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  1. David_W

    Jetting for ice riding

    1800 screws in the tyres? You guys are nuts. No way you'd get me racing a 50hp chainsaw
  2. David_W

    Oil Change Help

    Thanks for the help guys.
  3. David_W

    Oil Change Help

    Hey DRZ'ers. A friend has bought a DRZ-E and asked me to help change the oil for him. He didn't get a manual with the bike, so I'd appreciate if you could answer a couple of Q's please How much oil is needed with a new filter, and without? Is there any special drill or procedure for oil changes? Can you recommend a manual for the bike? Thanks for your help
  4. David_W

    Exhaust upgrade

    I have a CRD Performance pipe, which is pretty quiet at 91db. I'm in the UK and noise is a very big issue over here right now. Bike has been rejetted to suit the exhaust (with airbox lid removed too) and there are pretty strong gains right through the rev range.
  5. David_W

    Airbox airflow???

    I have a YZ rear fender on my bike, and when I fitted it I noticed it has an air intake moulded into it where it meets the back of the seat. The standard WR rear fender butts up to the seat and almost makes a seal. I guess any addition to airflow into the airbox will help. I've got the snorkel lid removed too and rejetted to suit as per suggestions from JD.
  6. David_W

    Hard starting after truck transport?

    The vibration/rocking could be forcing the fuel that is already in the pipe to the carb into the carb and flooding it? Just a guess, and God only knows how you'd stop it short of pulling the pipe off and letting it drain before transporting???
  7. David_W

    How do you get your bikes so clean ?

    Careful use of a pressure washer, and a product we get in the UK called 'Muc-off'. Never let me down yet When you ride over here through winter, you get pretty intimate with cleaning mud off your bike
  8. David_W

    Cam Breather Pipe Re-positioning

    Cool. Thanks for the tips guys. Cheers.
  9. Hi All Long time since I visited TT. Hope everyone is good. Has anyone re-positioned the breather pipe from the top of the engine that exits at the bottom below the engine guard? It's always bothered me, and with all the rain and water we get in the UK, I'm worried it is going to suck water up one day. Any ideas? I had thought of routing it into the airbox, or up behind the headlight? Thanks. David
  10. David_W

    Happy 04 July TT'ers

    Happy 4th July from the UK side of the pond folks Now if only we can follow your lead and get rid of the control freaks we have running the place over here......
  11. David_W

    Recommended Air Filter Oils and Cleaners

    Thanks for the replies. I used the No-Toil stuff before and liked it, but I can't get it in the UK anymore . I'll phone around the local shops. Don't think I'll be doing much riding this weekend anyway. Everywhere is under about 2 feet of flood water...
  12. What air filter oils and cleaners do you guys use? I've been using PJ1 and I've run out so I may change brands. Any suggestions? Thanks
  13. David_W

    Rear Lience Plates

    Go to MAL Numberplates. Can't remember the number, but they are in Wellingborough so you should be able to go through the operator. They do flexible plastic 7"x5" plates that should survive OK.
  14. David_W

    Who rides street bikes?

    I've got a tuned Kawasaki ZX7R street/track bike. Full Arrow race exhaust system, OZ Racing forged wheels, Harris billet rear sets, Braided brake lines, Ohlins shock and fork internals, etc. I've previously had a Fireblade, GSXR750, and an older ZX7 (1994).
  15. David_W

    taffy where to practice around mildenhall area

    Welcome to the UK. Are you USAF? I know of three places near Mildenhall/Suffolk. I haven't been, but I've heard Wild Tracks is the best in the area: Elsworth Moto Parc. Track Location: 8 Miles west of Cambridge off the A428 (formally A45) Contact: Andy Lee Tel: 01763 260568 (track info service) One-mile supercross-type motocross circuit prepared the British Championship standard. Open 10am - 4pm Weds and some Suns. Always phone first to check opening times. Wild Tracks Motocross Centre. Chippenham Road, Kennet, Near Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 7QJ. On the B1085 off the A11, 4 miles north of Newmarket. Track Office: 01638 751918 24hr info line: 01638 750880 60 acre all-weather site which includes motocross, enduro, beginners and 4x4 courses. Moto-Land UK Track: Near Mildenhall Speedway Stadium, West Row, Suffolk. Contact: Mrs S Nunn (Carls Mum!) Tel: 01638 718667 Relatively new all-weather sandy motocross complex, built by Stuart Nunn. Facilities include catering, powerwasher, toilets and First Aid. Open 10am - 4pm each Thurs and most Suns. Watered for practice. Phone for information on track availability. Cheers