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  1. That is a change in advise. I have had clutch work done by Snell with the GM Auto Trak "Blue goo" recommendation. I was also told the same thing from Dale at GG. Maybe things have changed. This is for an 03' 280 pro. as for for my 08' I was told "type F". I change mine at 6 hours intervals........its cheap and easy. I l don't know what everyone else thinks but I like clutch drag.
  2. I am looking at a DRZ 125 small wheel for my daughter and she cannot make the trip with me and wonder if there is a suggested rider height vis seat height for this bike. This will be my daughters first bike ever and has never riden a bike before.
  3. cmanno

    2009 Gas Gas Confusion

    I am no expert but have at the suggestion of Dale Malesek from GG been using Blue Goo or better know as Autotrak II from my local GM Dealer in My (2) 280's. Never a clutch related issue but I am mostly a Trail rider and not so much a Trial rider. My Son's New 200 has 10w40 in it and will probably keep using it as it seems to work just fine. Amsoil 100:1 pre mix
  4. cmanno

    GasGas TXT80 ???

    the 80 is a dog from the get go. We suffered through that bike because i purchased it new and had no choice but to have my Son ride it for a season. We were going to jump to the 125 and passed on that for an 09' 200. My son is now 14 and this bike will do anything he wants it to do. My advise by more power than he needs and teach him throttle, clutch and brake control.
  5. cmanno

    look what I did to my 03' GG280 Pro

    I use them protection as we blast through Heavy woods with tons of low branches that catch the brake and clutch lever and screw up a good day. They are used only to deflect branches from hitting or catching the brake or clutch master cylinders and levers.
  6. cmanno

    look what I did to my 03' GG280 Pro

    Its a new air box.
  7. cmanno

    look what I did to my 03' GG280 Pro

    I screwed up and wanted to delete this post because it was replaced with one that many more pics.
  8. cmanno

    look what I did to my 03' GG280 Pro

    The Cycra Hand guards flex a to and I have never broken any. They are actually MX roost guards. http://www.rockymountainatv.com/productDetail.do?&navType=type&webTypeId=191&navTitle=Handlebars-Control&webCatId=12&prodFamilyId=9421 You can take the catalog number and order from TT and support them.
  9. cmanno

    look what I did to my 03' GG280 Pro

    That good idea on the cap, I am always soaking up the water that pools on it. As for the jetting I will have to check my records when I get into the toy hauler. It is the VHST and I agree, much better carb for my bike hands down. Hand guards are Cycra hand guards and work perfect in the woods with no risk of hand or wrist getting caught anywhere. I like them because I had problems with branches catching my brake lever and down I would go. I did try to delete the duplicate post but I am having issues with technology.
  10. cmanno

    look what I did to my 03' GG280 Pro

    I added sme more photo's. I am still trying to get this photobucket thing figured out with photo uploads. I did do a new air box but could have just had my painted black. I didn't think of that until after I received all the parts. I did spray the radiator trim and hand guards with a satin black plastic paint. It worked very well and seems tough and flexible. I just need to order some lower fork graphics which are now black white and red. I ordered everything from Lewisport, they were a big help.
  11. cmanno

    Painting a GG tank

    Has anyone painted a GG gas Tank?. I have converted my 03' 280 pro to the 09' airbox and fenders. The only thing left before I put on the new tank graphics is going from the aluminum finish (I think it is clear coated) to a matt black. Is it paintable? and if so am I just painting over the clear, which sounds like it may adhere better to existing paint (clearcoat) in lieu of stripping, prepping and painting. Or is this best done as powder coat?
  12. cmanno

    03' GG 280 forks

    Help me understandand or direct me to the best not always factory recommended fork weight and fill Qty. I am 170# if that matters. Qty. or fill height and if fill height with or without internals. Fork oil weight for Comp. and rebound side.
  13. cmanno

    150R frame guards

    search Honda CRF 150R frame guards on ebay. They are out of the UK and make both short and full length ones. I think I am going to do that they are about 60 US dollars.