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  1. An 85 is a lot QUICKER, not faster than a 125! Guaranteed! the 85 is geared a lot lower and the power to weight ratio is greater than a 125, modded or not. They did an article about this very subject in dirt bike magazine a several years back. They put a modded 85 up against a 125, as well as a 250 on a supercross track (Short straights) and the 85 blew the 125 out of the whole and exited turn 1 in front. Now after turn 1 the superiority of the 125 (torque, suspension, tires, brakes, gearing) took over and beat the 85. In the test they actually proved that the 85 was slightly quicker than the 250 2 stroke as well from the launch up to turn 1, because the gearing in the 85 is so short. Look up your facts before you start ranting and confusing young riders. anybody that knows anything about bikes knows that a 2 stroke 85 is MUCH quicker out off the launch than a 125 2 stroke.
  2. an 85 is much quicker than a 125. The 125 is a more mellow bike in power delivery, but has far superior suspension, brakes, wheels, tires, steering, etc. As for the question about spacers, they need to be installed by a professional. While you get the spacers installed, its a good idea to have them re-build your forks/setup for you weight and riding style. This alone is better than any power adder you can put on your bike, because you will be comfortable and be able to control the bike where you put all the power down in the right spot.
  3. im taking my cr 250 keihin carb apart to change the jetting and dont know how to get the pilot circuit, and other jets out of the carb. i took the carb apart down to the point where i got the main jet unscrewed but dont know how to get the pilot jet (slow jet) or anything else out so i can get new ones based on the size they are. Can anyone give me some advise and some pictures would be awesome. Thanks
  4. does anyone have any experience with this product?
  5. Im looking for a new chain and ran across the new smart chain from sidewinder. Has anyone used it or heard anything about it in comparison to a D.I.D X-ring, or Pro Taper X-ring??? I used to have a Sidewinder sprocket on my old bike and liked their products but wasn't sure about this new chain? also, do you guys have any experience with their chain lube or titanium sprockets??? thanks
  6. first off, the SST pipe is strictly for mid to high rpms and will actually give you less on the bottom end. machining down the head for better squish will give you the best bang for your buck for low end, but you will have to run higher octane fuel. I'd recommend a PC pipe or the FMF fatty, along with some squish work, re-jetting, and a exhaust spacer from Boyesen. It increases the volume giving you better low end. I run this and it actually helps for those tight corners straight to a jump.
  7. his weight is already 190 and he's only going to grow at 15. The beauty of the 250 is you can tune it via carb, flyweight, etc. for a smooth power delivery that is easy to learn on. Then, when you get more experienced, you can change the settings to more aggressive. My experience with a 250 compared to a 125 is when trail riding, hills, track, whatever, coming out of a turn or approaching a hill, you will need to already be in the powerband and stay in it on a 125 to have any chance of getting up the hill or clear the jump. You always have to ride the 125 aggressive to get anywhere. the 250 on the other hand, you can approach obstacles slower with more control and use the power to bring you up the hill, under control! The 125 you will have to hit the corner, hill, trail faster and in the powerband to triumph. I purchased my 125 and less than a year later bought a 250. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!!! After the 3rd ride, after getting used to the bike (mostly height, suspension, brakes, etc. (NOT POWER)) I wanted a 250 and kicked myself for buying a 125. At the time I weighed 170 and was 5' 7" and was 15 like you. The biggest adjustment for me that you wont have to worry about is the overall height of the bike, me being so short at the time.
  8. if you ride your dad's 4t 250 already, a 2t 250 will be just fine. The biggest difference between a 125 and your CRF 150 is the size. Its a lot bigger, better suspension, better brakes, but not too much more power. A 250 is the same size as a 125 and very close to the same weight. If you already ride your dad's 4t 250, you will be asking for more power right away. Save yourself and your parents money and just buy a 250 and you wont have to buy another bike anytime soon.
  9. I completely disagree with what the other guy said. At 15, and 190 pounds, your going to be wanting more power after 2-3 rides. I highly, highly recommend getting a 250, you can always de-tune it to be nice and smooth while you learn the bigger bikes. You will be making a huge mistake is you purchase a 125. You need to remember your only going to get bigger and at 200 pounds myself, Im looking into major engine work to get the power I need. just my 2 cents
  10. you need to re-jet the carb. it sounds like your main jet is too small. your idle jet and everything else sound ok because you have good idle and low end. Its probably not the reeds because if they were sticking or cracked, you wouldn't have a good consistent idle. I would re-jet your carb looking at your main jet as the culprit. Changing this will give you that bigger hit on top, seeing that your not getting enough fuel when giving it more throttle in the higher rpms. This is a classic case of a main jet that is too small....
  11. i dont want to big bore kit it, because of the problems that come up in the later down the road. I want to keep the stock bore but get more power through porting, squish clearance, and possible powervalve modification. Im planning on running 50/50 race gas to pump gas. and re-jetting my carb obviously. can someone please answer my questions??? and to the person wondering about gaskets, there are high compression gaskets, which are thinner than stock. The problem with this or machining down the head is that it increases compression which in turn increases denotation. this can be cause problems over time if you dont have a forged piston (Wiseco). Also, you need to run higher octane gas otherwise you will get combustion from heat and friction rather than from the spark. Hope this helps with your question.
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