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  1. No wonder I can not get the streams to work. You have to pay to see Moto on TV now? Nice going guys! Way to grow the viewership of this sport.
  2. WOW, two weeks in a row I have not been able to watch live practice. Use a Mac OS10 and IPAD. The Mac just never loads and the IPAD will not accept that crappy upgrade on the NBC site. Gowd, Who ever set up the NBC site should have their ass kicked every day for a month and who ever accepted the Bid to allow these asslogs at NBC Sport to contract races should have to run a Gauntlet into work and out of work each day from the parking lot. No disrespect but Gay Sports Stations should stay with Gay Sports and not try to dabble in Moto.
  3. 95843

    What happend to James Stewart

    I think several things happened to JS. JS was the man no doubt but there were times when it seemed JS had some burn out. I am not sure that JS slowed down as much as the other riders got faster when JS was in a downer mode. Now JS is a Top Five Rider and if JS was OK with being a Top Five guy then maybe the races would go a little better for him. Here is what bothers me about JS. He did quite a bit of damage to the branding of Yamaha. Here is Yamaha rolling out a new concept for a bike and the top rider is not performing to the standards that us fans thought he should. Many blamed the bike and it took JS leaving JGR and going to Zuki before anyone would believe it could be a rider issue more then a bike issue. There are several times a year when I am out at a track and I see guys do thing on bikes that I say to those around me. That guy is a bad ass. The difference between some of the guys I see here and there and the guys making the gates is the guys making the gates go around the track with consistent times lap after lap and their mistakes are few. JS can lay down a good lap and even four or five good laps but then their is a laps, an oops, a brain fart. What ever it is, it is not consistent.
  4. 95843

    Big crash of Butron in Valkenswaard - Video

    MX Life claimed copyright and pulled the vid. Bummer..
  5. 95843

    Hangtown Classic VIP Ticket?

    Go over to NorcalMX and ask your question on that forum. Those guys will get you all the info you could want about Hangtown. Be sure and go a day early to watch the NorCal Amatuers. Some good riders in the Amateurs riding that week.
  6. 95843

    Are we going to ride this in the near future?

    I bet an old 1974 SL70 has more power then that Glorified Wannabe Hippie Scooter. They have to have a Pro Rider show case the bike because an average Joe would shave off so much speed in a corner it would take an entire straight away to get the speed back. I have seen these things at the track before. Good riders on turd kiddy bikes.
  7. Wes, this was not a practice. It was a 2013 California Classic AMA Pro-Am Race.
  8. To Garrets credit he said it was a Text Book break check. Said was locked down on the top of the corner and there was nothing left to do aside from take the dirt sample. Garrets dad said it was a bit over the top but school was open LOL. We were watching going what was that? Nelson was out front with a good size gap on second place. Just did not seem necessary and poor ambassador ship by a top National Rider.
  9. Now that is funny! Sunday the local guys were out gunned for sure! LOL.
  10. Oatfied was typical Oatfield. AWESOME! And for T-Duche. Ya, pretty much how it happened.
  11. Hey, What was up at Oatfield yesterday? As the pros were coming up though the Intermediates. Nelson comes though the S turn with Garrett Schnepp. Garrett is holding his line (outside) and Nelson (inside) moves from the inside to the outside, Break checks Schnepp and cleans him out. Then looks back to admire his handy work? Schnepp was next to him all of two seconds. What auh dick move. Called Schnepps dad to check on him this morning. Guess he got hit by the guy behind them and ripped his shoulder open. The sad thing is Garrett was a big fan of Nelson. Follows his FB, tweeter and when we were at the Oakland Supercross was pulling for Nelson the entire night. At least there are 19 other guys lining up in Supercross to cheer for. GO Zach Bell, Faith and Osborn!
  12. Huh, Here in Sacramento CA I have DISH Network and the CBS Channel had no sound for the first 11 minutes of the program. What a bunch of &%$#@!k Tards. Geesh....
  13. 95843

    Ryan Gets New Bike....Again

    You guys bashing the electric start have never lost a bunch of position after your bike stalled I guess. We had a bike that once it got hot you could kick that pile twenty times as the other guys blew by you. Sometimes it would take an entire lap to start that pile of shit. Took almost an entire season to figure out what was causing it. Now we have a 2013 YZ250 and will not be kicking over some piece of shit 4 stroke instead of racing.
  14. 95843

    The Tracks

    Bring back two strokes, 4 strokes have ruined supercross" I do not understand why anyone would think that is a stupid statement? Here, Keep the Four Strokes and let the 249cc Two Strokes line up with the 249cc Four Strokes. At least other competitors would have a chance to win outside of PC and GIECO.
  15. 95843

    Eleven 10 on Yamaha

    At the Dodge Amateur Nationals in Sacramento last month the Star Valley Yamaha Team had the fastest bikes out there HANDS DOWN and it was NOT even close. They blew the doors off of the Red, Yellow, Green and Orange Bikes in the Pro-Am class. I am not taking anything away from their Riders at all but from the drop of the gate the Yamahas were gone, Gone, GONE MAN! Many were saying the Carb Bikes are just faster when set up by Teams like Start Valley.