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  1. How is this done? Bike master hour meter has 3 wires, one which goes to the battery, however my ktm doesn't have a battery. Any alternatives? One wire goes to spark plug, one goes to ground, other goes to_____?
  2. Motomike1

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    linkage torque specs for a 2012 Xc300 ?
  3. Motomike1

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Code for Motorsport.com anyone? Use REPEAT5 to get a discount from thehubcompanies.com
  4. Motomike1

    Training in noise restricted area

    I like the innovation but I don't want to add much more weight to the bike. Especially permanently. It can be loud (stock) for races, it's only while I'm out in my backyard. Since this thread started, I've used a piece of inner tube and fastened it to the rear of my exhaust. looks silly but it seems effective. I'm also curious about when other riders say you have to hit high RPMs to "clear it out"
  5. Still new to 2 strokes 50:1 gas:oil I believe stock jetting, sea level altitude. '12 KTM 300 XC I'm guessing this is a jetting issue, not sure how to go about fixing it.
  6. Just moved to Philly and looking to put a GPS unit in my KTM so I can track if my bike gets stolen. The only ones I've seen require a SIM card though. Anyone running different setups? I'd like to track the location on my computer/smart phone.
  7. Motomike1

    KTM 300 XC (2012)


  8. Motomike1

    KTM 300 XC 2012

  9. Motomike1

    dB Snorkel or other methods to reduce db lvl?

    Sorry to dig up an old topic, but I would love to practice in my backyard but we have lots of neighbors. Any other ways to make it super quiet on the weekdays then stock on the weekends for racing? Power is not a factor. Balance and fundamental skills are. Looks like the db snorkel is no longer made.
  10. Motomike1

    Training in noise restricted area

    is it removable? I'd like to use one during the week then use my stock exhaust on the weekends racing. still can't find a dB Dawg for my ktm...?
  11. Motomike1

    Training in noise restricted area

    I can't seem to find a decibel dawg for my bike: KTM XC300 2012. And why can't I find a dB snorkel online? Almost like they're not made anymore.
  12. New apartment with woods behind it, can't rev the bike like I normally would in a hare scramble. Any tips on drills I can do that don't require the bike to be revved out? Any way to quiet down a KTM 2stroke?
  13. Motomike1

    where to ride in San Diego county

    You have places to ride legally? As in, as long as you have a red or green sticker the cops won't bother you? This is very confusing for me. Where we ride in jersey or pa, it's always either private property or it's illegal.
  14. Motomike1

    where to ride in San Diego county

    ok, what does it mean?