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  1. for some reason dirt riders from overseas think everything in the aussie bush is trying to kill us. i've tried to explain in this vid why the risks are pretty minimal....
  2. an oldie by a goodie... this is my second favourite dirt doco after "on any sunday"! i got permission from traction erag to rehost this vid on my channel. grab your popcorn and enjoy 19 minutes of dirt bike bliss.
  3. Tim Coleman is up to his usual crazy shit, I had to check around for any hidden cables or support wires during this one lol.
  4. the canadian silliness with traction erag officially starts here. last year i posted about 30 canadian vids in a row which i figure got a bit boring so i'll mix them up with homegrown aussie footage this time.
  5. A good look at Dr Z the bumble bee. I've had all three models of the DRZ400 so figured it could be worth a quick review and look at common problems and mods, even though I'm sure most have appeared in this section already. At least it's a chance to see the doctor in the dirt!
  6. a good look at Dr Z the bumble bee. i've had all three models of the DRZ400 so figured it could be worth a quick review and look at common problems and mods.
  7. plenty of ass puckering for this training vid on vertical faces! i've been slowly increasing the height of vertical faces over the past two years in preparation for this training vid... thankfully no injuries or crashes occurred in the making of this film.
  8. plenty of viewers have bought trials bikes, so here's one of the 50 vids we've posted on our trials training channel here... this vid is useful for technical dirt riding too!
  9. Many have asked for my dodgy half-arsed opinion on 125cc enduro bikes and I finally got to ride one... a 2018 Beta RR125. These pint-sized screamers are more fun than you can poke a stick at! But they definitely won't suit everyone...
  10. the watagans is one of the best riding areas from aussie dirt riders based in sydney (you know, the place with that opera house). one of the local dealers, cameron graham from 01moto, was foolish enough to invite me back so i jumped at the chance.... i don't know what sort of changes thumpertalk have made to their video links but it seems now you'll only get this text link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QFb7xpSvr8
  11. had a brief ride recently, will post a vid with some thoughts about it soon....
  12. are dirt bike magazines worth the paper they are printed on? i know plenty of guys who buy them but personally i can't read more than a few pages before i start laughing (or crying).
  13. madly busy in canada and having trouble editing enough vids to release so i hope you don't mind me reposting this old one from the adventure riding channel. if you aren't familiar with this older channel here's the link.... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc32Jp7u-1ANgy64s_54eDw
  14. your support is hugely appreciated guys, especially since i've taken the possibly foolish option of refusing sponsorship or allowing ads on youtube!
  15. thanks so much for the support guys! the biggest unknown star of the enduro world, mr mcgreggles himself. this is the short version so if you aren't overwhelmed by his manliness and you can cope with testosterone oozing out of the screen, the supporters version is a lot longer....