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  1. BazookaJoe

    Swap 250fx gears into 250f?

    The engine cases for the 14+ YZ250F are the same as the 15+ WR250F & YZ250FX, so yes you could install a FX/WR transmission into the 14+ YZ250FX. It would cost some money and it's probably an all or nothing installation because the YZF is a five speed whereas the WR & FX are six speeds. You will need all six gears, shifting forks, shifting drum, plus gaskets etc. Looking at RMMC Yam OEM parts, you'd be looking at about $1300 for parts and about 10 hours of garage time. IMO, the tranny would make a nice improvement for woods work. The WR/FX first gear is just that little bit lower than a YZF first, and sixth gear is nice for forest road riding. But, for all the expense and work involved, I think the FX is a better idea b/c you get e-start, 18" rear wheel, camshafts which produce a bit more low end power, suspension better suited to off road, and ability to add lights fairly easily.
  2. BazookaJoe


    Ring ding, yah just messing with you. :-)
  3. BazookaJoe


    "Zero reason other than incompetence" Says the guy who wonders if Yam will build the bike.
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    Maybe. In the meantime, you should sign up for some night courses.
  5. BazookaJoe

    2013 vs 2005 cylinder head

    Piston diff over the years is more than just the cut outs for valves. In 05, the head volume increased, and the piston had a corresponding geometry change to maintain the compressed volume. 08 YZ250F got an increased compressed volume. 01-04, the top of the piston was concave. 05-07 YZ250F and 05-13 WR250F, piston flat top 08-11 YZ250F, piston top is slightly convex (camel-hump) 12-13 YZ250f, piston convex with slightly different profile than 11 & prior
  6. Nice mod! Very well done. What did you do with the low fuel level indicator switch? I would assume that the IMS 2.9 gallon tank doesn't have a port for the switch, so you couldn't connect the wiring. If the low fuel switch wiring is not connected, is the low fuel light always illuminated? Also- I noticed that you have a WR headlight and are using the stock FX front brake hose with the stock routing. Does the stock FX front brake hose have any issues when it moves behind the WR headlight? Thanks and again, excellent mod!
  7. BazookaJoe

    Rear fender from YZ250F?

    Neither of these rear fenders will fit your bike. Well, I guess lots of things can be made to fit, but YKWIM. The best fender for your bike, is an OEM 03-05 YZ250F fender with modifications to clear the overflow tank mounts. You can buy fenders from Acerbis or UFO, but those fenders are floppy things if you are installing a tail light under the fender. If you want to retain your WR's stock tail light, then you'll need a rear fender for a 03-05 WR250F.
  8. BazookaJoe

    How to Remove Fly Wheel Weight

    I'd be very careful about putting rope down the spark plug because you could bend the valves. Make sure you're doing it on a compression stroke. To lock the engine from rotation, you can lock up the counterbalancer (just to the front of the flywheel) with this simple procedure- insert a hex wrench into the socket head cap screw which is under the counterbalancer. Hope this helps.
  9. BazookaJoe

    2017 Yz250f valve shim size range

    The Yam 4 valve 250F use the larger shim (9.48 mm), and not the smaller shims as in the 5 valve heads. Not sure what you'll find in your bike, but in my '15 WR250F, I had shims all about number 199. If you have the time to tear it apart and then order what you need, you can buy the Pro X shims for $2 or so individually, and the Pro X shims come in .25 mm increments, not .50 mm like Hotcams. Those "half size" shims really take the pain out of trying to get the clearance exactly how you want them.
  10. BazookaJoe

    What handle bars do you suggest

    First thing, make sure the bars are actually bent, and not just slipped in the clamps. It doesn't take much of a crash to slip one clamp but not the other clamp, and the bars will be out of alignment. I switched to solid "cones" instead of the stock rubber for this reason. And if the bars are indeed bent and you need different bars, tell us more about your son- how tall, long arms, rides forward, hangs off the back, ride style, etc. I'm 5-11 with long arms and tend to ride sit down too much. I really like the Pro Taper RM Mid-Height Windham bars at full width, neutral rotation, & mounted in the 2nd from most forward position.
  11. BazookaJoe

    Suspension (if it were your money..)

    I would vote to keep your current components and build to spec with internals + heavier springs rather than SSS. I had installed a Phase 4 kit from Smart Performance in my 07 and the results were really good. Springs- Race Tech, Factory Connection, etc all make good components.
  12. BazookaJoe

    06 YZ250F Flywheel weight?

    I've owned several YZ250Fs in the past which I used for woods riding. (03, 05, 07, and 2012) Excellent woods bikes overall. I had a flywheel weight on all of them except for the 2012. For a couple of them, I had a Steahly weight. For the 05 & 07, I used the Yamaha GYTR flywheel. The Steahly weight is an add on disc which threads on in place of the flywheel nut, and is available in three weight sizes. Steahly has chart which describes which size you should buy and it's pretty accurate IMO. The Steahly has the advantages that it comes in different weights, but the disadvantage is that you'll need to use the supplied spacer for the flywheel cover. Also, the Steahly covers up your timing marks, so be sure to use a sharpie to make a new TDC mark, otherwise, you'll be pulling your hair out whenever you pull the camshafts. The Yamaha GYTR flywheel replaces your stock flywheel for a nice clean installation and you'll have the timing marks just like your stocker, but the downside is that the Yam flywheel is only available as one size. The Yamaha flywheel is about the same mass/weight as the Steahly 7 oz. The flywheel will help the "chug" factor at low rpm which helps against stalling, and is really nice in those technical situations. A heavier flywheel doesn't hold the engine back anything noticeable on upper rpms on the trails. I think the bike started better with a flywheel too. It's a very good mod for woods riding, especially for novice and intermediate riders.
  13. My bike smokes something like that. It stops huffing smoke after warm up. I think some of the smoke is from the unburned fuel from the start up process. And my bike starts exactly like yours- basically, mine starts like a pile of crap for an EFI engine. And last- What you are referring to as a "choke" is not a choke or fuel enrichener in the way of carb engines. Pulling this knob out allows a little more air to bypass the butterfly, allowing the engine to idle higher. Think of this as opening the throttle just a teeny bit.
  14. BazookaJoe

    Ultimate single track upgrades on wr250

    I forgot one more thing- also a GPR steering stabilizer.
  15. I bought mine new in '15 and it's been mostly good. I did have a gearbox issue which Yamaha helped me with the parts. Like yours, my bike starts like crap when cold. Mods- I did a little suspension internal re-valving with slightly softer compression dampening in both front and rear, added more rebound control in rear. Also, a Q4 muffler and some aggressive mapping. Stock bars were weird for me, so I swapped to Pro Taper Windham RM mid height bars, and also added the solid handlebar "cones" to replace the rubber mounts. I have the GYTR scoop shovel skid plate which looks sort of silly but provides excellent protection without too much rattle noise. Runs great, nice power, really tractors up hills and revs out nicely, very good fuel mapping, rarely stalls, never flames out, Downside- it's a tall and sort of heavy. One thing to know- try your rear suspension with 115-120mm sag rather than the manual's spec of 105. The WR's rear suspension has 12mm more drop out than a YZF so you need to have more sag to get the linkage in the same sweet spot and also get the steering working better. Also drop the forks just a bit too. These two changes will make the steering a bit less abrupt. Hope all this helps.