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  1. markit

    Any word on how KRoc is doing??

    Was talking more of genetics, cant change that with paper.
  2. Yea but honda sold more lawnmowers than Kdm and Yamaha combined!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!![emoji223][emoji24][emoji24][emoji15]
  3. markit

    Supercross TV schedule

    There running the yard raking championship series instead!! So sit down and shut up. [emoji24][emoji24]
  4. Not if theres seven motos left.
  5. I would have to go with Zaco, hes done HS, GNCCs. Just sayin. ET pretty much a two trick pony. [emoji15][emoji12]
  6. markit

    Any word on how KRoc is doing??

    Um, geography.
  7. markit

    Any word on how KRoc is doing??

    He German, DOH. [emoji15]
  8. markit

    Savatgy, Zacho, or Plessinger?

    I think it was JA,ET, then muskrat. [emoji15]
  9. markit

    Watch SX online?

  10. Y'all sound like a dumb broke record. [emoji43][emoji12][emoji15]
  11. Stoped at a shop on the way to a race one Friday ended up with a new 400 exc raced it that Sunday. Didn't adjust bars sag or anything, filled tank, race won class, 2nd overall. Yes, race ready, but I've raced many box stock brands. [emoji15][emoji41]
  12. markit

    Pastrana's MXDN RM250

    51/53? Who really gives a rats ass??
  13. Bust out your crayon set and let her rip. [emoji12][emoji15]