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    z400 problem

    i can take the plastics off and take pictures if thatll help u see what im taking about
  2. o0luckyo07

    Suzuki z400 problem

    hey i have a z400. k to start off my had a busted up key but i straightened it out n used it anyways.then 1 night when i put it away i thought i heard a clicking sound comming from my bike.the next morning i go out there turn the key n theres no power.sooo i call up my brothers friend ryan(who i bought the bike off of) and he comes down plays with the broken ground wire at the battery and gets it going.after he left i fixed the wire with a new end n put it on the battery but now i have no power (again).but i knowticed when ryan was turning the key on n off some times the lights by the key got power sometimes not.sooo i was thinking maybe the key.like when i bypass the solenoid near the battery it turns over but wont start soo maybe the keys the problem. anyone got anything. oooo n i also found the possitve wire to my tether kill cord is disconnected but i have no idea where it connects to.