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  1. chris777

    WR ceet

    the YZ's and WR's use a different seat and i'm not shure if a YZ cover will work on a WR ?
  2. chris777

    My new home away from home

    thats the way to buy a camper, depreciation is a killer for any rv. sweet rig. is that your walkin van in the background ? looks like a Grumman Olsen body from here.
  3. chris777

    Extremely general transmission Q

    4th is overdrive, probably what you feel is the torque converter locking up. it will feel like another gear.
  4. chris777

    WR ceet

    can anyone help ? i got what i believe to be a discontinued CEET foam TALL #356-fy014, i need a new cover for it and have no idea what to use. i want somthing similar to stock if possible. bike is a olde school WR 250,1994. i'm not interested in swapping to a YuppiZinger seat n tank.
  5. chris777

    fresh topend

    missed the question,, piston,rings,circlips,top bearing,needed gaskets for the job, that is all i think i just pulled this old WR250 apart for the first time but it still looks great, piston/cylinder.. really seems like its all stock--untouched, its a pretty clean old bike but dam. i guess ive rode it more than anyone, not surprising after a few 15 minute plug fouls when i bought it, bout 4 years ago. got the carb sorted and its been dead reliable.
  6. chris777

    fresh topend

    yeah, i was just looking into a cometic top end set. piston rings are almost $ 100, plus the piston also around $100. PROBLEM is cometic doesnt list a gasket set for a 94 wr250 anyone know if a yz set will do for the same year ???
  7. chris777

    fresh topend

    doing a fresh topend on my 94 wr250,, $283 for parts seems high to me. this is for all yamaha parts from here..wish i had a coupon or somthing.
  8. nice van, virginia = solid body,,with the 318 its going to be a slug,especially pulling a trailer. but it would do ok if you keep it light..
  9. chris777

    Ford E350 diesel

    dimmer switch is part of the multifunction switch$$,, i guess i need to get out from under older chevies...
  10. chris777

    Ford E350 diesel

    check the dimmer switch,,
  11. chris777

    Reconstructed title effects?

    salvage title ?,, i look at it this way. it really depends on the vehicle, a salvage title should effect the value less on a truck than a car or minivan (family car),, also age of the vehicle should be considered. a older truck 93! with a salvage title wouldnt scare me too much. if it was in a flood within the last several years,i would be VERY cautious. on a newer truck its gonna need to be well under comps. a newer family car with a salvage title would be a hard sell. (better be cheap). .03
  12. chris777

    What truck for Snow Plow?

    go south young man, get yourself a older 3/4 ton chevy with a automatic transmission,with no rust. 400 turbo would be best, pre 90'ish i think. it will cost half as much as a 4L80e to rebuild if nessessary. get a 350 for best fuel economy, stay away from diesels if you dont want to spend a fortune on repairs. i would be looking to spend around 4-5000 for a good truck. then look for a used plow to hang on her. i cannot understand people who hang plows on 30-50,000 dollar trucks. plowing snow is hard on a truck mostly due to the corrosives on the roadways. transmissions also get hard use,you should probably add a external cooler.
  13. chris777

    chevy 6.0.. any good?

    only problem ive seen with the 6 oh's is the exhaust manifolds,quite simply they suck. i've seen cracked manifolds at around 25000 miles, we are routinely replacing manifolds on these things (plenty of them). but what really sucks is the dinky bolts that hold them on,constantly shearing off. are trucks gross around 14000# every day, lighter rigs wont be cracking manifolds like this,however i've seen many sheared bolts on trucks running fairly light. these engines NEED larger exhaust manifold bolts, manifolds could be a bit beefier as well.
  14. chris777

    XR400 electric start CHEAP

    the idea would be to start it cold,after it warms up its alot easier.
  15. chris777

    XR400 electric start CHEAP

    so i traded my ford 960 for a very nice 02' xr4,however since its not a suzuki DR350 (elecric start,6 speed,fully street compliant,faster,ect.)I'm really huffing and puffing starting this thing. now i'm sure some jet fiddling,warmer weather,carb clean out,or a big hill,would surely assist in my distress. so now i'll lay it out for you, why couldnt i use my DEWALT 18v cordless drill to fire this eastern woods weapon off. although i just acquired this mysterious new toy and have yet to spend much time fiddling,it seems to me there just may be a crankshaft in there behind those side covers. if i remove that small round cover on the right side (big allen key) is there a crankshaft nut that i could spin with my dewalt ?