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  1. TexasDirtNap

    I Went Pinger On You Guys.......

    I gotta ride it when this collarbone thing heals up. After all, I still have another collar bone I can break Its gonna be interesting getting behind a ying-diddy-ying-diddy-diddy-yingggggg again.
  2. Not really interested in racing Satch. I usually push it and hate going down for a dirt nap nowadays. Figures that the Samsung radio shack team gets to Nocona after we leave. It would have been fun watching. the probably knew we'd be there early and didn't want to get us stuck in their tire knobs :-)
  3. TexasDirtNap


    Once you have race and static sag set the answers to you compression/rebound questions can be found here: http://www.mx-tech.com/tuning.asp
  4. TexasDirtNap

    04 YZ 450 shutting off over jumps, occasionally?

    You say it blubbers when you crack the throttle quickly. I'd check the accellerator squirt. Fuel should be injected as the slide clears the intake. There is a procedure for adjustment in your owners manual. As for the shut off i'd try process of elimination. disconnect the kill switch for a day and ride. Swap out a carb with a friend (gotta be a good friend) and test that for a day. Put the bike up on a stand (unweight the frame) start er up and shake it up. sounds like a nasty and scary problem so limit the air time till you figure it out. Good luck.
  5. TexasDirtNap

    2003 YZ450F Suspension

    MxHuggy and Satch got this one pretty much nailed. My weight is slightly over 200 so I had no choice but to go all the way. I would highly recommend that you DO NOT DO THE WORK YOURSELF unless you have a very experienced friend to help. Although you get a video tape and paper instructions they are not clear unless you have done it before. I went with Race Tech Gold valves and am very happy with the results. It made a HUGE difference on my bike. Replaced springs, rear shock, compression/damping valves (even installed a check valve on the damping). The laxative that Yamaha uses in place of fork oil is a joke do do yourself a big favor an replace with some good Belray. Once you are done with that check your race sag and preload, check your fork position in the triple clamps (too much and the front end will wobble in high speed straights, too little and the bike feels like a bus around corners) and then enjoy. Its the best mod i've ever done to a bike.
  6. TexasDirtNap

    new 450f

    SUSPENSION. Next question.
  7. TexasDirtNap

    can an engine get damaged from running lean?

    I assume that this is a four stroke runnin lean. If so, you'd normally get lots of decelleration popping. Sounds like your exhaust leak is changing that behaviour. If it were causing a lot of decel popping I expect you'd richen it up so why not richen it up anyway.
  8. TexasDirtNap

    I've got a good one for you.

    Glad you found it but i gotta say you were damn lucky. Went riding on my new '04 450 right after i changed the oil. Problem was I never screwed down the dipstick that inserts into the frame. Left it loose the previous nite intending to screw it down when I was done with the oil change. Forgot, went riding the next day. After the first ride Satch says 'lets have a look at that new machine'. So he says 'nice bike...bla,bla,bla....whats all this oil on the frame for'. I had an immediate panic attack tryin to figure out just how much oil i'd lost. walked the entire track and you can forget about finding the dipsitck. Bummer.
  9. TexasDirtNap

    2004 YZ450F

    Just went ridin this weekend. Goin pretty much every weekned. Every time I ride i'm thinkin one improvement to the stock bike. Suspension. Did mine whith Race Tech. If you are not 175lbs you ought to rework it. Replace the bars, chain/sproket ... when $$'s are available but do the suspension first .
  10. TexasDirtNap


    Mx'ers are never shady, this jerk just does'nt qualify to be called a moto guy.
  11. TexasDirtNap

    ACL update...with pics

    that'll wake ya up in the mornin. Hope your healing goes quickly.
  12. P.S. Do not attempt to do this on your own unless you have extensive experience, time and equipment. It is not a simple task and you will mess it up if you've never done it before. I did mine with a friend who had extensive knowledge. Ordered the gold valve kit from Race Tech but there are many other suspension shops out there you can utilize. I recommend it highly.
  13. The stock suspension is set up for a 175lb rider. If thats your weight your are lucky. Even then the suspension can be improved by revalving and installing a check valve in place of the mid-valve. The valve stack is made up of a stack of .25mm thin washers stacked one on top of the next in the form of a pyramid. As the stack moves thru the fork fluid the circumference of the washers bend. Depending on how thick and how many washers are stacked the pyramid will bend easily or with more difficulty. This is how the stack is tuned to the riders skill level and desired compression rate. The mid-valve is locarted on the rebound piston. It is supposed to be used for rebound damping only. Problem is they also act during the compression stroke throwing the overall damping factor off. Installing a check valve allows the washer to close off the effect during compression and only take effect during rebound. The action of both of these stack adjustments tunes the piston action of the forks to the rider. It makes one hell of a difference. First thing ANYONE should do to a new scoot is tune the suspension to their riding style, height and weight. END OF STORY.
  14. TexasDirtNap

    04 YZ450 what do you think

    ...don't forget the suspension unless you're luck enough to weigh in at the 175 lbs sweet spot !! I rode a 426 for 3 years and have had the '04 450 for about 7 months. some will say that they both put out the same power, routhly 48-50 hp. Both machines are great but the 4 speed on the 450 makes it feel better for me on the track and i'd swear the power is different as well (as in more of it !)
  15. So if you go to 15 front does the stock chain guard still work ?