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  1. final ride day on the epic cambodian trip, and guess which muppet drops his WR450F upside down in a deep rice paddy?
  2. for most of us this would just be a bit of trick riding but it can be a practical technique on the endurocross track.... ruben chadwick cut valuable seconds of his lap times with this technique in the national endurocross series....
  3. watched this and thought you don't need a lot of engine to do some cool tricks on a dirt bike... the garbled bit of intro made me think tim coleman was weaving his magic on the new beta RR125! but it's just the usual RR300 antics lol.
  4. talking about sex temples... why are aussie girls queuing to have ronnie mac's baby? He lost this two stroke showdown with ricky carmichael so why aren't the girls chasing ricky? or me? dirty passes, highly suspect blocks and plenty of two stroke action filmed from our own personal box at the aus x open in sydney!
  5. CUSH DRIVE SPROCKETS it could be worth reading this thread, i weighed into the debate on the 9th post. the creator of the cush drive sprocket claimed to not be the manufacturer then responded very unprofessionally to some guys who didn't believe the claims he made (e.g. longer tyre and chain life than you'd get with a proper cush drive hub). later he did confirm he actually owned and created the business, and modified the claims. without testing it, my tentative conclusions are: it can't work as well as a proper cush drive as the cushioning provided in the sprocket can only be a fraction of that in a proper cush hub. the cush bits lasted around 3000km on a pile of bikes doing an outback trip. i'm not sure how long they'd go with actual dirt riding given the extra mud and dust encountered. the cost of replacing the cush bits will be important too. it's a very heavy sprocket. the website claims it's a third of the weight of a cush drive hub... but i know cush drive hubs don't weigh all that much more than a standard hub, i suspect once this is taken into account there would be little if any difference. personally i think if you are doing a lot of road miles then do it properly and get a proper cush drive hub. a sprocket might suit better for more limited amounts of road riding - but i just don't have a good feeling about this cush drive sprocket. hopefully i'm wrong and there will be lots of independent real world tests showing it works well over the long term. i covered a lot of this in depth on this thread: CUSH DRIVE HUBS ON DIRT BIKES
  6. possibly the most important vid in the cambodian series - many think dirt riding can injure your private parts, but this explains how riding can actually prevent a gonadectomy....
  7. a topic requested by supporters... how to do water crossings and fix your bike if you drown it. most of australia is fairly dry so we don't get to practice this much - so keen to hear extra tips.
  8. first ever dirt ride where i was told to watch out for tigers, cobras and getting impaled on sharpened bamboo!
  9. Enjoy your festive season everyone! Once again Tim Coleman dons the red and white for some Santa antics....
  10. likewise, have a merry consumerist season! actually there were a pile of beta babes in the supporters vid last week but no mention of santa though.
  11. it's time for another tedious video that lets me just post links to questions instead of ruining my delicate hands by typing out answers lol
  12. recently went on a week long dirt ride around cambodia... the jungle kings tour with cambodia motorbike tours. talk about a bucket list adventure! there are now three episodes up, there's a link to the next ones at the end of each vid.
  13. tim coleman gave me permission to use this footage taken at an informal riding display in the USA last year.... the dude can balance well!
  14. usually our annual crashes & fails go into a supporters-only vid but this year there were so many i thought i'd make this one public. however i did pile my own embarrassingly large number of crashes into a recent supporters vid - including that nasty one that laid me low in canada for a few weeks!
  15. the truth about the shady underworld of extreme enduro training is exposed in this shocking expose. not for the faint of heart....