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  1. willbilly

    2017 350 SXF Chain Replacement

    Another option to grinding is to install a thick washer.
  2. The valve cover is not a good ground. Rubber gasket and bolt washers. Hold plug against the frame. Recheck your timing using the sticky post on this page. Good luck.
  3. willbilly

    2017 350 SXF Chain Replacement

    Only MX mostly hard pack but some deep sand. I measure the distance between several links to determine when chain is worn. Don’t have number of links or measurement right now. The SS sprocket easily outlasts the chain. I do replace the counter shaft sprocket when it’s worn.
  4. willbilly


    Is the lever adjusted so it has about 1/4” of free play?
  5. I have had good luck with a Heli Coil for that application. Not critical and not removed frequently.
  6. willbilly

    06 Crf450r possible internal crack

    As Augoose said there are two oil reservoirs. If both were properly filled and after riding the left sight glass side is over filled and the right transmission side is low the engine had an oil migration problem. Probably from a leaking right crank seal.
  7. willbilly

    2017 350 SXF Chain Replacement

    It should fit just fine. If you’re worried about width you can run the DID VT2 narrow X ring. Paired with a Dirt Tricks Stainless sprocket I get 120 hrs on my 450.
  8. willbilly

    Am I qualified for a 2017 fc450?

    Go for it! The FC450 is an easy bike to ride. Very smooth power. Suspension is good once you set it up for your weight. Think you’ll love it. Wish I had a 300 and some trails and hills here in south Texas.
  9. willbilly

    Camshaft chain quick wear

    Damn Shawn! Is there anything you can’t do?
  10. willbilly

    2006 crf450r clutch will not disengage

    Try flipping the large thrust washer between the hub and basket. It is slightly dished and will cause binding between hub and basket after nut is torqued. If Your basket is not notched then that should cure it.
  11. willbilly

    2003 CRF450R Complete Rebuild

    Looks like the Nikisal is flaking off your cylinder. You can see the cross hatching is missing in those areas. It can be repaired for slightly less than a new cylinder. Do a search on this forum for stainless steel valves. There’s lots of information and opinions on the best route to go. Yes you could expect the same longevity out of a cylinder as long as the seats are cut. The most important factor is keeping your filter clean.
  12. willbilly

    2003 CRF450R Complete Rebuild

    Sorry to say Big Bore Thumpers is out of the 08 head. No ETA on restock. I finished rebuilding trans, bottom/top end today. I sent the head to Pro 1. Charlie did a good job replacing the valve seats, cutting new ones and replacing the valve guides. Be careful honing the cylinder. If the cross hatch is still good I wouldn’t. I used to hone the cylinder every top end until the Nikasal started flaking off.
  13. willbilly

    Cold Weather Adjustment

    Dealer recommended the procedure at bottom of page when temperatures changed drastically after last ride. 15 min not hard and fast. Coolant temp was the important factor.
  14. willbilly

    Cold Weather Adjustment

  15. willbilly

    Found this when changing the oil

    Thanks for the in depth write up buddy! I'm sure it will help others.