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  1. willyd465

    fuel mixture

    I run amsoil dominator at 40:1... really though run what you want and make sure its jetted correctly... I have run anywhere from 50:1 to 32:1. Play with it a bit and see what works best for you
  2. willyd465

    Redbud, the track, 3 TV channels

    I may or may not already have
  3. willyd465

    Redbud, the track, 3 TV channels

    Thanks man nothing like complications from an old injury to ruin the first half of summer... 3 years ago, almost to the day (happened on the 5th lol) cased a double and blew out both ankles and my right hip and pelvis.... fast forward to now, complications with some of the hardware required the removal of some, quick easy surgery right? Nope once they got in there they found even more issues and what as supposed to be a 30 minute surgery for both ankles combined ended up taking about 3 hours.... ohh well at least I know everything will be good now to race the amatuer day at the national next year!!!!!
  4. willyd465

    Rm 125 spring rate help

    I have a 2004 rm 125 and was wanting to double check what spring rates to get. I weigh around 180 pounds in street clothes and am 6 feet tall I ride mx at a b'ish class pace (at least I did a couple years ago before injury but should be back to previous pace before too long) . I used the race tech spring rate calculator and it called for .44 fork springs and I was between a 4.8 and a 5.0 for the shock. How accurate do these rates sound to you guys. And as I'm sure you guys picked up I mostly ride rough mx tracks. Not sure if any of you are familiar with michigan tracks, but some examples are baja acres, freelin, log road, super coops, sand box. Hope this is enough information to get an accurate idea of size and riding conditions to hopefully point me in the right direction. P.s. I know how to check static and race sag to tell if springs are correct, but the bike came with revalved and resprung stuff and is wayy too soft. I'm basicly looking for a good starting point to go from. In the future I do plan on a revalve probably this winter but this is a budget bike and have to take things one step at a time
  5. willyd465

    Redbud, the track, 3 TV channels

    Was planning on heading out but some stuff got in the way...
  6. willyd465

    Tire changing tricks. Help!

    like said above your main problem is using a wrecking bar and screw drivers... sharp edges and corners are not what you want when replacing tires... get some tire irons or better yet some tire spoons and that will make a world of difference
  7. could possibly get a new front fender, they are pretty cheap and have it just for the trails and put it on there... that way its very visible and if you go to the track and are concerned about looks you can quickly swap for your normal fender
  8. willyd465

    Long chain for extended arm?

    if you go to a store like tractor supply they have rolls of chains and they stock 520... not the fanciest but i have used them in a pinch and left it on till it needed replacing and that took forever compared to my normal d.i.d.... so they last suprisingly well, but then again they are made for tractors and what not so their tensil strength is pretty high. not the pretties but look like an unplated chain and very strong and very good price
  9. willyd465

    trouble getting my bike to lay in that rut

    . And make sure you practice with proper form
  10. willyd465

    trouble getting my bike to lay in that rut

    Sounds like part of your problem is suspension set up, check your sag. And as others have said, it just takes practice
  11. willyd465

    Who all ran Dunlop 756s?

    after the 756's i switched to a mx51 rear with an mx 31 front... i really like the combo
  12. willyd465

    what was your worst/best wreck

    Three years ago was practicing cornering at a little private track, and noticed he built an 80 foot double off to one side of the track, so when I was done doing some motos I was messing around and hit it... Come to find out he didn't lip it enough and I came front wheel first into the back of the landing kicked me off my bike and I landed 40ish feet from my bike... My tibk/fib went through my ankles breaking pretty much everything as they went through, tore all the ligiments in both ankles lengthwise, broke and dislocated my right hip and broke the right side of my pelvis. Spent 3 weeks in the hospital and another 2 months in a hospital bed at home
  13. willyd465

    D14 background colors...

    In mx its black background with white numbers for c class, yellow with black numbers for b and white with black for a... But it isn't inforced except at races like loretta Lynn qualifiers... And in mx I never heard about the helmet sticker thing
  14. willyd465

    Michigan Tracks Open March 16th or 17th?

    there are two tracks in milan, but neither will be open... milan race way doesnt open until i think april sometime and supercoops is the other track which is privatly owned, and according to their facebook "not yet, we'll let you know"
  15. When I was a lot younger before I knew what I was doing I tried mounting a new tire on my 80 by myself instead of waiting for my dads help. So since I couldn't get it I grabbed the longest piece of metal I could find to use as a tire iron and gouged the crappy out opf the rim and broke the brand new tires bead