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  1. JC gave me a tube at Idaho City last year, saving me a trip all the way into town on friday when my gf's parents were visiting and camping with us. Therefore, I think they are the greatest motorcycle publication in existence. It suits me if magazines like 4-strokes and push them. Makes it easier for smart people to find decent deals on 2-strokes, since all the goobers will do what they're told.
  2. velosapiens

    Id Registration 2010

    You, shut it, Sean. Get back to work so you can pay your taxes. I have bills ya know. Reminder. TVTMA annual ride planning meeting wednesday, jan 20th, idaho pizza on east fairview near meridian rd. we will have 2010 ohv stickers available. You'll need your renewal form, or else your make, model and VIN.
  3. velosapiens

    Id Registration 2010

    Note that TVTMA (treasure valley trail machine association) is once again a vendor for ohv stickers. If you haven't gotten yours yet, we will have them at our annual ride planning meeting at idaho pizza on e fairview (just east of meridian road) at 7:00, wednesday, jan 20th.
  4. velosapiens

    Lost a fellow a 2 stroke rider recently....RIP

    Aww crap. That is sad to hear. He was very helpful and friendly. At least he died riding . RIP chaz.
  5. velosapiens

    This blows my mind

    the ktm offroad motors aren't 'non 2-stroke like', they're just not mx motors. many 2-strokes are like that, but not popular ones in the US. there's a reason that most trials bikes have 2stroke motors. there's no reason 2-stroke motors should have high-strung narrow powerbands, that's just how 125 mx-ers are made.
  6. velosapiens

    Rekluse auto clutch

    or you could just learn to ride better and ride around them. i taught my gf how to start doing steep idaho-style switchbacks a few weeks ago, and while she's not railing around them like mike lafferty yet, she's not getting off the bike for them anymore. for the OP, if you really feel like the auto-clutch fills a need for you in your riding, then the drawbacks are not really any big deal. for many of us however, an auto-clutch is an answer to question we weren't asking. i enjoy using the clutch. and i enjoy being able to jump on any bike (i have 6) and ride it without worrying about which one has a clutch and which one has a lhrb.
  7. velosapiens

    Offroading alone.....

    sounds to me like if you had been riding alone, your buddy wouldn't have been hurt. seriously, that sounds like it was long ride out. i hope your buddy is feeling ok. i can't walk very far without assistance right now (compound femur fracture over memorial day), so i'm a little hesitant about doing all day rides in expert terrain in the idaho backcountry right now, but i rode by myself a couple hours on sunday and again on monday (in expert terrain in the idaho backcountry). i dont take alot of chances tho.
  8. velosapiens

    Knee brace, broken femur

    how come doctors and medical studies don't agree with your opinion?
  9. velosapiens

    ktm reliability

    this may be the case for the xr, but the klx not so much. as a former klx owner, i found the valves needed to be checked just as often, and were a bigger pain to adjust (shim under bucket), and wore out and needed replacing at least as fast as a ktm. my husaberg has been less trouble than my klx was.
  10. velosapiens

    Self-Loathing A Requirement For Being Female?

    well, as i've often told you, you are freakishly rational for a chick, lol. i'm not sure that playboy and the fashion mags (especially the fashion mags) are that in touch with what makes women attractive to men. of course i'm not sure i'm in touch with it either since i'm much more attracted to athletic outdoorsy women than bony fashion models . i do know this subject is one of great consternation for alot of men who can't figure out why the women in their lives are so hard on themselves. if a wife wants to kiss and hug and have sex with a husband, the husband feels attractive. if a husband wants to kiss and hug and have sex with a wife, the wife feels fat and thinks the husband just wants sex.
  11. velosapiens

    Self-Loathing A Requirement For Being Female?

    i'm guessing there's gotta be a way to pin it on 'men'.
  12. ktm properly lubricates the swingarm and headbearings at the factory. i've taken them apart after 5000+ hard miles and found plenty of clean grease in there. they also come with quality oversized handlebars, airfilters that don't need a bolt, etc.... i'm guessin the OP must have a honda, since they are famous for the shift lever punching a hole in the side cover. dunno if ktm won baja. don't care either. i ride the woods.
  13. velosapiens

    Why no full size 125's?

    the 230's are pigs, but so are the e-start 250fs. i think it might be briefly entertaining to ride a real chassis with a 125f engine in it, but face facts, they'd sell about 3 of them, and if they made them as light as the kiddie playbike 125fs, 2 of them would break in half in the first year cuz big guys that were afraid of grownup motorcycles would buy them and ride them in dirt that has bumps in it.
  14. velosapiens

    Headline News: Keep Kids Off ATV's

    i don't think it will help with the whole kids dying thing but i don't really care about that. *my kids* are not dying. banning atv's entirely will many benefits to society and singletrack. after that, ban hiking and birdwatching.
  15. velosapiens

    accelerator pump on a 125?

    if it has an a/p, it's a 4-stroke carb, not a 2-stroke carb. it seems unlikely to me that you would get good results on a 2-stroke with a 4-stroke carb. i'd check the parts classifieds on ktmtalk for a carb to fit your bike.