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  1. a few vids back i got to ride a practice lap of the mexican 500. this is the chaos of the main event when overnight rain turned it into a slip fest... a third of the field didn't even complete the first lap!
  2. is covering the rear brake more effective in bare feet? if you have any doubts about your masculinity then do not watch this video (oh and girls may faint too). it contains a prime slice of canadian manhood that was judged 'too masculine' even for the mighty canadian mounties.
  3. bump. if anyone is still looking at the sherco x-ride here are my impressions. i'd been itching to try the sherco x-ride and finally got the chance on a trip to canada. i found the frame and suspension is about a 50/50 mix of enduro and trials, and the engine and gearbox are pretty much pure trials. this could be a good or bad thing depending on your riding. if you mainly do slow technical riding then the trials engine and spread of gear ratios will be good. but if you do a fair amount of open trails then those big jumps to fourth and fifth gear will be awkward, and the trials engine could feel too soft and unresponsive. if you are looking for a hybrid bike that is around 70% trials and 30% enduro then this could be the perfect bike. otherwise you might be better off looking at the beta xtrainer or ktm freeride 250r.
  4. the humungous 2017 canadian dirt bike tour is underway, with the help of that trashy dirt bike magazine traction erag. prepare for crushing disappointment!
  5. no rest for the wicked... melissa is back from romaniacs after a brutal session in the silver class. despite an excellent run in the prolog she didn't expect to finish but was keen to see how far she could get. unfortunately the conditions were so tough that a large percentage of the field dropped out on the second day and melissa was among them. you can read all about it on her facebook page here. but now she's preparing for the sea to sky extreme enduro in turkey and she invited me on this training ride in search of terrain that might prepare her for turkey.
  6. likewise! i was offered the chance to ride it before the event but there were still heaps of people around and i preferred to keep my shame private lol.
  7. Why did Red Bull invite me to film this event? And have it commentated by fellow idiots Dallas Shannon (Traction eRag) and Tim Coleman (Aussie coach and stunt rider)? God knows, but here's the result - Red Bull Rocks & Logs 2017! Watch to the end for some dyslexic antics from Dallas. Seriously, Red Bull had a huge TV crew there for the live broadcast, but then never followed up with any vids but flew us in to film with a little Sony Action Cam and a camcorder. Go figure... #RedBullRocksAndLogs #RedBull #TimColeman#TractioneRag
  8. Well worth waiting for, the famous naturalist finally covers enduro riders in one of his documentaries....
  9. Got any tips for a lighter clutch? I looked around and found a few, but do your own research as some of this stuff I haven't tried, or only just started. Keen to hear your feedback or any other tips. 1 Add appropriately sized washers to reduce clutch spring tension 2 Install lighter clutch springs 3 Remove two springs if you have six springs in your clutch 4 Install a master cylinder that has a wider diameter 5 The Midwest lever 6 The Clake One Light clutch (hydraulic conversion available too) Extra tips from viewers.... If you have a cable clutch drill another hole for the cable a little closer to the pivot point but don't drill right through the other side. Take a small file or Grinder and cut out a notch for the cable to sit farther in to the pivot. This makes a big difference and if you have the tools it's free. If you have long fingers, simply move your clutch perch in along the bars so you are using the outer part of the lever for more leverage. Finger exercises. Cable clutch? Buy a good quality new clutch cable. Route your clutch cable as straight as possible, minimize kinks and bends. Lubricate your cable with good lubricant with the Motion Pro cable luber tool.
  10. in keeping with the smaller can be faster theme... i met ben grabham recently at a beta ride day and asked if i could give him my helmet cam while he popped off a few quick laps and give his impressions on the RR250 and RR350 - his favorite two stroke and four stroke models. the dude is fast AND smooth. in 2012 it looked like is career was over after hitting a kangaroo at 90mph in a desert race, but he recovered and managed 15th at dakar two years later...
  11. got to ride the WR250F, YZ250FX and YZ250F in tasmania recently and reported on my gumby impressions. it generated quite a few questions from guys thinking of moving to a smaller thumper so i thought i would get ben crowley to comment on all three models too as he has ridden all three models a lot over the past few years. it's surprising how fast you can be on these little four strokes, unless we are top riders many of us will find we actually get faster when we ride a bit with less power!
  12. oh man i would love to ride that stuff! we did a few bits getting close to that but had to turn around before we hit the seriously snotty stuff. next year....
  13. only a week till romaniacs! this extreme enduro takes single minded dedication and melissa had bucket loads of this on a recent training ride she invited me on.
  14. why do big bore bikes feel heavier even if technically they aren't? we talk with the mighty theoretical enduro legend himself, stephen hawking....
  15. great to meet you justin and as promised i'll send you that $100 for saying something nice about me and claiming that the coaching was helpful lol! here's the first ride on the brand new 2017 beta xtrainer and a huge thanks to supporters who made this happen...