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  1. beemerrick

    ttr 250 help

    An easy solution is to mount a bicycle speedometer/computer unit. I've seen this recommended even for street bikes with inaccurate factory speedometers. Most use epoxy to attach the magnetic pickup to the front wheel. You can pick one up for less than $10 that would do the job.
  2. beemerrick

    Resetting a TTR250 Odometer

    Yes, I know how it works, but I was hoping I wouldn't have to do all that twisting. The PO never reset it, and left it with just over 600 miles on the clock. In this case, it'll be quicker to run it forward.
  3. beemerrick

    Resetting a TTR250 Odometer

    This is what I was afraid of. The PO never reset it, so I'll have to do a lot of knob twisting. Thanks for the replies.
  4. beemerrick

    Resetting a TTR250 Odometer

    Is there an easy way to reset the odometer to 0?
  5. beemerrick

    Updated Exhaust Mod

    Very clever! I've been thinking about how I could do this myself, and voila, you showed the way. Thanks.
  6. beemerrick

    she wants a ttr 125 le BUT....

    What about an "E?" Does it have to be the big wheel model? The small wheel Es are pretty easy to find.
  7. beemerrick

    TTR Newbe with Carb Problems

    Yes, indeed!
  8. beemerrick

    hello you all! I'm looking for a PDF manual

    Try here.
  9. beemerrick

    Compression for TTR-125

    What you describe sounds completely normal to me. You can easily "kick start" these bikes by hand. The choke does need to be left on for a while for cold starts, and that's why so many on this forum (including me) change the pilot jet.
  10. beemerrick

    TTR 250 High Alititude

    I'd really be surprised if you had any trouble at those altitudes. I remember buying a new Suzuki GS850G street bike in Denver back in '84, and I turned down the dealer's offer to rejet the four carbs. I figured they were set to run lean at lower elevations and would be fine in Colorado. They were. I remember going over Loveland Pass with no loss of power. I would go ahead and pull the snorkel and try it. I'm sure you're actually running rich at those altitudes, so leaning things out a bit should work out well for you. I expect some high altitude riders will chime in shortly with some first hand experience.
  11. beemerrick

    Thor 50/50 boots

    Thanks, guys.
  12. beemerrick

    Thor 50/50 boots

    Does anyone have any experience with these or Thor boots in general? I'm considering a pair for hot weather trail riding, but I'm concerned about the fit. They come only in full sizes, and I normally wear a 9 1/2 narrow. I have a pair of Setup (Sidi) street boots in a 43 metric size that fit great. A 43 translates to a 9 1/2. So, how do they fit? Will a 10 be too sloppy on my feet? Thanks.
  13. beemerrick

    Cleaning the inside of the gas tank?

    Add a handful of BBs or really small gravel to boot.
  14. beemerrick

    2006 125le pilot jet plug

    This tread will guide you through the carb.
  15. Check the June issue of Dirt Rider magazine for a comparison of a Ducati, KTM, BMW & Aprilla. It just might surprise you.