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  1. mikeylikesit

    Another 250x off the showroom floor

    Compared to your KTM, the suspension will be stiff and the brakes will be weak. The suspension will get better after it breaks in but will still be stiff when riding in first gear sitting down. I've been riding mine since Oct. 2016 on rough single track and practice MX tracks. I love it on both. The suspension will never scare you and has saved me from crashing many times.
  2. mikeylikesit

    Anyone converted to street legal?

    It's easy in Ohio, just initial and sign to get a street title. Making the bike actually legal is a little more work but doable. I just used a battery and LED lighting. I had my 250 plated for a number of years but it's only comfortable on the street for about 15 minutes and the compromises needed to be street legal / comfortable make it not worth it for me.
  3. mikeylikesit

    2017 YZ250X FMF Gnarly Pipe choice

    After a year with mine, I'm using the stock pipe even though I have a Gnarly. The stock is smoother everywhere with a little less bottom and more top. Jetting is where the real tuning takes place.
  4. mikeylikesit

    3.9 clark tank

    There is 30mm of clearance from the top of the triple clamp to the tank. If you remove the front number plate you can get straight in to see what you need. Your tank angle looks the same as mine. Mine is about 6 in. wide above the seat and 3 1/2 inches tall from the front seem. Just eyeballing your pic, it doesn't look like it will fit.
  5. mikeylikesit

    Yz250 bottom end- missing piece

    Or put the sprocket in the vice and come up from the bottom to get to the nut.
  6. mikeylikesit

    Yz250 bottom end- missing piece

    I was just thinking the washer looks like part of the shift assembly. The sprocket-I'm thinking, put the chain on it and put the other end of the chain in a vice. Use and impact or hit your wrench with a rubber mallet.
  7. mikeylikesit

    3.9 clark tank

    Don't have a stabilizer but the tank doesn't bother me at all other than the fuel cock being lower than the carb intake and the kick lever rubbing the tank.
  8. mikeylikesit

    2009 XT250 vs 2008 WR250R

    I've never ridden an XT but would think either of these bikes would be fine for your intended purpose. I would assume the XT would be more comfortable and easier to ride while the WRR would be more fun and able to be ridden harder / faster.
  9. mikeylikesit

    250r to 250f (blurring the line)

    Are you saying you can change the linkage and use the yz250 shock? I hope you are. I would LOVE to put my old yz shock on my wrr. I'm parting out the yz anyway.
  10. mikeylikesit

    YZ250X suspension

    I like the compression settings at full soft, front and back, for woods riding. Lowering tire pressure also helps. With tubeliss I run about 6psi. in the front and less in the rear.
  11. mikeylikesit

    YZ 250x rear brake pads...anything better?

    They might be better after break in, like the suspension. If you like ktm brakes you will have to modify the yz. Ktm's take less effort.
  12. mikeylikesit

    Bought a beat up 2000 yz250, gear oil yellow?

    Bottom of water pump.
  13. mikeylikesit

    Bought a beat up 2000 yz250, gear oil yellow?

    Doesn't it have to be the water pump or the oval case o-ring. How would coolant get from the cylinder into the transmission? If the water pump isn't leaking make sure the weep hole on the bottom of it hasn't been filled with jb weld or something.
  14. mikeylikesit

    YZ 250 2002 Head fit ?????? 250 X

    Yes, it will fit and boost the low end with it's higher compression. I went the other way on my 2000 for easier kick / bump starting. If the X was electric start, my old 245 psi. Head would have been on it on the second ride. (not complaining, just saying)
  15. Circumstances allowed me to get a new one and I love it. I also loved the old one and would still be very happy with it. The new one is way better on the mx track. Off road is a wash. The 2 reasons the new one is nice are the near perfect suspension and just the fact it needs much less maintenance. Fewer parts wearing out for now.