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  1. unkle_george

    KX 112cc ??

    Just by a 125.... or $380 to bore, replate and new +2mm piston, that will make it a 107. I haven't seen any stroker kits yet. Remember, it's already an oversized 85.
  2. unkle_george

    China Hat ISDE rider minutes

    You can _really_ pace yourself and save you energy on the first loop checkpoints because they're shared by the 1 loopers. (Jr, 50+, W's) The checks on the second loop are usually a little tighter, but if you find yourself getting there 10+ minutes early, slow down a bit and save your energy for the specials. The specials are usually ~10 miles long so don't burn yourself out in the first 2. (Like a did my first year, ha) Have fun - Ryan
  3. unkle_george

    Crooked Finger OHV

    There is only about 10 miles of trail, mostly in a big loop and mostly quad trail.
  4. unkle_george

    First anti-ORV legislation of the year

    Thanks Tod, It was listed wrong on his own website too. I forwarded the bounce along to the administrative people on his page. I looked over his voting record, he's very much on our side. The Sierra club gave him a D.
  5. unkle_george

    First anti-ORV legislation of the year

    Letter sent What happens in Washington doesn't stay in washington A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: Sheldon.tim@leg.wa.gov My letter bounced, this address isn't right.
  6. unkle_george

    DMV help with a plated WR426 in Oregon please!

    Do some looking into the date your 426 was manufactured and when the law went into effect. I think you're exempt if it was manufactured before Jan 1st 2006
  7. unkle_george

    cr85 expert or kx100 for trails?

    I've ridden an rm 85 and kx 100 and there's really no comparison. The kx had a fly wheel weight and was geared down and would lug me up and down hills without stalling pretty easy. The rm on the other hand was difficult to keep from stalling. The hit on the kx is pretty strong and there when you want it. It will lift the front with me on it and I'm 6' 180 lbs.
  8. unkle_george

    2008 Starvation Ridge 24 hour race photos!

    http://unkle.smugmug.com/gallery/6408504_8sRBm Great pit crew + camera = lots of pictures.
  9. unkle_george

    2008 Starvation Ridge Race Results

    http://www.overthebarsgang.com/gallery/categories/Race_Results/media/%2312008STARVATIONRIDGE24HOURTEAMRACE.txt http://www.overthebarsgang.com/gallery/categories/Race_Results/media/%2322008STARVATIONRIDGE24HOURTEAMRACE.txt An open Am team finished 10th overall....Hmm
  10. unkle_george

    24 hour Starvation Ridge Ride Reports 08

    The filename for the race results starts with a #, they just need to rename the file and then it'll work. Or go here: http://www.overthebarsgang.com/gallery/categories/Race_Results/media/%2312008STARVATIONRIDGE24HOURTEAMRACE.txt http://www.overthebarsgang.com/gallery/categories/Race_Results/media/%2322008STARVATIONRIDGE24HOURTEAMRACE.txt
  11. unkle_george

    Best cell phone reception in TSF?

    I've had good luck getting a signal with AT&T from the Elk Flats parking lot. I made a call near the top of big Bertha once too.
  12. The 120 Main was too big... I left some E10 in the tank four about 4 months and it drew enough moisture to coat the carb in slime. Nasty stuff, I'm going to need to mix in some fuel stabilizer
  13. There are still a few of these bikes around. I was lucky enough that my dad was given one as a kid and we've kept it in the family. I bought a carb kit from ebay and replaced the pilot jet. It will idle great now and runs up to about 3/4 throttle and starts to bog until I turn the choke on slightly. It currently has an 80 Main jet and I bought a 120 from the local dealer. (All they had) I imagine the fuel we have now is quite a bit different than 1969 so the larger jet should help some. Have you had any luck getting yours to run full throttle? - Ryan
  14. unkle_george

    East fort rock...when does it start raining?

    I rode by there yesterday afternoon (9/21) and it was raining a bit on pine mt., but it was pretty scattered so it could still be a bit dusty.
  15. unkle_george

    Missing Engine Part!!!

    I had that happen when I did a nose dive into a sand dune and plugged the crank breather. There's just a plastic plug in there and with enough pressure it'll blow out. I replaced it with an aluminum plug. That's where the auto decompression cable went through for the 400's and 426's and Yamaha just plugged it for the 450's. Take the cam cover off and see how much dirt is in there and recheck your valves.