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  1. Good write up, the bike is going to be popular. Though a bit bizarre that it goes on about the cable operated clutch.
  2. tim2007

    Hell's Gate officially stopped !

    It's a big problem here in the UK too, really is difficult to get venues. The main problem is noise, with 4 strokes being particularly to blame as the sound from them travels so far, I've never known an event to have problems due to other environmental reasons. Maybe when we all go electric it will be much easier....
  3. tim2007

    Polisport Restyle Kit

    Nice, except for the pricing- $153/ €196 - yet at today's exchange rate $153 is only €135
  4. tim2007

    Steel footrests / footpegs

    Nah, doesn't work out- assuming the KTM ones fit (which is a helluva gamble), the IMS Core ones are $125. Plus $21 shipping. Plus $31 import duty, that's $177 total, which is £138. Then I get the customs collection fee, another £15. Plus there's a further fee I have been charged on delivery of £12. And I have to wait up to 3 weeks for them. Importing from the US sucks.
  5. tim2007

    Steel footrests / footpegs

    Nope, couldn't find any other steel ones in stock over here (UK/Europe) at all. IMS doesn't seem to have an importer even, but then with taxes and exchange rates they'd be really expensive anyway... which is probably why there's no importer!
  6. tim2007

    Steel footrests / footpegs

    I've ordered up a set of the Twenty ones as I couldn't find an importer for any of the others. I'll let people know how they turn out.
  7. tim2007

    Steel footrests / footpegs

    Thanks.. though I can't see they list any for Beta . Is this the correct IMS https://www.imsproducts.com/Products/Beta.cfm
  8. For new steel footrests, what options are out there other than the rather pricey stock ones? Has anyone tried these? https://www.24mx.co.uk/twenty-footpegs/beta-rr-300-2t-2016#?p Cheers
  9. tim2007

    New top end, no compression HELP

    To be at 30psi the cylinder would have to be incredibly worn, seems rather unlikely to me. Does the 85 of that year have a powervalve? If so, is it stuck open? Though even then i'd expect more psi.
  10. tim2007

    New top end, no compression HELP

    Hmm. How about comparing the new and old pistons, is the distance from the pin to the top identical? Actually, the whole things should be identical...
  11. tim2007

    New top end, no compression HELP

    Just wondering... did you put it in the correct way around?
  12. Interesting.. where are you looking? I've scoured all the usual sites and every beta dealer website I can think of and found no secondhand 19s or 18s at all, only one 17 and two 16s
  13. It seems to me the effect is identical to changing the yokes/triples offset, though it's slightly baffling that you hear of manufacturers changing yoke offset by even 0.5mm, yet people swap forks around without any mention of the spindle offset. Or maybe most forks have the same offset anyway....
  14. I live/race in one of the world's flatter areas, so the 250 sounds like it'll fit the bill well. Though it is very difficult to find a decent secondhand one for sale here in the uk currently
  15. Hi all, just after some opinions on something I was wondering today. Given everything else being entirely identical between 2 sets of forks, except that on one set the offset of the wheel spindle in the fork bottoms was greater (i.e. the centre line of the spindle was further forward from the fork centre line) what effect would swapping them have on the bike's handling? Are there 2 impacts on stability- trail, and rotational force/leverage around the steering head? Has anyone tried it?