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  1. bit of a blast from the past. i put this old vid up on facebook for the first time and everyone seems to be enjoying it...
  2. lots of complaints about our existing dirt bike selection guides so figured we would make a sexist one instead... and in pictorial form as most of us are only semi-literut.
  3. huge amounts of debate over the years about how to best break in a new dirt bike. suggestions range from thrashing the bike immediately, to babying it for the first few hundred miles. we sift through the minimal research out there and chat with experienced mechanics to get a little closer to the truth....
  4. 2 vids out of around 150 this year have reviewed the 2018 beta models. just find another thread that will suit you lol.
  5. a review of the 2018 RR250 and RR300 at the recent beta ride day. all sorts of engine updates and maybe i'm just a gumby but i couldn't really pick the difference...at least not without riding them back to back with 2017 models. they've lost 4.7kg which is always handy if you like the rough gnarly stuff or like to bench press your bike. oh and i thought it was about time they lightened the clutch, they are about on par with all the other europeans now.
  6. which dirt bike model do you think the manufacturer was crazy to ditch? for me it's the honda XR650R, the big red pig would sell like hot cakes if brought back with a few simple mods.
  7. WARNING!!! a confectionery-based set of genitals appears at 2m 49s. those bloody canadians insisted on this so if you find this offensive please skip to 3m 05s... you have been warned lol.
  8. ??? it's only been two days since the last supporters-only vid was released. i've got so many vids from the canada trip i've been two supporter-only vids each week instead of the usual one.
  9. good point on the solo riding, a kick start is a handy backup. i tend to agree that a kick start isn't much extra weight and i don't get hung up weight very much. but for better or worse it's how most of the manufacturers are heading, hence the video above suggesting some tips for how to deal with them. if it cost no extra i would probably prefer to have the kick start there....
  10. with the whole debate about dirt bikes gradually losing their kickstarts, i'm not too worried about this. there are various techniques that will get a bike going easily again, and i suspect in most cases it's really only serious competitors who probably need to order the kickstart kit for this new breed of dirt bikes. keen to hear other's opinions though on this video....
  11. i must admit i barely notice the difference between the bikes but i've spoken to top riders who say they can really notice the difference in reciprocating mass. personally for most of us i think it probably has more to do with we everyday riders often ride better and faster on lower powered bikes because we simply lack the skills to make the most of the bigger bore machines. and i especially fit that category lol!
  12. our summers are stupidly hot and i've wound up in hospital from heat stroke when wearing a full compression suit. best solution i've found to date is zac speed. only issue is the shoulder pads are still in development... they should be ready soon and i'll be adding them as soon as possible.
  13. looks like this thread has picked up on all the stuff we did for our motocross to woods bike conversion series which is here. this video was a basic summary...
  14. i think there would be much cheaper ways to do this... e.g. one dollar's worth of washers will give you around the same result.
  15. yep you can also do it with a tow rope or some kind of strap looped around the rear wheel then just pull it. there's a vid of a guy single handedly starting a DR650 this way.