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    Lighting coil and flywheel

    I'm running an electrotec lighting coil and a stock flywheel on my '05 CRF450. Has anyone had weird ignition misses running this combination. I've heard that it is best to run a high output flywheel as well. Thanks

    I've searched so don't get mad

    and this bike is very low hours and the valves were just checked and are not ready to shim. This bike has had it's oil changed every 2 hours and even though it does not run race gas it alway has fresh preimium in it never more than 2 weeks old. Air filter every ride. Doesn't get much better than that.

    I've searched so don't get mad

    ok, let start by saying the bike runs good, starts first kick idles perfect, response to the fuel screw, pulls hard will power wheelie in 2nd gear, revs to the limiter. I does not have an aftermarket flywheel (read stock Honda). I has an Elextrosport Stator. The 'problem' is that it has a miss at steady speed, it misses three or four hits every second. Sometimes it changes with RPM but then comes back. OK Now read TT's Eddie Sisneros recommendation, after I explained the whole story, was to unplug the TPS. When I did this it made a world of difference it is 95% better. I know what I'm doing for the most part. I could write every engine project I've done for thr last 27 years but I would get arm pump from typing lets just say every thing from racing Briggs and Straton Outlaw Go Karts to 500hp Bigblock Chevys with a lot of motorcycles in between. So if pulling the TPS wire makes so much difference and I've been all over this bike doing everything possible short of puting the stock stator back on because of the instalation required soldering. I may but, I found other posts that decribe this problem exactly on stock crf450r and it appears Eddie Knows something. I'm asking a simple question hoping to find the people who have experienced this problem. Search my post to Eddie and read the description in a little more detail. thanks Motion

    I've searched so don't get mad

    I'm hoping there will be solution and I understand, but It's a blast, get off of work, fire it up, blast done the street get on some trails, wheelie a little bit get a bitchin' veiw of the Sierra Nevada moutains blast down the hills, ride back home and have some dinner, It's a CRF450R not a DRZ, come on doesn't it make you think a little bit.

    I've searched so don't get mad

    You know what, I read your reply again, mate and I decided your a PAB.

    I've searched so don't get mad

    Eddie Sisneros suggested pulling the TPS it helped. If you search enough you can find the description of this very problem. I read about it a couple of months ago I was hopeing that that someone had made some more progress on solving this problem. See this is exactly what I'm talking about.

    I've searched so don't get mad

    also conversion has gell cell battery. As I stated the bike runs great in the dirt with normal throttle control that is typical of dirt riding i.e. no constant throttle no steady speed. Idles perfect with of without the lights on and pulls the front wheel and revs to limiter just like it always did. Unfortunately the stator swap is not so easy because of wire modifications. I'm looking for answers to the Honda CRF450R constant speed miss problem not what is wrong with my conversion or my jetting or float level or my valves or so on. This is a specific proven and known problem most likly caused by igniton mapping in the CDI. Thanks, Motion

    I've searched so don't get mad

    All connection perfect, Electrosport stator brand new, thought about swapping it untill I read that stock 450 have the same symptons and why did unplugging the TPS eliminate 90% percent.

    I've searched so don't get mad

    2005 CRF450R street legal. Stock runs hard in the dirt no problem.' Miss' or 'surge' at constant throttle posistion.

    I've searched so don't get mad

    It's like screening my calls, it is THE constant speed missfire or surgeing. Sorry.

    I've searched so don't get mad

    I've been real busy so i haven't ridden my Tagged CRF450R in awhile. I took it down to 7-11 and I'm still piss about the steady speed 'miss'. Has anybody fixed it yet? My last atempt was to unplug the TPS as recommended by Eddie ( by the way thanks Eddie) it helped alot but it's still there. It's so much fun but the 'miss' ruins it. I want to solve it!! Please, anybody? Thanks, Motion

    Hi Eddie-CRF450R

    Hi Eddie, I have a street legal Honda CRF450R. When trying to cruise. ie speed limit. I get a surge. It misses 3 or 4 hits every 45 seconds. The first time I felt it I thought there was water in the gas. It almost feels like it is ignition, but it runs good under accerleration and idles fine. It runs perfectly normal when I ride it in the dirt, like it always has. Well, I have tried every combination of main jets and needle height there is (with the stock needle) I can feel the jetting changes but it will not go away. It happens anytime you try to hold a steady speed. Sometimes you can make it better if you stay under 2000 rpm. Sometimes if you just start to ride it without ever accelerating hard it will run pretty good but, as soon as you accellerate hard once it will start to do it again and it will not go away after that. I've heard that all Honda CRF450R do this. My buddy says put less gear on it so it will have something to pull against. if you know what I mean. There are some ideas in the forum but no body has claimed to fix it to my knowledge. What do you think? Thanks, Steve

    Tagged 450R

    At constant throttle posistion on the pavement i.e. doing the speedlimit, there is a intermittent miss. I've tried different jetting combination, it only changes a little bit. The bike runs great when you drive it off road and where there is contant throttle input and wheel spin. I have a bunch of different conditions I could list, but I'm only looking for auctual experience with this problem, not therory or guesses. Some information I have is to change the gearing so the motor has something to pull against. There is spectulation that the ignition curve is always wanting to advance or retard at racing conditions not constant throttle posistion. Maybe some Super Motard guys have experienced a similar condition. Thanks


    Is there anywhere I can find a complete list of what parts interchange between CRF450R '03 thru '06. I'm always looking for good used parts for my '05. Thanks

    2005 Transmission oil level

    Thanks I'll buy that.