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  1. Biddyboo

    2000 520 exc

    Good to know mine came with 2 of them I thought they were aftermarket
  2. Biddyboo

    Replacement Radiator Cap

    Go higher pressure , less likely to boil over.
  3. Biddyboo

    Wanted: stock fork springs 520 exc

    If you are ever visiting central Iowa you can have mine 02 520 I weigh 300# they were too soft for me haha
  4. Biddyboo

    XT 550 fuel problems

    I would guess low compression mine usually starts in a few kicks . 5 after sitting all winter. Cold it is a little lazy to rev up but after it idles a while it is fine . I would assume you have fuel in your bowl and your needle moves and your float is set right.
  5. Biddyboo

    XT 550 crankcase repair

    Mine was the same way when I got it in 2001 . I cleaned it with Brake clean and made a JB weld Plug .
  6. Biddyboo

    Places to ride in NW IL or NE IA

    We may be headed to Hansons Hollow Nov14 East of Maquoketa north of Spragueville very cool riding 20$ a day. Hey Brian It is chad Z
  7. Biddyboo

    Trailer Lights Question

    Two options only turn an your car park lights [ uses less current than your headlights also ] Have your tow vehicle/trailer wired to a 7 pin connector then seperate the interior and park lights on the trailer and connect the interior lamps on the battery feed on the 7 pin .
  8. Good Idea to also know the bike is getting warm.
  9. Is there thinner plates and clutches so you could have 1 more clutch plate in the mix ?
  10. Biddyboo

    XT 550 Oil Tank Breather and piston rings

    I believe the only vent on the tank and engine is on the engine if mine is overfilled it would drool out of the top of the engine when running [ when I first got it I didn't know you had to run then shut it off to get it to the proper oil level , it is a dry sump engine meaning that the oil settles into the crank case when shut off and when it is running it is stored in the tank / oil resevior] . I've never had any plug fouling issues. If the oil is overfull [ or the rings are shot ] I could see that fouling the plug.
  11. Biddyboo

    Honda CRF125F 2014

    We have only had it a week it starts and runs great lots of power my only complaint is no suspension hieght adjustment it is a little tall for my daughter [ for now ]
  12. Biddyboo

    What was your first bike?

    I misread the post my first bike was a xt550 I bought in 01 for 800$ I still have it
  13. Biddyboo

    What was your first bike?

    14 CRF125F for my daughter I bought 2 days ago It is sweet
  14. Biddyboo

    Dirt bike clubs

    In Iowa we have 8 Department of natural resources Sponsered state parks [ you can free ride all year with a DNR regestration on your bike or other off road machine] out of state riders can purchase stickers at Walmart they are maintained by local riding clubs most of the clubs I'm in contact with have less than 20 members with 8 ot 10 people doing everything . Membership will spike when a new park is about to open or if it is a condition to ride at a private or a future park [ we were over 100 members before our park Nicholson Ford OHV park was a state park and the city required mambership to have legal access]. New members come and go. We were having an increase in people at our monthly meetings when a member went berzerk and yelled and pounded his fists on the table and 5 guys never came back so I would suggest not doing that { it didn't help}.
  15. I used 4 large plastic ties to squat the rear 1/2 " and I slid the triple tree down as far as it would go . I'm planing on getting bar risers so i can drop the front a little more I was suprised that there is no rear spring adjustment I'm wondering if anyone has taken the rear spring off and was able to move the spring lower by moving a snap ring or something I ordered a repair manual but it wont arive untill next week . Other than that it is a great little bike.