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  1. 1natehundred

    Plating a New KTM 2 Stroke in MA

    They don’t give AF as long as you have proof of insurance and the 700$-800$ To fork over.
  2. 1natehundred

    2019 Gas gas (torrot) txe

    Exactly what I thought
  3. 1natehundred

    Leaf blower to dry your motorcycle?

    Yup electric blower use it on my stand up Jetski as well
  4. and all this time I thought I was crazy for putting the wrong amount of oil in there...dammit. Since day 1 I noticed a problem, but I thought it was just me overfilling the engine oil. So what does the dealer do to "test" for transfer?
  5. any way to find out if you were one of the first 2000 by vin#?