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  1. yzfmxer

    Good Deal?

    Sounds reasonable to me.
  2. yzfmxer

    New 2008 yz450f

    $5594 OTD for an 09? are you serious? MSRP is $7300
  3. yzfmxer

    Engine wont stay running (YZ450f)

    What is the final torque spec then. 5 ft lbs? do you have the link for the old thread?
  4. Popping on decel (engine braking) would indicate a lean condition or a leak in your exhaust system. Try turning your fuel screw out a half turn or so. The red pipe is completely normal (cool aint it!) 426's are very particular about starting. I would strongly recommend a auto decompression cam. That will help you allot. But I would retain your manual decomp release for the type of riding you do. Have fun with your new bike. the 426's power is awesome!!
  5. I'm also a large guy 6'2" 340. Ive never had a problem with clutches though. 2 stroke or 4. I currently ride a 450 4 stroke.
  6. I found the basket I was talking about. Hinson makes it. Here is a link http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/2/10/213/16498/DPITEM/Dirt-Bike-Motocross-Clutch-Baskets-Hinson-Racing-Steel-Clutch-Basket.aspx?SiteID=CSE_GBase_213&WT.mc_ID=80003&zmam=88421133&zmas=1&zmac=2&zmap=16498
  7. The Barnett would be a good choice. Someone also makes a solid hardened steel basket.Not sure who it is though. That would be the best. I use OEM clutch plates exclusively, Ive had much better luck with the stock plates holding up over after market. Have you considered a flywheel weight? That mite help with not having to slip the clutch so much to get going.
  8. yzfmxer

    polished stock exhaust

    Here is another picture but with my woody graphics!
  9. yzfmxer

    polished stock exhaust

    I don't have any pictures of the pipe before. It is just the stock muffler. Ive done this on all my bikes YZ 426,450,250F. I don't have pictures of those though. Ive always cut the max I could off, just leaving enough room to get the cap back on and the rivets in. As for the polishing, I just used Mothers polish and some elbow grease. You can get them to a mirror finish with the step down process using sand paper and then polishing.
  10. yzfmxer

    polished stock exhaust

    I cut a Few inches of the stock muffler on my CRF450. Did alittle polishing too. Had the bike bike dynoed before and after. The only thing it changed was a .5 HP gain on the overrev. I noticed a bit more throttle response too.
  11. yzfmxer

    Who has the nicest Yamaha?

    Havnt been on here in awhile. ALOT of nice bikes Boys! Heres mine.
  12. yzfmxer

    426 problem???

    Not un-common in a 426. Because of the engine sharing its oil with the transmission, you will get more contamination. But like 02WR said, some is normal, alot is not.
  13. yzfmxer

    Missing the timing mark......?

    The Pic in the manual is a little different. You did the right thing. The I is what you go by not the H
  14. yzfmxer

    02 YZ 426 starting issues

    I've had that happen to me before with the ol' 426. I always just held the throttle,hot start and compression open (don't pump the throttle) and kicked it 20 times or so. That always worked for me except once and that was a spark plug issue.
  15. yzfmxer

    How to apply new graphics to gas tank???

    I've always just used clean water in a spray bottle on a fine mist setting. I spray the back of the sticker and to the surface of whatever piece your installing the graphic on. just start on one end and work your way to he other, not sticking the whole graphic on at once. Just take your time. And always start with clean hands. As for sealing out the fumes from seeping through the tank and turning the graphics a brown color. I'm not sure how to stop that from happening.