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  1. It's a little last minute, but there will be a meeting this Saturday the 23rd with State Rep. Bill Hinkle (author of the new forest road law) at the Senior Center in Cle Elum @ 10:00am, 719 E 3rd Street in Cle Elum. I spoke with Mr Hinkle Wed and he indicated that they would be talking about the new positive ramifications of the new law. Unfortunately, I have my sons Baseball Tourney in Montasano this weekend and wont be able to be there. It really should be really informative! Tell everyone you know! Joe J. Renton Motorcycles
  2. Mr_Toyz

    Another fatal head-on in belfair

    Does anyone know her name, or what kind of bike she was rding? Joe
  3. Mr_Toyz

    Washington Tracks

    Here you go: http://www.squisherracing.com/index.php (Horn Rapids ORV) http://www.burntridgemx.com/index2.htm http://longviewmx.com/index2.htm Joe RMC
  4. Mr_Toyz

    The new Betas are here!

    Thats funny we've been discussing the SM (different from S and M ) thing since we got these. It really would be a blast. The furthest north I get is Walker, havent been in quite a while, I'll let you know if I get up that way. Joe
  5. Mr_Toyz

    300 FT jump in Kent

    Price will be $10 entry Also check out www.kylecoen.com. Theres video of him jumping 110 +feet on a 50 and him doing a back flip! Good stuff! Joe
  6. Mr_Toyz

    The new Betas are here!

    Sorry It's taken so long to get back here. Hey Gary! RIGHT...FREE... no problem. I should have mine in the next couple weeks. I'll let ya know what I think Hey TM Enduro are you still planning a trip to come check em out? Joe
  7. Mr_Toyz

    The new Betas are here!

    Interesting that you saw one in Oregon. Which dealer? Remember the Husaberg is linkless, and besides everything is on the wrong side . Seriuosly though, the Beta truely is an incredible machine when you consider you have an awesome offroad machine that is a REAL dual sport from the factory... Not sure about the California dealer, I'm in WA. We are selling the 450 for $8950. Joe
  8. Mr_Toyz

    The new Betas are here!

    The Beta bikes are a great blend of alot of the most popular offroad feature tied in with a very trick dual sport package. My point about the linkage was that it was a "KTM with Linkage" ie ktm motors are great but KTMs lack of linkage turns off alot of people. Here are some more features; Avail in 250/400/450/525 (6 speed) Marzochi Shiver forks Sacks rear shock with linkage FMF Q2 silencer Billet hubs Braking wave rotors Dual sport ready Removable, tiny turn signals Removable mirrors Michelin DOT Enduro Comp 3 rear tire, Enduro Comp MS front 4 sprockets/ 2 chains (15/45 and 14/50) Hydraulic clutch Nisan Brakes Aluminum Skid Plate Plastic frame guards (not carbon as in many pics) Steel braided brake lines Magura fat bar 2 postion triple clamp (similar to KTM) Multi function computer w/remote 266lbs all fluids, tank about 3/4 full Joe
  9. Mr_Toyz

    The new Betas are here!

    We just recieved our first Beta Enduros. For those not familiar check out www.betamotor.com. You'll notice some very familiar specs i.e. 250/400/450/525 motors. Very Very trick bikes though, suspention linkage, tiny turn signals!, FMF Q2 exhaust... awesome! Joe
  10. Mr_Toyz

    Unable to get a response from Rekluse

    Don't be too hard on them, I know they've been very busy. My dealings with them have been very positive. Here is their contact info: call toll free: 866-REKLUSE website: www.rekluse.com email: sales@rekluse.com Joe Renton Motorcycles
  11. Mr_Toyz

    wr450 or wait for crf450x?

    Unfortunate;y, Matt is correct. There has been no conformation or denial that a CRF 450X is coming. Be a dealer, I can tell you that Honda doesn't keep a secret very well at all. So...either Honda is keeping one hell of a secret a secret or there is no 450X coming in the next 400+ days... My feeling... nothing until possibly end of 2005. Joe
  12. Mr_Toyz

    replacing steering stem bearings, any tips?

    If you need to replace the races as well, use a 2 inch trailer ball to press them back in. Works great. Joe
  13. Mr_Toyz

    Lamphere's wide open indoor

    Hey all. I work at Renton Motorcycle the dealership that owns Wide Open sports arena. You are corect the ventilation isnt quite right, we're still in the working out the bugs stage. Everthing should be done by the week of April 17 for our grand opening. Including our restaurant and bar. The track is just about 1 full acre. It truely is the largest indoor track in the northwest. It tends to be set up alittle easier that motoplex , because, its sole porpose is to sell bikes. Micky is done a good job of trying to accomdate everyone. You can imagine how difficult that can be... The dealership attached is the northwests largest. We sell Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Polaris. We've currently got about 500 bike no the floor... pretty cool The track should be swithed back to motocross next week! Joe
  14. Mr_Toyz

    My CRFX vs WRF ride impressions.

    Wow... Yes I'm Sorry CRFX and WR... Thanks for the spelling lesson. Yep just sales pitch...both you guys can take it and shove it. Gotta love it. It's guys like you that will ruin this forum.
  15. Mr_Toyz

    My CRFX vs WRF ride impressions.

    Hey all. I work for Renton Motorcycle in WA state. We are one of those rare dealers that have all 4 brands. We received our 250x's on Tuesday of this last week. Anyway, I took a Yam and a Honda out and played alittle. Both exhaust baffles wer out.I was not able to test the suspention very well, but I give my impressions none the less. CRFX vs WRF 1. Honda Great tires 756 rear 742 front....Winner Honda 2. Honda has Renthal handle bars....Winner Honda 3. Honda has softer seat....Winner Honda 4. Honda has no ingition button to forget to turn off...WINNER HONDA 5. Honda has no gas tank exposed...Winner Honda 6. Honda has smaller but still bright headlight...Winner Honda 7. Honda, No throttle stop...Winner Honda 8. Hondas exhaust baffle exit hole is larger than the Yamaha, it's defintely more powerfull and it's still under 96 db's...Winner Honda Suspention; Honda felt much more plush than I was expecting form riding other aluminum CR's and CRF's. A great testament to the suspention. Yamaha felt about the same. Power; I've got alot of time on the YZF family in all sizes, so I can safe say I know the power characteristics of the 250f. The Honda felt great down low and throught the mid but it felt a little soft up top. All in all about the same an unthrottle stoppedand unplugged YZF. Handling actually felt better than I was expecting. I;ve always felt that the Yamahas turned sharper and felt more stable. I'm actually revaluating that... I am very impressed with the Honda...so much so that my 04 wr450 is still sitting in the box in the back... hmmm...what to do... I dont want to loose the top and power but a light nimble bike was nice... Most of my friends will look at me funny when I say this...but...If I buy a 250f it will be the Honda. Yamaha has a perfect picture of what they need to do for 05...protapers etc... Joe Jones