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  1. Suprchargedriot

    Zeta Racing Hand guards with blinkers

    love these hand guards. really dress up the front of the bike
  2. Suprchargedriot

    Moose Racing Racing Aluminum Skid Plate

    Awesome skid plate. Took a lot of bashing when the bike was set up as a adventure bike. I still have it on with all its scrapes and gashes
  3. Suprchargedriot

    DRC Products Edge2 Integrated Tail Light

    Installed with the twelve o'clock labs processor board. its so freaken cool and makes the back of the bike really clean
  4. Suprchargedriot

    Factory Effex Custom Graphics Kit

    the Yoshimura graphics really made the bike pop. hoping to get some custom ones for the tank or get my oem tank repainted black and throw that on.
  5. Suprchargedriot

    Braking Caliper Bracket

    needed this to use the 320mm rotor my friend gave to me with the sm rims. Makes a big difference in the braking. in the future i might make some radial mount brake caliper brackets for the drz.
  6. Suprchargedriot

    Excel Takasgo Rim

    Got the rims from a friend of mine. Yes thats how much I paid for them. Absolutely love them can actually fit some good street rubber on them and have some choices.
  7. Suprchargedriot

    IMS Pro Series Foot Pegs

    Sooo much better then the original pegs that come on the drz. I no longer feel like I'm having to balance my feet all the time.
  8. Suprchargedriot

    Uni-Filter Multi-Stage Competition Air Filter

    I live in the desert with a lot of dust (even on the streets) so swapping out to a uni filter made it breath easier and I bought a spare so i can swap out to a clean one really fast if i need to.
    Didn't actually purchase this from thumpertalk. Bought it used from someone over ebay. Pretty sure it came off a yzf450. Just threw it in with no jetting lol. Highly recommend doing it really kicks the drz in the shorts
  9. Suprchargedriot

    Yoshimura RS-2 Pro-Series Full System

    I got the carbon fiber one and it looks amazing and sounds even better. Bike feels fast then it did before both in torque and hp. No dyno runs yet.
  10. Suprchargedriot

    Cylinder Works Big Bore Cylinder Kit

    Cost a pretty penny but I had to rebuild the engine anyways because I blew it up. If you have to replace the cylinder and piston for any reason I highly recommend spending the few extra bucks and getting the big bore kit
  11. It's easier to get to know someone when they hide behind a mask. It's like going to a masquerade party. Your eyes are useless in telling you about a person's facial appearance. You have to go based off of what you hear, smell and sometimes feel. It removes the cover from the book so you are forced to read a few pages into it before you come to the conclusion that it's a good book or not. Whether to take it home or leave it on the table for someone else to browse. But, even though it may have...

  12. Hmmm. I know! I need a black tie, a black button up shirt, some white glove, and a top hat. Oh and a novelty cane. I'm going out in style. Does anyone know where I can get the white gloves and the top hat? I can get the tie and shirt

  13. On nights like this, with nothing really to do, I miss riding my bike. Just riding around and goofing off. It was the best antidepressants and stress release. It's been over a year since she broke down but every week I get closer to getting her back up and running. I can't wait. The anticipation is killing me lol. People ask me why I continue to ride with my injuries and why risk it. I love riding. That's all I can say about it. You don't stop doing something you love because you got hurt doi...

  14. Tries to call friend. Goes right to voice mail. Gets poke on Facebook by said friend.... &%$#@! you Nicolas Anthony Lopez Jk I know your phone's retarded