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  1. Jakeblues

    RBR MX?

    The thing is none of those solutions do what the RBR spacers do. The RBR spacers were better because they covered the entire bearing seal surface. Giving added protection from dirt and water.
  2. Jakeblues

    lightweight helmets

    Right now I just saw on Motorcyclesuperstore.com LS2 mx442 or something weighing 1200 grams (weight is based on med sz) for $39 (clearance several sizes available) That is 2.6 lbs.....the newer model mx??? is 3.16 lbs or 1425 grams...$165
  3. Jakeblues

    New 250X Owner

    On the 250x I had jd jet kit $70(you can do it cheaper by buying jets individually but jd is all there for you) cut the top of the airbox to a 4 in square hole free and drilled the baffle according to R Ramseys site $8 drill bit 13/51 gearing cost depends on the brand you choose had the suspension revalve and heavier springs (for 250# rider) $800 at a local shop near Houston The jetting, baffle and airbox mods definitely made the bike idle, start up and throttle response crisper. The suspension work made huge difference in handling and allowed me to ride faster and longer. Gearing was the biggest bang for the buck in performance. Almost all bike come sprung for the #150-160 pound rider. Keep the air filter clean and make sure it is properly seated every time. ( i got 120 hrs on my stock valves...when they zeroed I got SS, when I sold the bike last year with another 100 hrs the one intake had moved .001) Change the oil often. I check the oil before every ride and change it when it becomes a dark brown but still not opaque. This could be one weekend in dusty summer conditions (5-8 hrs) or sometimes double that in winter.
  4. Jakeblues

    YZ250 2 stroke engine in 250x frame?

    Service Honda puts 2st motors in 250 and 450 frames. anything can be done if you have the skills and;or the money to do it
  5. Jakeblues

    Polisport Dimensions

    I have race tech plastics on my bike now and like them. they can be found on ebay $90 including shipping for the complete set. they fit as good as the Acerbics set I paid $149 for.
  6. Jakeblues

    Helmet prices

    A few years back a moto magazine tested a whole lot of helmets in an independent study. there were a vasriety of test with different types of impacts on different areas of the helmet. Not one helmet came out on top in all the tests. And some of the cheaper helmets did better in some test and worse in others. My experience is the cheaper helmets like HJC have protected my head in many crashes but the interior padding got ratty faster. Also it is easier to replace a cheaper helmet more often. I like to look for expensive helmets on clearance, I f you arent that style concious good deals can be had.
  7. Jakeblues

    And the winner is......

    My vote for pure skill is trials, those guys can make bikes do anything it seems.
  8. Jakeblues

    And the winner is......

    I see a padlock in the future of this thread!
  9. Jakeblues

    lightweight helmets

    AGV ax-8 are 1350 grms, I bought one for my son and it is very light adult xl...I have never weighed it. Always check the size that is given for the claimed weight is the same when making comparisons. I have started casually looking for my next helmet and http://www.extremesupply.com/category/Dirt-Helmets-AGV.htmlhas a few of these for $199 @$379 MSRP is not the best deal I have ever gotten but it is good. My current helmet is a $300 Scott that I got on clearance for $89.
  10. Jakeblues

    Goggle lenses

    how fast do they transition, my experience with transition lenses in glasses is that they would not change fast enough for riding.
  11. Jakeblues

    Painting plastics?

    A guy on here sometime back painted his wifes 250x plastics pink. Used flex agent (like what is used on auto bumper covers). It looked great after he did it.....BUT just a few rides in ended up just taking all the painted plastics off and replacing them due to cracking and chipping of the paint. On my old bike 250x I used Krylon fusion to paint the white part of the airbox door and the headlight shell (those parts dont get much flexing....that held up pretty well. It could have used some touchup after six months but It never looked bad enough to get me to actually do it, three years I kept it like that.
  12. Jakeblues

    Why do i suck a dirtbiking so bad?

    One common point I seem to notice about the fast guys, they usually started riding as young kids.
  13. another friend with a small enclosed trailer loads the bikes in at an angle, and using the jack method get 4 bikes in. They load and secure one bike at a time and have no problems accessing the chains or jacks. using the jacks you can secure the bikes so close together the footpegs have only an inch or so width between them by staggering the bikes slightly behind each other or alternating facing fwd and back. It is the same basic idea as the Risk Lock n Load or Cinch it Down mounts only much cheaper sorry like I stated before...I dont have any photos.
  14. Jakeblues

    Goggle lenses

    Depends on where you ride. I ride woods and trails. My experience is tinted lenses reduce my visibility when under the trees. So even though I wish they were tinted when in open areas I choose being able to see better in the shadows. If I rode MX where there was no trees I would choose tinted.
  15. chain noise from rubbing chain guide maybe