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  1. coalt45

    Title help

    Selling it is no longer an option it is on the truck in route to CA. I will be getting it titled in TX before I leave.
  2. coalt45

    Title help

    I tried, no one interested I guess. I plan on trying to sell it when I get there. Now that I started looking I want to pick up another one.
  3. coalt45

    Title help

    In TX yes when I get there I want to start riding trails.
  4. coalt45

    California Title help

    I was just curious if anyone knows what I will need to do when I arrive in CA to get a title for my bike. I have a 2010 YZ 450 with a bill of sale but want to get a title for it. Didn't worry about it TX since I only rode on private land. Any info would be much appreciated if any of you have been through this before.
  5. coalt45

    Supercross 2015 Live Stream?

    Just curious if anyone spent the $50 if it actually works. I tried something like this last year but was still unable to watch the races.
  6. coalt45

    New series on motocross riders

    I really enjoyed both videos! Great job on both keep em coming.
  7. coalt45

    Gsl the ranch

    Thanks turns out I can't go. Bike won't be out of the shop fast enough. Was hoping it would have been a quick turn around so the wife and I could ride together over the weekend. Guess we'll try for next weekend.
  8. coalt45

    Gsl the ranch

    I plan to head out this coming weekend but was wondering does anyone know he allow atvs out there?
  9. Good music, cool video most of all that looks like a BLAST!!!
  10. coalt45

    Ridding around Beale AFB?

    Looks like there could be some good trails around Sacramento area from what I can find.
  11. I just found out I am going to be heading out to CA for my next base. Does anyone know if there are places to ride ATVs around there? I see places for bikes but do they allow atvs? My wife rides a Raptor 350 and if she can ride it I don't want to have to sell it before we leave. Thanks for any help.
  12. coalt45

    What is your dream bike?

    Dream bike ..... a bike that wouldn't require fuel and could just ride until I wanted to stop so I didn't have to keep filling the damn thing with gas and premix. Just one you can beat the crap out of ride it like you stole it and not have to worry about maintenance or gas.
  13. coalt45

    can you watch supercross online?

    I have also been looking so far no luck. I thought the same thing about the link you found.