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    My local church, where I'm in the leader team and MotoX. Also like fishing and hunting!
  1. Flatened head, top and under cylinder and made sure there was no gap... used new gaskets and torqued to right torque in 5-6 intervalls, (cross pattern) 59Nm head nuts and 9.8 Nm on the 6mm bolts on left side No difference! Still mixing big ammount of water in engine oil
  2. On a crf 450 from 2002, can coolant water mix with engine oil (not transmission oil) thru where balance shaft goes? If bearings are worn and water pump seals are bad or other circumstances
  3. New gaskets has arrived! Just a wondering....! Can coolant water mix with engine oil thru counter balance shaft? If bearings are worn and water pump seals are bad!? Ive made sure the bottom of the cylinder is flat....wasnt before! I put all together without gaskets installed and with a flashlight inside and nuts only torqued to, lets say 10-15 Nm, and there were no streak of light to be seen. Before I flattened the parts there was a clear streak of light between jug and cases and between jug and head on 2-3 sides... Found out that the bike is from 2002, not 2004, if that will make any difference?
  4. Thanks, I'll try that! I think the head gasket can be it... The bike was hard to start and didnt idle well. Had to screw up the idle much to prevent from stalling/stop. I guess thats because the compression leaks out of a bad sealing head gasket?! Ordered a new set of top end gaskets now. A bit worried about How the jug fits the cases, as you wrote earlier. The top part of the jug wasnt even..., maby the bottom isnt either......and the gasket fails to seal. Have to check that again with the cylinder fitted without gasket.. If this is the issue, do I have to replace the cylinder or is there a way to have it recurfaced and square? Have a nice day, and thanks again!
  5. Coolant Water cant mix with crank oil, right? Hondas got separate oil for tranny and crank. I reused gaskets thats been mounted for 2 minutes and the ammount of coolant water is too much for being gasket issue I think, but I may be wrong!? put some tube gasket on both sides of base gasket just to make sure it sealed better
  6. Cant belive it! No difference....😕😕 Still milky oil after two changes.
  7. Thanks man! Done as You described and now there is no gap between mirror and cylinder head. Did the same with the cylinder and when I put the head in place on the cylinder there is no string of light to be seen with a flashligt inside the cylinder. Putting the bike together this afternon (Swedish time😉)
  8. Put my cylinder head on a flat mirror an managed to get a .1mm feler gauge easyly in between in several places. Worst case from exhaust and to the back left corner, where the cam chain travels.. This is my issue, right?!
  9. I tore the bike down again today... When both cylinder and head was of I tested to put them together and pressing hard against a table (gasket was on too). Then I put the lights out and had a flashlight inside the jug. There was a tiny string of light to be seen on the intake side. Both intake valves were almost 0 in clearance and had to be replaced. Probably really overheated and the head got warped on intake side?! I cant get water in engine oil from a bad seal at the water pump, right? Just clutch/gear oil can be mixen there, right?
  10. As You said....! The collar wasnt the issue. Got the bike together today and no difference.... The cylinder and crank was replaced after a rod bearing failure. Mabye it was overheated and the head went skew/uneaven as You say... replaced the gaskets before reasembling the bike
  11. Will a oem compression ring fit a wiseco piston? I snapped the ring on my new one😕 the patient is a crf450 from 2004
  12. Ooops! 11102-MEB-670 water pass was missing....
  13. Hello Friends! Just bought a crf 450 from 2004 from a friends friend. He recently had the crank/rod, bearings, cylinder and piston due to a break down... I bought it cheap because he was feed up with the bike...and the big issue now is that about 25 cl coolant water is in the engine oil. The water pump seals are ok, and there is not a single drop of water in the tranny oil.. something in the cylinder head must be terrible wrong...right?! Im replacing the intake valves in this process too. Theres no shim thin enough to fix the valves clearance
  14. Thanks man! Im helping a good friend out with his bike.. The oil on flywheel side was mixed with water and I assumed that the cylinder head gasket was the issue.. He told me that a stock gasket were installed. Changed the oil seals on the waterpump axle but still water in the oil.. Remebered now that Honda have separate engine oil and oil for the clutch. Than its just the head gasket left, right?!
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