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  1. welded two bolts to the frame (I believe 3/8"), heads out and drilled and tapped them for 6mm bolts. I will see if i can get a pic of it this afternoonn
  2. XR650L version 4.0 in flash red. tank from 88 XR600, painted side panels with paint from flashredbikes.com, protected by stompgrip pads..its my ECEA hare scramble bike.
  3. thanks for all the help! I figured it out.
  4. Can anyone tell me if fenders are the same between 85-87, and 88 and up? Other than color obviously! What i am trying to do is come up with complete flash red plastic in 88+ style. I already have an 88 tank (I didnt realize 88 was flash red until it arrived. If anyone knows of aftermarket fenders in flash red, that works too. Side panels I figure Im on my own!
  5. sweet bike! I have the same graphics on my XRL. It has an XR600 tank. I race ECEA hare scrambles in NJ/PA. Its a blast on these bikes. Love the full matching gear! Factory XR!
  6. RSW brace. Its flat across
  7. Heli-mech, did you actually cut the boot? I did the same idea to mine, but used part of the old boot for the bottom. I was afraid if I cut off the boot, it would be too big diameter to go stay attached to the fork lower
  8. I used universal backround sheets and cut to fit. Found em on Motosport or one of them.
  9. good luck with that!
  10. Only as much as you want them to be. I race C Senior and its a blast. Dont worry about your finish and just have fun. The people are great and have yet to run into someone who wasn't willing to help you out.
  11. ECEA.org NEOCracing.com NEOC is racing a limited schedule this year in south jersey. ECEA runs NJ, PA, NY, DE...
  12. BREATHE! Sounds simple, but it made a big difference for me. Go fast, but remember to take time to take a drink here and there (camelback).
  13. very cool to see an L out there! Been racing mine in NJ, PA area the last 2 years and its a blast. Had one guy say to me on the line, "wouldn't it be easier and faster to ride a different bike?"! Of course, but what fun would that be! I am a lowly C rider, but having a blast. Love your vids, they are my workout motivation.
  14. nice build! Very well done. Does this use the OE Headlight plastic? Or is it something different?
  15. this is what mine looks like. Had a shop do the cover. They pulled the front a little tight, but other than that its good