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  1. lots of requests about what the new TPI bikes from KTM are like but still no chance to ride one. but we do have a 2018 carb model in our group so thought the least we could do is discuss carb v TPI... this is just a few thoughts on the issue after heaps of reading around.
  2. Not to get too far off track, but the argument for knee braces allegedly causing femur fractures is a good point. Frankly the research doesn't support this at all, and it's mainly down to anecdotal evidence... and that is often conflicting too. It's pretty similar to the neck brace situation where it's tempting to rely on personal stories, and the existing research has a long way to go in terms of really finding out the truth.
  3. This is the main "study" that's quoted to support the use of neck braces but unfortunately it's not a real study. There could be some truth in their statistics but there's no discussion about the criteria, assessment, analysis, ruling out extraneous variables and the dozens of things you normally do so the research is hopefully reliable. It would be great if they handed all the data over to some experienced neck nerds to get some firmer conclusions....
  4. There isn't much in the way of decent research on neck braces and how effective they are for dirt riders, so I trawled through the existing research and tried to make some sense of it all. I suspect a major problem is we usually rely on anecdotal evidence e.g. a guy says he slammed into a tree and would definitely be a paraplegic without his neck brace. Most of the professional motocross riders are ditching them now so they must not work, right? Another guy knows someone who broke his collarbone so neck braces must break collar bones... In a nutshell? The research from Dr Leatt appears to be very thorough and finds that neck braces do work. But of course Dr Leatt designs and sells neck braces so it doesn't really qualify as independent research. Independent studies seem to vary between finding no evidence to some evidence for neck braces working, they all say that more exploration needs to be done in this area. And there's one informal study put together by EMT workers which looks like a slam dunk case for buying a neck brace... but the methodology and analysis is very weak so it's hard to trust their conclusions. See the links below if you'd like to check it all out further. I know there have been a few threads about this but keen to hear what others have found in terms of serious research. https://ibrc.osu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Abstract_2016_Sathyanarayan.pdf https://trid.trb.org/view/1222807 https://www.researchgate.net/publication/304101101_Finite_Element_Simulation_of_Neck_Brace_Protective_Equipment_for_Motorcycle_Riders https://www.leatt.com/product_uploads/.../LEATT_WHITE_PAPER_FINAL_rev1.pdf https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4617221/ http://www.directmotocross.com/neck-brace-effectiveness-statistics-by-great-lakes-ems-inc/
  5. Incredible footage from our week in the alpine regions near the Alaskan border. A huge thanks to Davin Jones for this amazing drone footage! Wishing all my dirt riding brothers and sisters a great 2019....
  6. OZ DRZ

    Riding Video Editing Software?

    Bump. For anyone looking into video editing software I'd suggest steering clear of Vegas Creative software (formerly Sony Vegas). Unfortunately I started with Sony Vegas four years ago... it was cheap and got the job done but it was a bit slow and clunky. As I upgraded there were better features but it became increasingly unstable to the point where I was saving my work every 30 seconds and doing a backup file every 10 minutes. Sony has now been bought out by Vegas Creative software and I'm using Vegas Pro 15. It crashes every 10 minutes on average, if I turn off the GPU acceleration it crashes less often... every 30 minutes or so. Unfortunately I have to stick with it as I use my older work files quite a bit. Not having used other programs, I can't make definite recommendations. But here are some tips to add to whats' been mentioned here already.... Free software for beginners? Super easy to use and make something basic: iMovie for Mac users, Windows Movie Maker for PCs. Free but advanced software? As you get serious about editing you start to want all the bells and whistles of the professional software. You can still get completely free programs that do a good job apparently. Avoid the free trials versions of expensive software, check out genuinely free ones like HitFilm Express, OpenShot, DaVinci Resolve and ShotCut for starters. Happy to spend around $100 to $200? I haven't tried it personally but I have heard very good things from friends about Cyberlink Power Director. It's almost as cheap as the Vegas stuff, renders videos much faster and appears to be very stable.
  7. i don't think it's necessarily that bad. generally on the two strokes it's really just popping off the tank and seat and throw some extra zip ties on anything that looks a bit loose... just in case you had issues with a loose connection some time in the next few years. over the canadian summer the traction erag crew had six beta two strokes running every day for three weeks and no problems. and in three years of owning a RR300 then a Xtrainer i've had just one issue - the starter motor stopped working when a connection slipped loose. a different story with the four strokes though, every bike had issues eventually traced back to the electrics. the voyager speedos all had condensation inside, half didn't work at all. then a few cases of starters stopped working, batteries being drained or fuel pump issues etc due to loose connections. apart from the speedos, i think an hour spent on the wiring loom when brand new would have prevented most of the problems.... it would be a good idea to do this on any brand. but yeah, beta seems to be sloppier than most and should have lifted their game by now. out of interest, when i did the same sort of video about KTM known issues, various guys said it confirmed their opinion that KTMs are crap, while others felt i was blowing things out of proportion. personally i think all the brands are very good nowadays, but it's good to call them out on the sloppy bits and hope they keep improving!
  8. goldentyre usually comes in about 15% more than the regular stuff here but i think it's worth it, at least for our sort of riding. i completely agree with you on the clakes. great ideas by a great bunch of guys but they've really dropped the ball on service since getting busy. which isn't like them, they used to be so well known for great support but they can't seem to get organized since the orders have been coming in hot and fast.
  9. A shocking start to 2019... 13 dirt riders down in the world's worst dirt bike crash. 😥 Experts are blaming whiskey throttle... share with a riding buddy at risk.
  10. OZ DRZ

    Suomy Helmets

    After three years of using my Suomy Mr Jump the chin strap suddenly fell off because the alloy mount to the helmet shell had corroded away... This should never have corroded of course and they must use a very cheap alloy. I looked around and there other other reports of this too, on helmets not as old as mine. I think this is a very serious safety issue and would strongly advise you check to see if the quality has improved in this regard. If you already have a Suomy, check your mounts for corrosion!
  11. merry consumerist season everyone, hope you and your family enjoy the hols! this is just the same old festive seasons vid courtesy of tim coleman as last year....
  12. Today is International Front Knobby Conservation Day and Tim Coleman is one of the patrons of this important charity.
  13. OZ DRZ

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    I've chatted with a few mechanics working on lots of Betas and they tentatively recommend a 200 hour max for the two strokes if you aren't riding them hard... but obviously reduce that considerably if you are on the gas a lot. 😊
  14. latest vid, prompted by just hearing that one of our states is considering halving the public land available for dirt riders.
  15. i just cut up some old knee pads and zip tied them into place... about 18 months ago zac speed said they were developing shoulder pads but still haven't seen any, at least not for their current line up. 😢