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  1. Does that exhaust smoke smell normal for the bike, or different and rather unpleasant? I'm suspecting a right side crank seal problem, and that bad smell woudl confirm it.
  2. More pics and info here http://mailchi.mp/153a728d8ff8/new-arrivals
  3. Here goes- from Beta UK Beta presents the new Enduro RR 2018! Lighter weight with better performance than ever before The new Enduro RR my 2018 is coming on the market with many new features. The Tuscan manufacturer was able to transfer of much of the know-how gained from the great racing successes of the 2016 season from the competition bikes to the production models after victories in both the Riders World Championship (E3 class) and the Manufacturers World Championship (EnduroGp class). The Beta engineers at Rignano, with guidance from their top riders, Steve Holcombe and Alex Salvini, have designed a new line of motorcycles that are remarkably lighter in weight with better performance than the previous models; 4.7 kg lighter for the 2-stroke versions and a whopping 5.3 kg shaved off the 4-stroke bikes. But this drop in weight is not the only feature worthy of note. The engines, running gear and suspension are products of a significant technical evolution which has further enhanced the strengths of this new generation of RR models giving them an ease of handling with a solid and immediate feeling as well as a high degree of reliability. The design was also revised with the introduction of a new rear fender, a new color for the plastics and graphics and, on the 4-stroke versions, a muffler with a completely new profile as well as a new internal layout. Keeping with Beta tradition, six different displacements will be available for the RR my 2018: 250 and 300 cc 2-stroke and 350, 390, 430 and 480 cc 4-stroke models, each distinguished by their own specific character. This new range will allow every rider to find just the right Beta model at the right price. Prices to follow. More pics are up on facebook-
  4. I changed mine at just over 100 hours. Was aok.
  5. The Talon baskets are awesome, they even wear better than a Hinson one in my experience. OEM plates for me, can't beat them, or the Kawasaki equivalents if they are cheaper nowadays
  6. By "beginner biker", do you mean you've not ridden a motorbike before at all? If that's the case I wouldn't recommend an RM250, they are a bit of a handful for beginners in my experience.
  7. Cracking start to the season for him
  8. interesting. Be good to find tricks to speed it up too.
  9. How did you post this question?? I put one in a couple of days ago about the slowness problems with the site, and it hasn't appeared at all.
  10. as above, check the vent hose valve, also take the cap off and detach the hose from it- just checked mine and you can actually see light through the hole in the cap
  11. Doesn't the 17 300rr have a vent hose? With the cap off you should be able to blow through that in the tank direction quite easily. If no air can get into the tank, fuel can't get out.
  12. That blue smoke, does it smell normal for a 2 stroke or unpleasant and kind of oily? If the latter, maybe the right side crank seal is leaking or in the wrong way around. Black leagage at the exhaust seal is common, can be cured with a bit of high-temp silicone around the exhaust. As for jetting, what altitude are you at there? Merry Christmas
  13. Yes, I think he's right, it would be difficult to re-machine an existing shaft as they are probably heat treated etc, you'd be better off getting a whole new shaft machined from scratch. No doubt a company like Quaife could do that, but the price for a one-off could be pretty high.
  14. Here it is in all it's beauty, feel free to buy it and rescue it. May well be that 82 DR125 with a different swingarm and rear wheel fittted. I do like the way the brake plate doesn't fit the drum at all, a nice bit of ventilation there. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142208806575?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  15. I'm thinking that too, I'd be afraid one of my decent bikes might catch something. Though I'm still wondering if that might be an RM chassis.