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  1. well not that high, lived at sealevel and rode at 1K feet now living at 6,200 and riding mostly at 4,500 its a 03 450r stock everything except JD jet kit, cant find high altitude needle, didnt get a replie back from JD about it. im sure mainjet change but what about the main needle? can i use the low altitude needle and just change the height? cant even find my JD setup stuff! sorry wont even pop under current setup trying to start. thanks
  2. Lorduss

    i heard that these 450,s run really hot ?

    Hawaii is not as hot as you may think, i thought it was hot when i lived there, but spend a hot summer day out at lake elsinore MX or glamis or octillo and you will know the true meaning of intense heat. what part of hawaii are you in? i grew up on maui and lanai most my life.
  3. Lorduss

    hammerhead shifter

    For those of you who belive the HH shift tip is not strong enough, you CAN take it to a machinist and ask him to make a dup out of a stronger metal, afterall, thats why they are machinist. or for the sake of copyright infringement, design your own, its the simplest part you realy could design on a bike to be machined. i personaly own a smithy 3-1 machine and have the ability to design and create a simple part such as a shift tip in any metal i want to, i see no reasion considering Yes it does wear and No my foot does not slip during riding/shifting. so therefore whats the point? my bike was not ment to look pretty, it was ment to be an effective race machine i personaly have to hand it to HH designs, i love my shifttip, one of my first mods and defintly made a huge improvement for my 13 size feet in comfort and ease of riding.
  4. Lorduss

    What engine mods should come first?

    I pretty much only trackride, by what power mods first, i mean along the lines of simple, cheap and effective, i see some thing like a highcomp piston coming a little later down the line. allthough i do need to get into my engine.
  5. ive setup my ergos at this point, bar height, seat, damper, pegs. overall my rider cockpit is downright perfect now, so now its time to move onto the engine mods, ive allready done the jd jet kit, i plan on doing the AP mod next but was wondering what else would be in line for the first real engine mods? i know cooling is gonna come equally with the engine hp increase because more HP = more heat = losing the power you just gained with the less than capable cooling system of the CRF450, my bike is the 03 but i know all the 450R's share the same basic cooling system problem. id like to start on the cheap but effective end of increasing HP, any ideas would be well appreacited
  6. Lorduss

    SDG tall seat fit issues?

    no instructions came with my seat, so i do assume it bolts right on. even after a little trimming and filing i cant get the seat to fit right, it seems like it was made for another bike, everything looks on spec, its 3/8th back from lining up with the bolt holes, and this is after cramming it forward. and even if i can get it forward enough it seems to leave nearly 3/4th inch gap from my rear fender to the rear edge of the seat. the center latch is realy the stiff point, theres to much pressure to fit it, the stock seat bolts on and off flawlessly. i was just wondering how crazy i am, underneath the seat says SDG-m114 maby this well tell me the truth, thanks
  7. Lorduss

    Elsinore Today!

    i ride pretty much every sunday, usually parked over by racetrack in the ditch with a red mazda. yeah the tiller action has been awesome latley. carving new fast lines is allways fun.
  8. Lorduss

    First time at track tomorrow!

    If "the stepup" isnt a good enough description, Next time you sware you saw a bird flying overhead that looked like a dirtbike, Thats the jump. that jump is amazing. tobad i cant touch it yet. i ride elsinore pretty much every sunday. i hope they add more jumps and stuff to that extra vet section they put in.
  9. i agree, seatbounce is the key, suspension helps but its not the key for this. im 200 pounds on a 03 450r, my shocks feel realy soft for me. but i can use this to launch me even higher on jumps. id say 2nd pinned, and give it the big slam of the gas right at the bottom of the jump. getting up to speed and somewhat coasting to it well also throw you lower, take it slow, but think bounce and throttle on the face. you well clear it no prob.
  10. Lorduss

    450x 4th And 5th In A R????

    i would say a mesurement is defintly worth it or ask your local honda techs to mesure the gear width. i have a wide ratio tranny in my 450r id sell ya, i was gonna pull it out cause all i do is trackride and it doesnt work to well. its from baja designs, they no longer make it. i guess because the x came out. the 450 has a ton of pull for this set. the set it self is 3-5th gears, you have to grind out your tranny case a little to make room for the gears, other than that its a simple install. i didnt do it my self, wish i would have, wish i wouldnt have bought it anyways.
  11. Lorduss

    Cam comparisons

    where can i see your test results?
  12. well my 450 is now screaming like the day i bought it, after a couple weeks of carb rebuilds and other crap. i finaly got around to sending off my jd needle, after realy feeling like i need it at the track. while i wait for my red to come back, ive heard i can use blue good in track conditions, anyone have any good info on a starting point for that? 2-3K elevation, Lake elsinore mx in the summer. id like to get a little more pep out of this engine. thanks
  13. Lorduss

    cramp in hands

    take a blood thinner like asprin, bananas help to, not to much salt or sugar the day before or during your time at the track, every time i go to the track i go down to water, a muffin, fruit more than a couple of bananas and a asprin before i even head out, first couple of laps well cramp anyone, but after that i was banging 5-10 laps at a time, before that i could barley do 2 or 3 even after warming up.
  14. Lorduss

    ridin on hard packed

    Hardpacked mud = Lake elsinore MX park. for a good 30 min usually after a half assed water job by the kids over there usually results in some thing i can describe as nothing else but hardpacked mud feels like your on a ice skating ring without skates, being a built in a lake bed there not alloud to import dirt. got sideways last sunday coming out of the deep berm on racetrack, this was 20 min after they watered it, first part of the day i allmost threw my self off a berm on the vet track, during the day i wasnt the only one. best advice, wait for it to dry,
  15. Lorduss

    Lowered IMS pegs

    actually ive noticed a difference in how far back my pegs are with the complete kit, i just put the lowboys on it, and i can mesure 1/4 inch back on the front edge of the peg from the rear axle, and with its wider platform well allow you to center your foot back to about a 1/2 inch total. i dont know if they updated there design but these are my findings. the peg is also flatter, allthough im less than impressed with the mounting bracket, i had to drill out the larger hole to get the bracket to line up with both bolt holes. if they updated the bracket design any im even less impressed.