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  1. sirceo26

    Diagnose a stretched cam chain?

    Replace both. It's cheap insurance. Gets real expensive if it skips more than a tooth or two. Ask me how I know...
  2. sirceo26

    Removing bars for small trailer

    I see no reason this would hurt the bike in any way, more of a pita than anything though. Maybe get a holeshot device to keep the forks compressed? Just for the sake of saving time and the piece of mind that your bike is in a fully enclosed trailer.
  3. sirceo26

    So sad

    I have done the same repair with jb weld. raced mx for many years with it. It is more likely to crack the rest of the around with that hole so for piece of mind you could have it welded, should only be 50 bucks. It will be just as strong as a new one.
  4. Damn I wish I payed more attention in my dynamics class now. I'm thinking angular velocity increases but linear velocity remains the same. Here's another example to help you imagine it...Drop a box in the middle of a conveyer belt and at the same time drop a box on another conveyer belt with these added blocks, both boxes will fall off the belts at same time.
  5. sirceo26

    Anyone want to do a group build?

    Sounds like a great idea. Getting your sister in law to write something up that everyone would have to agree to before depositing money in your paypal or whatever would be a good idea too. Protects everyone involved kinda.
  6. sirceo26

    Plating 2012 kx250f

    Is this what you meant by tail light switch? http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/43/53/160/1195/-/25925/Tusk-Hydraulic-Brake-Switch-Nissin-Brakes?term=banjo+switch
  7. sirceo26

    Coolant loss

    no new head gasket and your losing coolant? theres your problem. Also put some silicon high temp sealant on the cam cover gasket
  8. sirceo26

    2005 KX250F Hitting rev limiter at 1/4 throttle

    my guess is that its probably just backfiring real bad making you think its hitting the rev limiter. Did you take a look at the accelerator pump diaphragm when you had the carb apart. I had a similar problem and the diaphragm was leaking.
  9. sirceo26

    09 250f

    just did full build on my 06, should be about the same prices. 300 bucks wiseco crank and bearings off ebay 130 piston and rings 300 replate cylinder 100 bucks valves 200 i believe for intake seats and guides replaced it probably costed more there's things i'm forgetting. I wouldn't buy that bike for more than a grand, expect a full rebuild like you said
  10. throughout the years i've learned whenever someone uses the words my buddy in a sentence something hilarious follows it.
  11. sirceo26

    kx250f overflow

    replace head gasket. it's pressurizing the coolant system and pumping the coolant out
  12. sirceo26

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    nevermind i got one
  13. sirceo26

    Atlas vs Leatt

    I hope your kidding..more companies provides us with better equipment at a lower cost. I'm sure these other companies will come out with videos soon too but it really doesnt mean anything to me if it comes from the company itself. for now i am more than happy relying crash stories, may not be scientific but that's the real anyway test isn't it. To bad there isn't standardized testing like with helmets OP: I'm in the market for a neck brace as well and I'm probably going to go with the atlas, I like the split back and pivot ideas. Seems that its the only one that addresses the most common complaint with braces, breaking the sternum or back Edit/sidenote. what is stopping dr leatt from testing other braces as well to show how his is so much better
  14. sirceo26

    Inherited issues

    Im going to have to do that from now on, that's a good idea. Brought new to me bike home last year and when I adjusted the valves there was already a graph of clearances the PO kept track of so at least he kind of maintained it.
  15. sirceo26

    Regulator or motor

    switch itself might be something to look into or test. Had to replace the passenger window switch on our dodge. It's a common problem on those and the lights did dim like you're mentioning. I would the panel off and see if your getting power to the motor before you buy anything