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  1. I have an old CB125S parts bike I would like to get rid of. I live in MD.
  2. I have an old CB125S parts bike I would like to get rid of. It has the cable operated front disc brake still on it. I live in MD
  3. The tensioner is to the rear of the bike and looks ok. THe piece in the front that you are looking at is a chainguide and is definately out of place. Unfortunately to fix it you have to pull the head. The chain guide drops into that slot you see there and also a slot in the cylinder between the head and cylinder. Is that peice sloppy in there?
  4. a 3/8 impact works nicely for this. (no rotating) I too have had the jaw slip open a few times and used a C clamp to hold the jaws together.
  5. The shift star is a commonproblem on these and less invasive to replace than the drum, I would look there first.
  6. adjust the camchain too as they will make a tapping or clicking sound
  7. Be sure to put a little grease on the shaft and seal prior to installation.
  8. You may have stuck rings from sitting. Put some CRC or PB blaster or something like that in the cylinder, turn it over a few times by hand with no plug in it and let it sit. After a coule days put 10 or 20 drops of 2 stroke oil in the cylinder and kick it over with the plug in and see if it starts. I have unstuck rings like this mant times.
  9. You probably need to de-glaze the drum. I usually clean and lube all the pivot points, linkages, and shaft while it is apart.
  10. Valves too tight, burnt valve, bent valve, something along those lines. Do a compression test and if it is very low or zero put some compressed air into the cylinder through the sparkplug hole with both valve adjustments backed all the way off and see if it leaks a bunch of air through the intake or exhaust.
  11. I would do valve guide seals, camchain and sprockets, check and/ or replace the tensioner slides as well.
  12. I don't know if the threads are strong enough for that, I would be afraid of pulling the threads on the crank. As it is I heat the sprocket up to press it on. if the crank was out of the motor a machine shop would probably press it on for you for like 10 or 15 bucks.
  13. Here is a link for changing the crank sprocket on an XR200
  14. That's a good idea chuck...I'll do that.
  15. I could be "lean" and run really well, right up until you burn a hole in the piston. Then it won't run at all. It is much safer to jet it correctly.