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  1. crf150f guy

    06 Crf250r carb

    Pull the spark plug but attach the spark plug boot to the loose plug, and manually push down on the kick starter. You should see it spark. Try to keep your hands on the rubber boot or wear rubber gloves. The shock from the spark plug isnt too fun.
  2. crf150f guy

    New head & hi-comp piston...Jetting Help Pls

    I noticed that when ever i tightened the tenstioner, the cam sprocket would spin( i believe CCW) a little no matter how many times that i thought i got it right. Then i decided to install the cam with the left cam marks one tooth off in the opposite direction, so when the tensioner tightened and spun the chain, i would be lined up with the head. This worked for me. Others might get different result
  3. crf150f guy

    What do you think about decompression mode?

    My technique for starting my 07 is: hold the kill switch and kick it slow about 7-10 times to get any excess fuel oor whatever out of the engine 3 quick snaps of the throttle get to TDC and one firm kick. It usually starts one or 2 kicks cold
  4. crf150f guy

    would my crf 150f be good for mx

    When I had my 150, the only competition i had was with 85's and youre only hope is if youre good at cornering. Those things will flat out outun you in the straights. And dont even think about battling with anything bigger than an 85, trust me. My 250 is a completely different monster than the 150 i had.
  5. Im surprised he actually got himself a win.
  6. . So who won last night??? :lol:
  7. crf150f guy

    Tips for throttle control wanted.

    Hold the bike tight with your knees so you wont be grabbing too much with your hands.
  8. crf150f guy

    Zack Bell, what a joke!.....

    I answered all the questions correctly before going to the hospital too...that means nothing. Not everyone forgets where they are and what theyre doing.
  9. crf150f guy

    Zack Bell, what a joke!.....

    After getting my concussion a year and a half ago, I think it's safe to say that he probably did suffer from a concussion. When i received my concussion in football, I got up kinda slow, had a slight headache and then shook it off and kept playing just fine. Until a quarter later when i was delivered one more big blow to the head, then it was definitely lights out. He may not have been feeling the symptoms at first, but im sure he's feeling them now
  10. I really hope that some of you are making up stories...
  11. crf150f guy

    Carb Help. Starting.

    what is your starting procedure?
  12. crf150f guy

    Hard Starting

    What's your jetting? Are you getting a good spark?
  13. crf150f guy

    Please help me with exhaust!

    If your worried about if its the correct year and not an X, check the sticker on the upper right part of the frame near the tank. If that isnt there, then i'd be suspicious and check the vin
  14. A bike without an Accelerator pump will almost always bog when the throttle is opened fast. When the throttle is opened fast, the engine creates more vacuum, and if there is no extra fue being shot into the engine, it will bog. Plain and simple. If you try to put in a jet thats too big to compensate for the bog, then the bike will start to stutter and probably rie worse. For that high of an altitude, id throw in a 105 main, power up needle in 2nd or 3rd clip, and 45 pilot. No matter what it will still bog, just roll on the throttle until you have a good bit of rpms and youll be fine.
  15. crf150f guy

    crf150 engine mods

    Isnt that the proper way anyway? Thats how I do it on my 250 atleast.