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  1. blbills

    We seem SO close now...

    Give or take.
  2. blbills

    We seem SO close now...

    Just picked up an Alta myself. Most fun I've EVER had on two wheels (and I've been riding for 20+ years). Plan on getting 25-30 miles of hard riding in Mode 3.
  3. blbills

    2019 YZ450 FX Availability

    Good stuff! Any normal human beings with ride reports?
  4. blbills

    300 TPI or yz450fx

    450FX all the way. You won't be disappointed. Ridden a 250FX and it is essentially identical but gutless. I'm 32, 205, 6'1", and about a C rider. Just got back from a long ride on the 450FX and am smiling from ear to ear. Needless to say the KTM 300 is feeling lonely in the garage (it's now posted for sale).
  5. Surprised no one has started this topic yet. Great showing for Yamaha in both the 250 and 450 Ironman Nationals yesterday. When's the last time any other manufacturer has swept all 4 motos?
  6. blbills

    2019 YZ450 FX Availability

    Nice. What dealership? I'm here in utah too 😉
  7. Have a 2016 450FX with a smashed rear bake tip. I've straightened it out several times but I think it's finally done. Anyone know if I can just replace the tip? Google searches have me coming up empty handed. Have no reason to replace the entire assembly. Thanks!
  8. blbills

    2019 YZ450 FX Availability

    Changing from the 2018 450F or the older gen 450FX?
  9. blbills

    2019 YZ450 FX Availability

    I've played a lot with different gearing and find that a 52 (+2t) on the rear is my favorite. But as is mentioned it now becomes a 4 gear machine. I've a got a relkuse so I'm not too worried about stalling. But back on topic... anyone have any 2019 450FX data?
  10. Does anyone have a 2019 450 FX yet? They said July availability. Would love to get some ride reviews. Also it seems like details are sparse. I would like to know the entire list of what has changed from the 450F. Also want details on the transmission. Curious what they did there. I love my 2016 450FX but 1st gear is just way too low for anything I do.
  11. blbills

    AER 48 air forks, you like them?

    I'll bite. I've heard the same thing and wanted to try them myself. Picked up a 2018 300XC. Coming off of a 2016 YZ450FX. I'll be honest I hated them the first 10-15 hours. I spent A LOT of time on the internet during those first few hours looking for alternatives and mods to make them better but everyone just said give them some time to break in. They were no where near as good as my Kayaba SSS that I was coming off of on my YZ (especially in the chop). About 30 hours of ride time now and I've done a complete 180. I actually quite love them now. It was a combination of a few things that did it for me: 1) Don't judge them until after 15 hours. (Still don't fully understand why an air shock needs to be broken in but it does) 2) Air pressure. You'll get a lot of feedback on different pressures. The magic for me (especially in the small chop) was to run low pressure. I'm talking 125-130 psi. This is only for single track, technical gnarly stuff. You WILL bottom out if you are riding WOT in the dessert with that pressure. Out there I've found 137-140 psi to be the magic number. 3) Pre-break-in I had to lower the compression almost all the way. I've found that I've been able to add it back in now with the break-in complete and the lower pressure. Hope this helps. Feel free to ping me with more questions.
  12. blbills

    First Ride 2019 300 TPI

    Looking forward to your review! That's some pretty gnarly terrain. Perfect for the 300!
  13. blbills

    New bike, possible clutch issue? (2019 300xcw tpi)

    Can you adjust the engagement point? I've never experienced this on a new bike.
  14. blbills

    300 TPI or yz450fx

    @Doc_d Thanks for your comments. My friend has a 2015 350 EXC that I've gotten some seat time on but I would love to try a new gen 350 XC. I wanted to go with the XC for a number of reasons and I understand that it may not be the perfect tool for the tight single track. About half the riding I do is out in the dessert (think high speed and wooped out trails). I also try to get to the track once or twice a month. I wanted a well rounded bike that could do a decent job at all of that. If I do end up with a TPI in the short term it'll probably be the Husky 300i (for the rear linkage) and I'll swap on the AER 48's to the front for their versatility.