestar knee braces? 2. What are issues weve had with wearing knee braces over not?
  13. Please "like" these links! Thanks Guys! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=337659536269485&set=a.337409562961149.72802.150341595001281&type=3&theater These next 3 are jeekinz bikes http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=337419702960135&set=a.337409562961149.72802.150341595001281&type=1&theater http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=337419836293455&set=a.337409562961149.72802.150341595001281&type=1&theater http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=337419626293476&set=a.337409562961149.72802.150341595001281&type=1&theater
  14. gbwilliams

    Re-worked KX Forks..

    Before anyone even thinks about pipes and the other BS you need to get your ergonomics and suspension set!!
  15. gbwilliams

    Advice on parting out

    thanks for the PM's guys but I am just thinking about it. I will keep everyone in mind if I do end up parting the bike out. Thanks