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  1. crakey

    2012 Yamaha YFZ 450R

    I don't know if you have ridden quads recently, but I just sold my quad and got a dirtbike because the four-wheeler beat me up so badly. The dirtbike takes bumps MUCH better and you don't get the side-to-side twisting movement on the bike. I don't think this is what you asked for, but I am just letting you know that FOR ME, the four-wheeler was 10 times rougher on my back than a bike. Borrow a buddy's machine for a couple days before you get set on the purchase of a YFZ450!
  2. crakey

    Best Helmet Camera for Riding?

    NIce work! Now if you feel like doing a LITTLE more tinkering with the camera, I can show you how to customize the recording format (the HI/LO) switch in the back of the camera using Storyteller (free from Contour's website). BTW, I just found this out THIS week. But it looks great now!! Wait until you figure out have to do show kick ass transitions in the videos to cut out the boring parts and give some info, here's my favorite from the Hatfield McCoy Trail, Rockhouse section.
  3. crakey

    Best Helmet Camera for Riding?

    I believe that if it is jumpy ONLY during editing, your computer might not be able to handle doing the editing smoothly. I am NOT a computer guy, but I do know that video editing takes quite a large chunk of computer resources. I have a newer computer that runs a 64 bit OS, a huge amount of RAM, and dual core processor, and every now and then it will be "glitchy" while editing...this is just the computer fighting to arrange all of the images and play them at the same time (or that is what I tell myself when mine does it). **Try to edit a video and save it to your hard drive using the options that I previously mentioned in Microsoft Movie Maker.... Once you play the video, I would put money on the fact that it plays smoothly and looks great. Beware that it may take several hours to actually save the video in HD quality format. Let me know how it goes, it took me about a month to figure out how to compile, edit, save (in the correct format), then burn DVDs. I am all for making the learning curve less steep for anyone else, that is what I love about Thumpertalk!!!!
  4. crakey

    Best Helmet Camera for Riding?

    I have been using Windows Movie Maker without sacrificing any quality. During the editing process, the videos on Windows Movie Maker loss their quality, but once you are finished editing, go to "Save Movie" on the right hand side and choose "For High Definition Display" and save it to your computer or on a DVD. This should preserve the high quality settings, and from there I usually just use Windows DVD Maker to burn it to DVD. The transfer to DVD in Windows DVD maker may be the issue for you, but I am just guessing. The file that I saved after editing to my computer play with the same quality as if I were playing it directly from the camera's memory card after riding. IMHO, it is the next step in the process (youtube compression or making it in DVD) that loses the "crispness". Rangerfng: let me know if this helps, or if I am telling you something that you already know...I am open to suggestions also!!!
  5. I am considering getting a "bling kit" for my new (to me) 2008 WR450. The closest thing I can find that is in red, which is my color of choice for these small parts, is listed as a fit for a 2008 yz450f. Do you see any problems with any of these parts fitting? I would assume that all parts were shared by both bikes, but here are the parts (link: http://www.outlawracingproducts.com/ourabiki.html). Thanks in advance everyone!!!! Pair of rim locks Gas cap vent hose Front brake res. cap Rear brake cap Pair axle blocks 1 oil fill cap Rotating bar clamp 2 engine plugs
  6. +1 for "Dust to Glory"
  7. Great info on this thread...thanks for the pics with the teardown!
  8. crakey

    Best Helmet Camera for Riding?

    On other aspect about the differences between the GoPro and Contour cameras is their file system. The Contour cameras use .mov files (quicktime) so many video editing programs can't do this type of file, as it is the "Apple" format 264. I believe GoPro cameras use a file type that is more compatible with other video editing programs for Windows based computers. I DID find that on my windows 7 edition, there is a program called "Windows Live Movie Maker" that can do all the editing that I need (and while it is in the .mov format). Once I am finished editing it, I usually upload a highlight reel to youtube and burn DVD using Windows DVD Maker to convert it and burn it. *********If you dont have Windows Live Movie Maker, put it into google and search, there is a way to download it for free from Microsoft, I did that with my work computer. BTW, the editing time, even on a fast computer, for helmet cam videos is incredible....it takes for ever to save a 15 min clip (4+ hours) on a monster computer. I thought I could edit some at work between work projects....and while i could edit them, the saving took half the workday. I dont recommend doing that, unless you ARE the boss I know that the OP already purchased the camera, I am just trying to help others that bought the Contour camera, as I couldn't find any of this info here and learned it through trial and error over a 6 month period. BTW, from what I hear, the Contour GPS *may* have limited battery life due to the constant GPS signal, but that is thirdhand information, anyone thinking about purchasing one may want to check the battery life from some OWNERS of the camera, not people who pull info from Contour's website.
  9. crakey

    Best Helmet Camera for Riding?

    Just my 2 cents...I have the Contour HD and the video is WONDERFUL; the camera is very easy to use with great features (like batteries that you can swap). The switch to turn the camera on and off is large and easy to use with gloves on which is a big plus for me. I also love the long battery life and the image/sound quality. However if I were to purchase another helmet camera, I believe that I would get one that allows you to check the alignment of the camera in the field, unlike that Contour. Twice now I have had the camera aligned incorrectly (even with the laser alignment) and the videos were unwatchable. If you plan on using it in a fixed location the Contour is a great camera, but if you take it off (to change batteries etc.) while on the trail, or in the parking lot, you had better make sure you keep it lined up in the same location. Also, I like all the mounts that the GoPro cameras have....one of the best videos that I have seen was taken using their chest-strap system. Good luck! You will be happy with any of them as long as you get an extra battery and the biggest memory card that the camera can take.
  10. crakey

    Trail Tech Voyager GPS on WR450

    For all the guys that have removed the stock setup, I am looking for a stock speedo for an 08 WR450, PM me and include $$ please. I have used Trailtech's vapor computer on my '99 WR400 and it has lasted for years with hundreds of bumps, crashes, and pressure washes. The thing that I believe helped it to stand the abuse was flexible *plastic bracket* that I made (in 5 mins) to attach to the bike; it allowed some flex in the system and kept it from breaking/bending....just throwing in my 2 cents...don't know if you can do that with the Voyager but it may be something to look into.
  11. crakey

    Carrying a firearm while riding off road?

    If this involves riding on "state" or "federal land" as many fireroads are designated... along w/ parks, campgrounds, and trail systems, then your permit is no good there. I learned myself and barely avoided a gun charge, but the ideal pistol for my was a quickly accessable beretta bobcat. we have to worry about meth labs in the woods of the mountains were we ride, or the hunter that is pissed b/c we "scared away the biggest deer he's ever seen"; abd the hunter already has at LEAST one gun.
  12. Thank you to everyone who prayed for my good friend, John. After about a week, John was released from the hospital. He still has the blood clot in his right lung, and probably will for life. He is a little bummed out by the whole situation and REALLY bummed about the doctor telling him he can't ride for 6-8 months. By the way, his doctor is probably going to buy a dirt bike and begin riding with our group, John brought in another to the sport! Thanks again to everyone for the prayers and have a great week!
  13. Hi everyone. I am a friend of John Foulkrod, a devoted Husky rider. John crashed his bike a couple of weeks ago and broke his foot, it didn't seem like a big deal at the time... 6 weeks for healing and back to riding. However, a blood clot formed in his foot and traveled to his lungs. John is now in critical care now and could use some prayers. For all that know John, he is one of the greatest guys around- he will give you the shirt off his back or loan you a motorcycle to go riding. He is a Husky fanatic and a daily visitor to Upstate Cycle in Greenville, SC. Just to give you some perspective on John, while he has been in the hospital he has already recruited one of his doctors to go riding! He a is truly great guy, he lives and breathes motorcycles, so if you are a praying person, please say one for John. Thanks! Clayton
  14. crakey

    Problem with a kick starter

    Thanks, I will check it out. I appreciate the help... but I may take it to my "backwoods" mechanic and watch him do it. I haven't ever had to do any motorcycle internals, but I was a jet engine mechanic for 6 LONG years... I know that s*** can happen if you mess up one little thing!
  15. crakey

    Plastic for a 99 WR400F?

    Would black dye work? I used to dye R/C car parts different colors with fabric dye. Has anyone actually dyed any moto plastic?