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  1. dickmonster

    My big bore still does not have enough

    What are the other brands of two stroke
  2. dickmonster

    My big bore still does not have enough

    What would getting rid of the x do?
  3. dickmonster

    My big bore still does not have enough

    Phew. I think I'll have to get a 2 stroke. I wonder if the new 350 would work
  4. I have a CRF 250x. Just did the the Athena 280 big bore and jetting. The problem is I'm still getting smoke by my buddies on hills wit there 250 and 300 two strokes. I like my bike but can not Handle not making the hills. Any ideas
  5. dickmonster

    250x big bore 280 Athena help

    Hi I have a CRf 250x 2006. I have ordered a Athena big bore kits to take it to 280cc. I will need to jet it and I might as wellndo a different pipe and air box mod. What jetting kits and pipe should I get. How about a quick start? Pink wire? Thats
  6. dickmonster

    TE310 - A disappointment.

    If this is the type of riding you do then 1. That's sad 2. Who cares about the power down a logging road? Maybe you should do nitRo Harley drag! Ok relax just kidding. Power is not very important in straight logging road rides. It matters on everything else.
  7. dickmonster

    Broken 250x

    Tried to take my bike out. It would not start! I took it too my mechanic and he could not get it to start. Says the compression is low and measures the piston. H said I oval,d the cylinder. Dam! Maybe screwed the head up. I have two questions 1. Why did this happen 2. As I'm doing a rebuild should I go to the big bore kit? Athena 270. Jetting cut the air box. Etc. Wha do you guys think? I'm bummed. I also change the oil. Maintain every fluid. Why should I do this if it's going to happen anyway! I was going to get. New bike but I guess I'll wait and stay with the old one with a big bore. Oh by the way the bike is a stock 06 crf250x
  8. dickmonster

    Baja...how safe is it down there lately?

    I went with Tim in march. Me and 5 buddies. Great time!
  9. dickmonster

    Racers and ranchers ride (updated info)

    Hey guys Thanks for all of you hospitality at the R&R fund raiser. It was great fun and we all wish we lived closer. Also Tim Morton was a great guide, however Jens much cooler. Pass it on! The Canadians Mark (Dick), Bryan, Chris, Tony, Dan and Paul
  10. dickmonster

    Guided Trips

    I booked the trip! Me and 5 buddies. Ill tell you all about it. I have gone with Tim at Baja Bound
  11. just to keep you guys in the loop. Me and my buddies have booked Baja Bound for march. I will let you know how it goes
  12. Hey, I just booked our trip with Tim at BAJA similar story to yours. We are all turning 40 so your way older and probably should ask for a quad. (haha kidding). We are going at the beginning of April. If you have not gone yet, we will let your know how it is! Thanks Mark
  13. dickmonster

    help - retail store in san diego

    thanks! man
  14. dickmonster

    help - retail store in san diego