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  1. grantc84

    '03 YZ250F Rumors?

    Johhny G...we have all heard that yamaha is coming out for an 450 for '03, but what is this inside information that you have heard. wheight? pics? anything? let us know man.
  2. grantc84

    Vortex hurt engine?

    hey i guess thats why my go-ped has lasted forever. thanks guys
  3. grantc84

    CR double high

    im a pretty tall guy too and was way too cramped witht the stock bars. I got the renthal jimmy button bend. It is made for taller riders. im not too familiar with tag. but the jimmy button bend opened up the cockpit a lot more and got a lot less arm pump and most of all felt much more comfortable. I also have heard the the RC bend is pretty high too.
  4. grantc84

    Vortex hurt engine?

    I just got the vortex for my '01 yz250f and i love it. The performance just rips so hard up top. I was pulling wheelies up in 5th gear like nothing, it was awesome. I was on my uncles farm and did my longest wheelie ever...half a mile. I think im going to send it in and get torque or supercross instead of traction. Anyways, back to my original question. I was on my uncles farm that has very long and flat roads and it was revving really hard with 5th gear pinned. I didnt wanna hurt the motor so i didnt pin it too much at top speed. Since the vortex revs so hard up top can it hurt the motor? Also does the vortex on performance mode move the rev limiter back at all and is top speed higher than it would be with the stock ignition? And if you dont have the vortex by now, you gotta get one. Best mod ever. I was chucking rocks at my brother over 100 feet behind me. The difference is night and day. Thanks Grant '01 yz250f vortex-performance and traction, white bros. r4, magura hydraulic clutch, talon sprockets 13 and 50t,DID gold chain, renthal bars, ceet gripper
  5. grantc84

    u think u still got it :) hahahaha

    17, '01 yzf, white brothers r4, renthal jimmy button bend, 50t gold talon sprocket, 13t gold talon front, DID gold chain, magura hydraulic clutch, vortex in the mail, suspension revalve, gripper seat. I just need more money to get every thing that i want. Im going broke.
  6. grantc84

    whats reed run?

    well if his bike is anything like fonsecas bike from last year that cost 120 big ones, which i'm sure is much the same. Fonsecas bike did not have one single part in his motor that is in our bikes. im not sure if the internals of fonsecas motor could be purchased or not, but not a single part was in stock form of our bike. And im sure reed's is the same along with a custom made FMF titanium silencer and header, custom carbon fiber airbox, works forks and shock, ezno subtanks, works triple clamps and hubs, and about every titanium bolt there is including axles and linkage bolts. Factory bikes are so trick its not even funny. They also have custom ignitions that they can change the power curves a lot like the vortex. He's also got carbon fiber sprinkled here and there all over his bike. He also has these trick parts that only the yamaha factory riders run, its a little clip on each fork that compresses each fork on the start to keep the front end down and he flips a swith or something and they pop back up. you can check his bike out at www.chadreedracing.com I think reed could hang in the top 5 with the 'F' in the 250 class. I'll be at vegas to watch him and bubba go at it. I think reed will come out on top; hes a more consistent rider and doesnt make mistakes. with the new 4-strokes being available to the factory riders, bikes are becoming very expensive for the top pros.
  7. grantc84

    Does Powerwashing Hurt

    the thing that you have to watch out for the most is the steering stem and its bearings. i just had to replace mine...steering was getting real notchy...because i was too lazy to go buy a 30 mm socket so i could lube everything up with waterproof grease. The bearings looked like crap. also watch out for the radiator because you can bend the little metal fins real easily with a power washer. what you should do first is grease up the stem and bearings with water proof grease. i always use a power washer. my bike still looks and runs good.
  8. grantc84


    I'm looking to go down to baja mexico with a bunch of guys and a fun-mover some time during easter break. I have never been but hear great things. We are looking towards mikes sky ranch right now. I just bought this real good GPS trail guide/binder to every possible trail down that away. Some people are saying that we will need a designated chase vehicle in case of problems...wrecks, seized bikes and injuries...you know the drill. I know we are gonna have to be well prepared with tubes and sparkplugs and all those goodies we love. I was just looking for some feedback from anyone whos been down there about some good trails or places to camp and just tips to make the trip run a lot smoother. thanks Grant
  9. grantc84

    Best handlebar bend for riding style

    i too stand up alot and am 6 feet tall. i got the renthal jimmy button bend and it helped so much. im not cramped and get a lot less arm pump. best thing i ever did to my bike, comfort wise. i hear the RC bend is also good for taller riders.
  10. grantc84

    Best handlebar bend for riding style

    i too stand up alot and am 6 feet tall. i got the renthal jimmy button bend and it helped so much. im not cramped and get a lot less arm pump. best thing i ever did to my bike, comfort wise. i hear the RC bend is also good for taller riders.
  11. grantc84

    Which handle bars have u got?

    im a taller rider and felt cramped with the stock bars. i got the jimmy button bend renthals. its a really high bend and opened up the cockpit a lot for me. less arm pump and no head shake at all.
  12. grantc84

    Hollister Hare Scrambles

    I agree the cost is almost $100 buck by the time you pay the race fee, cards etc. If I want to race with my two sons it will cost about $300 dollars. I have sent off a letter of complaint to the organizers that this is too steep a cost for the average family and it keeps the sport from growing. Hope other will also let their feeling be known to the orgainzers. Roge
  13. grantc84

    YZ 250 f Parts for sale!!

    yo ian, i'll buy your vortex off of ya if it works for an '01 yz250f. My email is grantc84@yahoo.com let me know, im really want the vortex, but dont wanna pay for a new one.
  14. grantc84

    White Bros. ignition and J.Peters xr400 report

    I also read the article and was very impressed with report on the White Bros ignition. Anyone else out there know of this mod????
  15. grantc84


    I was checking out the sidewinder web site and decided that i want to get the super pro gold series but i can't decide on what sprocket. I dont wanna spend a whole lot of money and i know i want a 50T. which is a stronger/better sprocket...the Hicarbon steel rear or the billet aircraft rear. Just wondering if the billet one is more expensive because you can choose some cool colors or if billet aircraft is stronger than hi-carbon steel. Im not up to date on my metals. Thanks Grant