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  1. SlowSpokes


    I think that's called "pulling a Villopoto".
  2. SlowSpokes

    EFI Two Stroke - It's here!

    KTM has been surprisingly open about the development of this bike. They have been testing it for a couple years now. They claimed that the testers preferred the carb'd bike. They said the DI bike was too linear. KTM has even stated that this move is entirely due to Euro4 compliance, and not purely a performance upgrade.
  3. SlowSpokes

    EFI Two Stroke - It's here!

    Heavier, lower performance, and more $$ ! Should be really popular with the Harley crowd......
  4. SlowSpokes

    The Dunge not happy

    Perhaps you need to go back, and read my post again. Pay particular attention to the text that I quoted. I was referring to a race that happened almost 6 years ago.
  5. SlowSpokes

    The Dunge not happy

    Apparently you should go back and watch that race again. Dungey was never a lap down, a rider can't enter the race after the leader has completed a lap. And Dungey's fastest lap was still almost 5 seconds slower than Barcia's.
  6. SlowSpokes


    I agree 100%. I was just curious if all the Dungey fanboys that love to think that RV was handed a title, are going to embrace the same logic this year if Tomac finishes close to RD.
  7. SlowSpokes


    If you conclude that a bent rotor from getting banged around in traffic equals rider error, than wouldn't a derailed chain from getting banged around in traffic also equal rider error ? Isn't a rider responsible for his position on the track ?
  8. SlowSpokes


    So, if Tomac finishes the season close in points to RD, does that mean that Dungey was "handed the title" due to Tomac's mechanical ?
  9. SlowSpokes

    Lighting options using a battery (no stator) CR250

    What stator & light are you running ?
  10. SlowSpokes

    ISDE 2016

    TR finished second today by 1.3 seconds. Still holds the overall lead.
  11. SlowSpokes


    The production rule has never applied to the MEC in the past.I haven't seen the current rules, but I assume it's still the same.
  12. SlowSpokes


    Dungey wins Overall, after failing to win a single moto. Dungey fans proclaim him smartest racer of all time. Squid declares KTM the GOAT manufacturer. Arguing on TT commences.........
  13. I would change the title of this thread to "U.S. Supercross champ fails to win single moto versus a bunch of Euro guys who don't race Supercross"
  14. SlowSpokes

    Ryan Dungey cares about team USA golf

    2015 to current: Dungey got lucky when RV retired.
  15. SlowSpokes

    Glen Helen MXoN 2017 cancelled

    I think it has more to do with the risk of not enough money in Giuseppe Luongo's pocket.