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  1. got to love an honest dealer. after reviewing the 2018 gas gas models in the vid above, jody from euro enduro wanted to make this vid about small niggling issues for owners to fix... and he's a mechanic so seems to know what he's talking about. great bikes with only a few small known issues like all brands, let's hope they bring the price of certain austrian bikes down over the next few years.
  2. merci beaucoup monsieur shampoo, the self entitlement of some viewers gets a bit tedious at times but i think the vast majority are just happy to get free dodgy ride vids on the internet. and thanks for the offer to fund better camera gear but i'm halfway to saving for a new action cam and handycam after the main cameras got damaged. and of course the end result will only be more sharply defined dodgy vids lol.
  3. next episode in the trip around tasmania to sample all their best dirt riding spots. the rugged isolated west coast was definitely my favorite, i just hope i've managed to capture the feel of it in the coming vids. as discussed recently, if they vids get to around 10 minutes in length i'll do a condensed version like this as most viewers start to sign off after four minutes. if you can handle the extra boredom of tediously long vids feel free to become a supporter.
  4. 50 training vids to date, let me know when you've mastered them all and i'll post more lol. actually supporters of the channel generally prefer everyday ride vids and reviews so i'm not too focused on training vids at this stage.
  5. finally another training vid. this is overdue by about four years... how to actually stop or at least slow down.
  6. viewers have been asking for a gas gas review for two years... and we finally get to throw a leg over the spanish stallions! The 2018 gas gas 300XC and 300EC are excellent additions to the two stroke stables. jumping from topic to topic with a disjointed narrative is a great substitute for quality in videos.... so allow me present yet another tediously random vid lol!
    It's great to see another excellent two stroke enduro in the market. While Gas Gas have made superb trials bikes forever, reviews of their earlier two stroke enduro models consistently said they were heavy, underpowered and had mediocre suspension. Financial troubles almost killed off the brand a few years ago but they are back with a revamped 2018 range which is lighter, more powerful and finally with great suspension, those brilliant Kayaba forks and rear shock from Japan. Like Beta, they have FMF exhausts standard. And all models come standard with a kick start, for guys who really miss this on other European brands. There are three models, the Gas Gas 300EC base model with all the road gear. The Gas Gas 300XC is the cross country racer with slightly firmer suspension and an engine slightly retuned for competition. Then if bling is your thing there's the 300GP model with floating front disc, gripper seat, Rekluse clutch cover, anodized triple clamps, renthal bars, quick release front axle, the list goes on. So starting with the Gas Gas 300EC review what's it like? First the suspension is beautiful. Incredibly supple over small bumps, but soaked up the jumps and big hits with ease. It makes me wonder why European brands keep stuffing around with European suspension. The past two years Beta have dialed in the Sachs suspension very close to the standard set by Kayaba, I reckon all the Europeans could have saved a lot of messing around years ago by opting for Kayaba.... I never rode the older heavy Gas Gas models, but at a reported 105kg or 231lb they are getting close to the industry standard. It feels light, very stable at speed, and the flared side panels make it easy to grip the bike with your legs. If you sit a lot then you'll like the soft seat too. Power delivery is extremely linear with almost no powerband evident, at least with the stock power valve setting. At first I wondered if I was actually on a 250 because I was stalling the bike in technical terrain, and needing to keep the revs up on hill climbs. But as the speed picked up I found that gentle power was a pile of fun. I rarely ride my Beta RR300 at higher revs as it scares the shit out of me, but with the Gas Gas I was happily giving it handfuls of very predictable throttle. And the Gas Gas is no slouch, there's a reported 55hp on tap and it really sings along when you hit the gas... gas. Great to see a very light hydraulic clutch, matched with a slick gearbox and nice wide ratios. Then over to the Gas Gas 300XC review the cross country racer. There's meant to be more mid range power with a slightly different pipe, personally I couldn't really pick this out. The Kayaba suspension is firmer on the XC, still very plush but I think more aggressive riders would appreciate getting a bit more feel of the terrain back through the wheels with the XC. So where does the Gas Gas fit into the market? First it's very competitively priced at least here in Australia. It's around the same as Beta but given you get the kickstarter standard it's effectively $400 cheaper. If you are very finnicky about your suspension then the Kayaba forks and shock are a definite plus. There's a very good chance you'll save money by avoiding expensive suspension tuning. The gentle power characteristics would make it a near perfect bike for anyone getting into two strokes for the first time. And if you do like the playful revvy nature of 250s then this is a 300 you can ride like a 250 and not scare the bejesus out of yourself. Personally I found the lack of grunt made it a bit harder in technical terrain or on tough slow climbs, but it just means needing to rev and slip the clutch more. The seat height is on par with other brands so short legged riders may find it's a stretch to reach the ground, the Beta would suit better in that respect. Having said that, all these European two stroke models are brilliant nowadays - top riders are winning enduros on Shercos, Betas, KTMs and Gas Gas two strokes. There are slight differences between the brands but I doubt you could go wrong with any of them. It's great to see Gas Gas offering another high quality alternative that is priced substantially below KTM, Sherco and Husqvarna. A big thanks to Mansfield Marine & Motorcycles for letting me abuse their Gas Gas models, and watch Euro Enduro's vid about common mods and known issues with the Gas Gas 300XC and 300EC review.
  7. Could you elaborate on that perhaps? I'm not exactly sure which bit you mean.... in a nutshell it has firmer suspension, apparently a slightly punchier power delivery, missing the road compliant gear.
  8. A pleasure Rick! Many viewers think manufacturers are falling over themselves to offer me bikes for review but it rarely happens... they still focus on the magazines and apparently it's often tied in with the promise to take out a certain number of ads in the magazine. Which of course raises the issue of whether the review is more of an infomercial.
  9. 1 review

    Gas Gas is proud to present the new Gas Gas EC/XC, its symbol of renewal. An enduro bike that joins together in one unique formula all the ingredients for maximum reliability, top specs, confidence, versatility, easy to ride and mechanically accessible. This is an innovative bike from its very conception, designed around a central backbone frame. A structural element in combination with new geometry and top quality suspension (Kayaba front and back), giving the new Gas Gas weapon lightness and sensitivity in riding. The new Gas Gas EC/XC has been conceived and designed for easy, quick mechanical accessibility, suitable for riders of all levels right across the broad spectrum in the world of enduro, both professional and amateur, thanks to its versatility, power and ease of riding. The new Gas Gas EC/XC has new geometry for a bike with a visibly lighter and narrower shape, only 105 kg, with a greater turn angle. The Gas Gas EC/XC 2018 range has a powerful new engine with a new thermodynamic. It is to be manufactured in two capacities (250/300cc), with electric start. It is going to be a delight for riders with even more performance than its two-stroke predecessors. The model components feature Kayaba suspension, Magura clutch cylinder, the FMF Powercore 2.1 silencer — manufactured exclusively for Gas Gas — Kehin PWK 38 carburettor, Excel wheels and Metzeler Six Days tyres, as well as the Nissan brake calipers and cylinders and the NG discs. http://www.gasgasmotos.es/downloads/170510_gg_ec+xc_presentacion_eng-(compressed)31.pdf
  10. Viewers have been asking for a Gas Gas review for two years... and we finally get to throw a leg over the Spanish stallions! The 2018 Gas Gas 300XC and 300EC are excellent additions to the two stroke stables. As usual this is just our take on the new 2018 Gas Gas models from the average rider perspective. We never got to ride the earlier models which many say were heavy, underpowered, and poorly suspended. But the Gas Gas 300EC and 300XC are both extremely capable bikes in our humble opinion.
  11. i've done plenty of filming with both the gopro and sony. i don't think there's a clear winner as it depends on the features you value most. for me the sony just wins out due to brilliant audio and image stabilization, even though other aspects tend to suck... here's my review for what it's worth.
  12. after reviewing both the top sony and gopro action cams there were requests for a direct comparison...
  13. this makes me want to ride all over cambodia again! a few of the guys i rode with were involved in this beyond the map eight part series riding across cambodia to the famous angkor wat temples....
  14. had the pleasure of doing a tim coleman coaching weekend recently. our host specially built this playground for tim's advanced course and predictably tim went apeshit over it. the dude can ride!