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  1. achap

    2002 CR250 top end advice

    my last NKG plug did come gapped to the right spec. I'm wondering if because the new one is iridium things are different. the comments previously for sealant were for intake which I'm using... was wondering about the exhaust sealant.
  2. achap

    2002 CR250 top end advice

    also i noticed the manual says the gap on the plug should be between 0.50, 0.60 mm. the new one i got was 0.70mm. Its the NGK IRIDIUMix BR8EIX 5044. Should I... Keep it at 0.70mm Adjust the gap to tolerances in manual Not use this kind of plug
  3. achap

    2002 CR250 top end advice

    Could have worked... this is what I did last time. The cylinder is cast iron sleeved. However I opted to just have Millennium sort it out. Just got most of my parts back. Assembled the head and pressure testing it now. Found two leaks. One tiny one in the reed cage gasket and one larger one in the exhaust joint pipe. I was going to use the permatex motoseal for the intake... what should I use for the exhaust side? Is the Permatex 81160 Hi-Temp Red Form-A-Gasket Silicone Sealant a good option? Thanks!
  4. achap

    2002 CR250 Fork swap questions

    any idea if the 2009 crf250x triple clamps are 22mm and bolt right up?
  5. achap

    2002 CR250 Fork swap questions

    looks nice! I'll put a pic up of my refresh once its complete. Know of any good place to look for 08 CRF triple clamps... not really seeing anything here or on ebay. If i can't find anything in the next couple weeks I'll probably just buy some new ones.
  6. achap

    2002 CR250 Fork swap questions

    It turns out just cause places say a part is available and ships in 3-5 days doesn't mean it is FC had called the honda supplier and they mentioned it wasn't available... so anyone saying it is just hasn't checked yet. The good news is FC found a stanchion pipe for me for a reasonable price. So I'll be running with my original forks. Still wanted to move to a 22mm offset triple clamp. If I can find one from a 08 CRF 450 do you all know if that is a bolt right on thing, or will I need different bearings?
  7. achap

    2002 CR250 Fork swap questions

    The difference between 9 and 22 look like left and right to me.
  8. Couple of questions... Trying to sort out the best path forward for forks on my 2002 CR250 I sent my forks in to FC for service and re-valving... they found a slightly dented fork stanchion pipe. Enough for a leak. They mentioned those tubes aren't made anymore and they don't know of any OEM sources. They mentioned Showa can reproduce them but it will take 3 months!!! If I understand correctly I see them for sale as number 9 and 22 at: https://thumpertalk.com/shop/oem.php?partcategory=654587&manufacturer=1&category=5&year=2002&model=24913 (and a bit less $ at other places)... I'm a confused as to what they mean by not available. I'm following up with them tomorrow but thought I'd provide some background context on how I arrived here. This got me to thinking... I'm also wanting to try a 22mm offset triple clamp setup, so... I was thinking to look for used later model forks and triple clamps. I see that people here have bolted up different stuff... some notes I took along the way... let me know if any of this is wrong or I'm missing something. Also found this page at rg3 with some info on stock offsets... not sure about what year the fork tube diameters changed... http://www.rg3suspension.com/p_triple_clamps_applications.php#Honda 08 CRF 250/450 are 22mm offset for 47mm tubes. 09 CRF 250R is 22mm and 47mm tubes 12 CRF 450X is 22mm... does this mean other 450X years 08-12 are 22mm offset with 47mm fork? Any bearing size issues with any of the above triple clamps? The newer 47mm forks are slightly shorter. I've seen people say 5mm and 7mm, not sure which is accurate. Not sure what year they got shorter. Fork travel is the same Would I need different axel parts with newer forks? You can install the shorter forks flush in the top triple instead of raising them to the line to make up for the length difference Axel lug offset is different... wheel is slightly farther back on the newer lugs... not sure how much farther back or how much this will affect riding. If I'm going newer front end should i look at 48mm or even 49mm forks? If so which clamps? Looking for best recommendations for swapping to a newer front end with 22mm offset if I end up going that route. If I can fix my forks I'd probably keep those and look for some used Honda 22mm triple clamps... or if I can't find any maybe some new aftermarket ones, e.g. rg3, pro circuit, ride, etc... not seeing many options on ebay at the moment. Thanks!
  9. achap

    primary drive gear bolt

    sorry for the late response... yes, bought a new bolt, and used heat safe thread locker... i think red. Been on fine for last couple years.
  10. achap

    2002 CR250 top end advice

    it goes to 30 psi but has 1/4 psi increments... works for me. from what i've been reading we are ultimately looking for a loss in 1-2 psi over 10-15 minutes... which is still pretty easy to read on this gauge. I hear you though... my tire pressure gauge only goes to 15psi.
  11. achap

    2002 CR250 top end advice

    for crankcase seals, are we talking about 28 and 31 in this diagram? https://thumpertalk.com/shop/oem.php?partcategory=654569&manufacturer=1&category=5&year=2002&model=24913 I got something like this with a PVC adaptor to do my pressure test. Simple and seems to work good. https://www.acehardware.com/departments/plumbing/pumps-and-pump-parts/pressure-gauges/4023511?x429=true&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&cid=CAPLA:G:Shopping_-_Sump/Utility_Pumps&k_clickid=a04445dd-ce98-46c6-83fd-e0795298d96e&gclid=Cj0KCQjwjYHpBRC4ARIsAI-3GkH-l1rwKhatmzfx4aC93ZaGkU5SuBRWEtMnuWF-7y7qnQ1Xdxm03hsaAtK8EALw_wcB
  12. achap

    2002 CR250 top end advice

    it was sand both times... oceano dunes. i was really taking it easy this time though. no paddle either time. the first time it was WOT all over the place so it didn't surprise me too much. was having tons of fun till it happened. the cylinder looked ok after the first time so i honed it and reused it. might have been a mistake. when it blew the second time i noticed it wasn't running right soon as i started it... noticed the high idle and coolant spewing within minutes of warming it up. when riding the bike seemed off but i wasn't sure if it was just because i hadn't been in the sand for two years. not the first time i noticed the idle issue started happening probably 10 hours ago, but i figured it was a carb problem. If i played with the choke it would go away for a minute then return... seemed to happen after the bike got warm. guessing now that it wasn't the carb. I also only run 91 octane in the bike, but i ride it pretty mellow too... rarely in the power band and if so just for a second.
  13. achap

    2002 CR250 top end advice

    Yeah... did the crank seals last time, about 25 hours ago, will do all of them again. will update the gaskets and seals everywhere. I had this exact failure about 25 hours ago. The first time riding in the same place it blew last time. How common is this type of thing? I've only had this 2 stroke and only for about 50 hours now. Previous owner had just put in a new/refurbed cylinder and top end. @mlatour, what type of threebond are you recommending for the intake? bottom looks good but what do i know... no discoloring, and the side to side play on the rod is in spec. crank doesn't budge side to side or up/down. Ordering some tools and parts now will dive in a bit more when I get that stuff. Will chat with melinnium monday and see if they can't get me the piston, cyclinder, pv, and everything all dialed in so i can just bolt it on. Fuel delivery is good... just checked the float and if anything it floats a bit high. definitely going to pressure test it once i get it back together.
  14. Top end went out... about 20-30 hours on it. Had some surging/idling issues before it went out but other then that seemed to run good... should have pressure tested it sooner. Jetting is JD, carb is a Keihin. Pipe had a little oil drip. Just before it went out It was overheating and spewing a little coolant from the overflow. Guessing it was running lean and burned out. After it went I pressure tested and found it leaked about 3psi over 10 minutes. Used some soapy water and found the head gasket was leaking... not sure if there were other leaks. Piston is tore up on the exhaust side... looks like cylinder is a little too. It almost seems like the piston was grinding on the rc valve. Is that possible? Would this level of head gasket leaking have caused my issues? Should i send the cylinder out to millennium? Thanks in advance... Some pics: Head gasket leak video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ByKL4kFntw616c7P6
  15. achap

    Post pics of your CR's

    It’s the wrong seat... I think off a later model crf450. You can see the gaps where it doesn’t fit the bike well. Someone pointed that out to me once I was done. I have since replaced it with a stock seat. And yes throttle jockey cover, which btw has faded tons... looks like crap.. time to replace it I guess.